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Friday, May 6, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 6, 2011

In-studio audience of teachers.

Preparing Our Children

  • A recent report indicated only 22% of 8th graders country-wide passed a basic civics test.
    • Millions of young Americans will be unprepared to be engaged in a way that a healthy citizenry is required on a democracy.
  • On Sunday, after Osama Bin Laden’s death, searches for “Who is bin Laden” were the fifth most frequent search on the Internet.
    • 25% of those searches came from those under 24.
    • Kids growing up today don’t know who the most wanted man in the world is.
    • Other related searches…
      • What did he do?
      • Why was he killed?
      • Why does it matter?
    • What these children do know…
      • Global warming…
        • A Yale study showed 57% of teens understand global warming is caused mostly by man made activities.
        • Two girl scouts are leading a campaign against their organization because palm oil is used in the preparation of the cookies they sell. 
          • The girls feel that palm oil contributes to the destruction of the rain forest and the elimination of endangered species like orangutans.
          • They have 57,000 signatures.
        • In California, groups of teens are suing the government for not protecting the earth.

“Youth have the moral authority and the legal right, as the generation most affected by the climate crisis to demand that our governments protect the atmosphere for our future.”

·        Glenn showed video of high school students demonstrating at a school board meeting in Tucson, AZ protesting against the canceling of a Mexican-American class.  The class advocated…
o       The return of several states in the South West to Mexico.
o       The overthrow of the U.S. government.
o       Other things from the far left playbook.
o       The demonstration was so “robust”, the Tucson SWAT Team had to be called.
·        Schools used to be a place to learn.
·        Not just history, science and math, but also discipline and respect for authority.
·        Our educational system has put social justice and political correctness above our education and our children.

Educational System Complaints (from teachers)
  • Policies are written by politicians.
  • Eliminate teacher tenure.
  • Eliminate "last hired, first fired”.
  • Bias a distortion in textbooks.
  • Teachers unions = political machines.
  • NEA is too politically active.
  • God removed from schools.
  • Public schools don’t teach morals.
  • Huge retirement packages.
  • Teacher pensions.
  • Kids aren’t allowed to fail.
  • Board of Education controls what is taught.
  • Schools too politically correct.
Audience Interaction
  • Glenn discusses with the audience the experience of the woman asked to look into the Tucson Mexican-American class issue. 
    • She is a liberal and a Democrat and she was horrified by what she found out.
    • Things there are completely out of control.
    • Many teachers in the audience agreed.
  • Glenn had an extended discussion with a number of the teachers there about their individual experiences and what they thought were solutions.  (Most of those discussions involved specific personal experiences of individual teachers, so not much in the way of global solutions surfaced.)
  • Glenn felt that the fastest way to fix most of the problems was vouchers.  Many teachers in the audience agreed.
  • Glenn said that he knows the President of the Wharton School of Business.
    • According to that man, he feels the schools number one problem is the lack of ethics among the students, e.g., many students feel that if the company makes money, that is all that is necessary to know, not really if what they are doing is legal, etc.

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