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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 4, 2011

Current Events

  • Nationally, gas is now at $3.98/gallon. 
    • 60% of all Americans say that $4/gallon is their tipping point.
  • The dollar is still falling.
    • It is at a three-year low.
  • Mexico is buying 100 tons of gold.
  • Hamas and Fatah came together.
    • They became allies against Israel.
  • Because of Osama Bin Laden, no one is talking about the debt ceiling.
    • Geithner has found a $200 billion slush fund.
      • That money is already spent.
  • The President won’t release the photo of Bin Laden dead.
  • The President’s trip to Ground Zero is a distraction.  There are more important topics.


  • March 2009 started the 9/12 Project.  What has happened since then?
  • Both political parties continue to dismiss or destroy anyone who can lead us in a different direction.
  • The clock of our destruction continues to tick, dollar-by-dollar, lie-by-lie.
  • The Middle East is headed for a union of sorts, a Caliphate, defined by misery, extremism and death the likes of which we have not seen before.
  • Since “Democracy is what we make it”, what will they make of it?
  • For better or worse, President Obama’s campaign promise of fundamentally transforming America will be kept.
    • He also promised to transform the entire world…
      • The dollar is collapsing
      • Jobs are becoming more scarce
      • Corruption is being institutionalized
      • Our faith is being rotted from the inside
      • Our children are being indoctrinated into the world of Marxism
      • Our unions are becoming like the Brown Shirts of the Nazis or the Communist thugs of the last century
      • And, our President is using our military as a personal hit squad (the attempt to kill Qaddafi).

Nothing is Happening by Chance

  • Those who thrive off chaos or those who don’t let a good crisis go to waste, have been studying revolution their entire lives.
    • All the money in the world is up for grabs.
    • Many in Washington are not fighting for the people or the nation’s best interests.
    • The only group being impoverished are the people - in their homes, their 401(K)s, etc.
  • America, it is time to choose sides…
1.      Loss of liberty for security. 
o       That could be physical or economic security.
2.      Loss of security for liberty.
3.      Bit-by-bit we have answered the question by choosing (1) above.
  • The political 9/12 and the Tea Parties have played a historic role and will continue into the future.

The News of the Decade

  • Glenn is calling for a Third Awakening.
    • The First preceded the country’s founding.
    • The Second abolished slavery.
    • He echoes the words of William Travis at the Alamo…

“Come to the aid of liberty with all dispatch.”

    • Glenn reminded the audience of the words of George Soros’ representative to Glenn’s representative…

“The ship of the new world order has already sailed.  You are either on it or you are not.”

Glenn is not.

    • The elites will deny that there is even a plan for a new world order, let alone that it has already left port.
      • Who is on the ship?
      • Where is it headed?
      • Were you offered a cabin?
    • You must prepare for the road ahead now.
    • He is addressing the audience not about the news of the day, but the news of the decade.

Leaders or Followers

    • The country does not need any more followers. 
      • It needs leaders.
      • Will you lead?
    • One program change will be that he will stop preaching and will roll up his sleeves to work with the audience.
    • Glenn was on Judge Napolitano’s program and the Judge was worried that the President was using Executive Orders to kill people.
    • Those that are best organized will be in power.
      • But what are you organizing around?
      • Who are we?
      • What makes up America?
        • It is because Man can rule himself.

No Longer is it “Yes I Can” but “Yes We Can”

·        Yes we can meaning the government.

Characteristics of Americans?
·        Individuals
o       One out of every seven people in America is on food stamps.
·        Pioneers
·        Dreamers
o       It is not possible for a new Bill Gates to create a new Microsoft today.
·        Courageous
o       Can you stand up to your union, your neighborhood peers?
·        Charitable
o       That now belongs to the IRS.
·        Fair minded
o       Versus Political Correctness.  If you don’t agree you are a racist or a bigot.
·        People of Faith
o       Versus Social justice

The Journey of America

  • We are now living in a bullying society.
    • If the government doesn’t get its way, they try to get the CEO fired.
      • A drug company CEO is being forced out of office.
        • The government will only do business with the company if the current president is removed.
  • Our children do not know us.
    • On Sunday “Who is Bin Laden” was the 6th most popular search.
      • Nearly 25% of all searches for Bin laden came from those under 24.
      • If they don’t know Bin Laden, how could they know about freedom?
  • The journey of America is a marathon and you need to get into shape.
  • Glenn discussed a bit of Pastor John Hagee and his “Christians United for Israel” organization.
  • He also mentioned the book “Bonhoeffer” ( ) and said it changed his life.

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