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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 31, 2011

Imperial President

  • The War Powers Resolution has a deadline requiring the President to report to Congress on any military action he initiates.
    • The deadline for reporting on the Libyan action was eleven days ago.
    • The President promised we would never put boots on the ground in Libya.
      • Now, there are western boots on the ground.
        • This is a direct violation of the UN resolution.
    • The law was designed to keep the President’s power in check.
    • Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) called out Obama on the Libya effort…

“It’s time to stop shredding the US Constitution in a presumed effort to bring democracy and constitutional rule of law to Libya.”

·        The administration’s reply has been to claim that they are in compliance with the War Powers Resolution.
·        Glenn recommends to Congress, make sure our military is not sent out on murky missions doing legitimate things and that we don’t put boots on the ground in yet another country.
·        Glenn is surprised that the President’s power grab is going essentially unchallenged, even by the anti-war Left.  He asks…
·        What is our mission in Libya?
·        When does it end?
·        What does success there look like?

The Next One Hundred Twenty Days

  • Glenn feels that the next 120 days are the most dangerous since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  (1962)
  • He feels that America is unplugged and not paying attention.
  • He shows a drawing on one of the chalkboards.
    • It depicts two houses and three people.
      • House #1 is your next-door neighbor’s house and it is on fire.  Also on fire are all the houses on the other side of his.
      • House #2 is your house and it is not on fire.
      • Person #1 says, “Your house is fine.”
      • Person #2 says, “I think we should get some water.”
    • You are Person #3.  Who do you listen to, Person #1 or Person #2.  You also know that Person #1 and all his friends want to fundamentally change your neighborhood, but won’t say how.
    • Glenn asks why America is not leading the way to get more water?
  • Glenn asks rhetorically why his show is successful.
    • He says that they are breaking all the rules about TV shows.
      • No one on cable TV has ever done a full hour monolog.
      • When he started on TV, he was advised to not speak directly to the audience for more than 34 seconds.  Thirty four seconds was thought to be the limit of the average American’s attention span.
    • Two million people watch his show every night.

The Radical’s View

  • He referred to the chalkboard on which is written his predictions about the socialists/communists/radicals/Islamists joining forces against Israel and capitalism and how the demonstrations in the Middle East will spread to Europe and the rest of the world.
    • He said that many people called him crazy for saying this.
  • Glenn then showed a video of a long time socialist leaders conference meeting that was held in February this year.
    • One speaker has authored multiple books on revolution and was on the ground in Egypt during the uprising.
    • The Syrian speaker in the video was speaking two weeks after the Egyptian uprising and nineteen days after Glenn laid out what he thought would occur.
    • The speaker said, in part…

“What is happening in the Arab region is against the global system…We are putting an end and threatening the capitalist system as a whole.”

Glenn notes that the media is not telling you that this is what is going on.  Nor is the President or the CIA.  The real enemy of these people is capitalism, the Western way of life.

The speaker then goes on to say that his group cooperates with the Muslim Brotherhood and others to accomplish their common objective.

The speaker then notes that they will join forces against their common enemy – Israel.

The speaker then noted that in Cairo three million people were chanting to go for the liberation of Palestine.

Glenn feels that one of the objectives of this revolution is the liberation of Palestine.

·        Glenn remarked that this point of view does not fit the mainstream media’s template, which is that the Cairo revolution was about liberty and democracy and the evil Mubarak.
·        Glenn notes that, on review of various demonstrations, you can see the Palestinian flag (and shows still shots) – in Cairo, in Greece and in Scotland.
·        Glenn notes that Bin Laden was against Israel and capitalism, but he didn’t make it. 
o       This group is also against Israel and capitalism and has figured out a strategy to better fit the West’s blind spot – and characterizes it as the plight and liberation of the Palestinians.
·        They are re-imaging themselves to look like Martin Luther King and Gandhi.
·        Their strategy will be to flood Israel’s borders with demonstrators and will seize on the photos of Israel defending themselves, possibly shooting the border crossers.
·        The anti-Israel movement is masked as the pro-Palestinian movement that is gathering together as many groups as possible. 
o       It is being orchestrated by radical left and radical Islamists.
o       They both believe that capitalism is oppressing the entire world.

Bernadine Dorn

·        She is a co-founder of the 1960s group, the Weather Underground with her husband Bill Ayres.
·        She, Bill Ayres and Code Pink are helping to organize this year’s Freedom Flotilla.
·        The original Flotilla members involved with attacking the Israeli soldiers as they roped down to the ship will be on the new Flotilla as well.
·        Glenn showed a short video of Dorn speaking.  She said…

“We are radicals today.
We believe the real terrorist today is the American government – state terrorism.”

·        Glenn remarked that the Arab Spring movement just got $40 billion from the G8 last week.
·        Glenn then read passages from the original Weather Underground Manifesto from 1969.  He said that the plan they laid out then is the same plan they are using today.
o       He showed a short clip of Dorn from that period saying that you are either oppressed or you are an oppressor.  And, of course, the US is the number 1 oppressor.

Middle East Indoctrination of Children

Glenn showed several videos of children, speaking in Arabic…

“We will liberate Al-Aqsa from the filth of those Zionists.  But I, Assud, will get rid of the Jews, Allah willing, and I will eat them up.  Allah willing, right?”

-         Also –

“The Zionists are the tyrants upon this earth.  As long as terror is raping my country and land, I have no choice but to launch an Intifada in order to liberate it.

-         Also –

A boy of about 14 pilots a mockup of an airliner.  Behind him is an adult acting as Bin Laden giving him directions on flying the plane into a building.

The Righteous Among the Nations

The U.S. Dollar

  • Glenn showed an article from Reuters, dated 5/25/11 “U.N. seeks risk of crisis confidence in dollar”

“The United Nations warned on Wednesday of a possible crisis of confidence in, and even a collapse of, the US dollar if its value against other currencies continue to decline in a mid-year review of the world economy.  The UN Economic Division said such a development, stemming from the falling value of foreign dollar holdings, would imperil the global financial system.”

The European Summer

  • The heat is caused not by the sun, but by the riots and the Molotov cocktails.
  • There is a relative calm in Barcelona after police “injured more than 100 protesters” (showed video).
    • “Barcelona is not alone!” shouted the protesters.
  • In Athens, tens of thousands have been protesting for days. 
    • Some Spanish protesters have come to Greece in solidarity.
  • Glenn recommends that American politicians stand with the people or there will be an “American Fall” that will follow the “European Summer”.
  • Glenn also recommends that if Washington is looking for revolutionaries, they use less Che and more Samuel Adams.

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