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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 29, 2010

There was a studio audience today.

The discussion was about long-term campaigns.

He had on three current candidates
  1. Tom Tancredo (CO) candidate for Governor
  2. Ryan Frazier (CO) congressional candidate
  3. Ruth McClumb (AZ) congressional candidate

Ruth is a 28 year old physicist.  She was fed up with where the country was going.  It is rough in her district and she wanted to help.

Tom saw the most liberal mayor of Denver, Hickenlooper, going on to win as governor and felt he had to do something.  He feels that our country’s biggest problem was the President advocating fundamentally transforming the country.  If he is elected, he will join with other state governors to start a 10th amendment revolution to stop federal mandates and giveaways (such as bailing out California).

Ryan had been in the Navy and worked for Raytheon, a defense contractor.  He felt he could make a difference.  He feels the culture in Washington D.C must change.

Glenn commented that we have a trust and confidence problem. 
  • When asked, no audience member felt that the election would be without fraud. 
  • He is concerned that the Republicans will win and will be branded a “Do Nothing” Congress, just as what happened in 1946.  The Republicans were out of power for 30 years after that. 
  • Also, the Fed has the authority to buy the country’s debt starting Nov 3rd.  This financial technique was used during the Weimar Republic in Germany after WWI and led to hyperinflation. 
  • In January, the Bush tax cuts expire. 
  • A lot of our debt comes due in March.  China has already told us “Do not dishonor our people’s investment.”

Glenn Beck Program, October 28, 2010

Today’s topic is changing the country back to where men can be free.

He showed a clip of Cass Sunsteen, regulatory czar saying “…once we know that people are human and have some Homer Simpson in them, then there’s a lot that can be done to manipulate them.”

He showed statements from several progressive politicians.  They included CO Governor candidate Hickenlooper declaring that some western states, including Colorado, have “backward thinking”.  Another from the late John Murtha (PA) admitting that his district is “really redneck”.

A video clip of Bill Maher was shown on the George Lopez show.  In this clip Bill claims “…the only reason for having the Democratic Party was to drag the ignorant hillbilly half of the country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th.”

Maher also claimed that Obama’s approval went up by 15 points after health care reform was passed.  Glenn showed a list of polls that indicated that health care approval was between 45% – 47% before passage.  And it remained at 45% - 47% after it’s passage.

In another clip, a woman doctor claimed that abortion was good for motherhood.

Glenn held up two books and recommended them.  They were

The voting choice is between “You can do it” or “You can’t do it”.

Glenn advocates non-violence during the upcoming hard times.

Glenn showed a clip of him claiming that progressives are building a structure, a foundation they can deploy.  At the time, a year and a half ago, people said he was crazy.  Then, he showed a clip from the John Stewart show with Obama saying that every piece of progressive legislation passed was adding to the structure.

All they need is a proper event to set things off because the structure is being put into place.

Glenn Beck Program, October 27, 2010

It has been reported that NV voting machines have a flaw.  Harry Reid’s name is pre-checked.  When you call a technician to fix the “glitch” who shows up is a member of the SEIU.

But fundamentally you have to trust the vote.

It’s important to vote in this election.  Vote for candidates with honor and integrity.

America is at a crossroad.

3.3 million jobs have been lost since Obama took office and the country is now at 96% unemployment.  In 2003, during Bush’s term 3.0 million jobs were lost.  At that time Nancy Pelosi called Bush the worst President ever because of that.

Government does not create jobs.

At, they had an article on the deindustralization of America.
  • 48,400 factories closed since 2001 – 75% of those factories employed at least 500 people.
  • 12 billion cell phones have been sold.  Zero were made in the USA.
  • Job losses of 500,000 due to the trade deficit this year alone.
  • 70% of GDP is consumer spending.  Of that 50% is service related.
  • The U.S. lost 1/3 of it’s manufacturing jobs since 2000.
  • For every $1 China spends in the U.S., we spend $3.90 in China.
  • By 2040, China’s economy will be three times larger than ours.
  • At the end of 2009, less than 12 million jobs in the U.S. were making something.  The last time less than 12 million jobs in manufacturing was 1941.

Businesses are not investing in new ideas because they are uncertain of the future.  Glenn showed a clip of President Obama encouraging Latinos to “punish their enemies”.  What other President has talked like that?

Green Jobs – Spain went big for green jobs.  They experienced a loss of 2 regular jobs for each green job created.  They now have a 20.5% unemployment rate.

China now controls 95% of all rare minerals.  These are used in key components in the green economy.

The people at Chevy Volt now admit that the on board gas engine powers the car at highway speeds.

There are two competing visions for the country (1) Government is the only answer or, (2) The free market is the solution.

George Soros put a $1 million bounty on the heads of those commentators at Fox.  Glenn noted that he spends four hours a day, 5 days per week on the air basically ad-libbing.  That amounts to about 6 million words over four years.  He also does public speaking and personal appearances.

Media Matters has spent those four years looking to find something to “hang him” with.  He wonders how he has survived all those years with all those people examining him.

It has been reported that President Obama uses teleprompters in meetings as small as 6 people.  Glenn feels that the teleprompter is used to keep his real feelings from coming out at an inopportune time.

The 99’ers.  These are people that have gone past their 99 weeks of unemployment.  They have now formed a union.  They are advocating for an additional 20 weeks of assistance.

Glenn showed an unemployment chart starting in 2007 with 200,000 people being unemployed more than 99 weeks.  By 2010, that figure has grown to 1.4 million.  At the current pace, it will take until 2021 to hire all these people back.  Unions and politicians will try to use these people.

We need to help these people.  If you can, hire someone, do it.

Ford Motors announced the closure of their Dearborn plant.   It is not clear where those 750 jobs will go.  The company says that the Dearborn plant no longer fits with their global manufacturing plans.

His book “Broke” proposes solutions for our broken country.  He spent a year questioning various experts for their recommendations.

Glenn Beck Program, October 26, 2010

What needs to happen in Washington D.C. right now?

The theme is to get out the vote.  We need at least a 50% turnout.  Glenn said he remembered what reportedly happened to Benjamin Franklin.  After the new government was formed, he was walking down the street and a woman stopped him to ask, “What kind of government have you given us?”  He replied “A republic madam.  If you can keep it.”

He wonders what it will take to wake people up.

We are now two years into a fundamental change to our republic.

Midterm elections typically get 30% - 40% turnout.

He had on three legislators,
  1. Michelle Bachmann (MI)
  2. Jason Chafitz (UT)
  3. Jim Demint (SC Senator)

He asked Jim Demint what kind of help should we send to Washington?  Jim replied
  • We need people who will keep their oath of office.  They take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. 
  • He mentioned  That site lists senator candidates that agree to a set of specific principals. 
  • The time to get rid of RINOs is in the primaries.

He asked Michelle Bachmann – How do people judge the character of candidates?
  • Not a good answer to that question.
  • She heads the TEA Party caucus.
  • She is starting classes put on by experts for new legislators (and old ones as well) on the Constitution.
  • She recommends voting for people who believe in the Constitution.

He asked JasonChafitz – How do we judge a candidate’s character?  He replied
  • Do they do what they say they would do? 
  • Do they put principal above party?  If they say yes, give an example of when they did that.
  • Do they speak for themselves or do the issue statements via spokesmen that can be disavowed later if convenient?
  • A big problem is the pressure placed on legislators by mayors, councilmen, county supervisors, etc from your district demanding earmarks.
  • Also, you need to establish that you do not take favors from any members early on.
  • He recommends sending people of integrity.

George Soros wrote in a recent Op-Ed “America doesn’t need virtue.  It needs stimulus.”  Glenn says he is exactly wrong.

Glenn Beck Program, October 25, 2010

Glenn showed a union political ad.  This ad was claiming that if you voted for candidate _____, teachers, firemen and police would be fired.  Trash would be thrown into the river, etc.  This is what is known as the “Washington Monument” ploy.

The “Washington Monument” ploy came about because the National Park Service was due to receive a budget cut.  They looked in their records and found that the most popular tourist attraction was the Washington Monument.  They let it be known that if the budget cuts were enacted, they would close the Washington Monument.  The budget cuts were cancelled.

Not all people will vote next week.  Glenn isn’t happy with that idea, not with all that is going on.  He asked people why they weren’t voting and many said there was no difference between the parties so it wouldn’t matter.  Both parties are under the progressive umbrella and the Democrat Party has been taken over and is now the Democratic Socialist Party.  The Republicans aren’t as far along and the Tea Party is trying to turn them around.

Inflation:  Using today’s formula, inflation is running at 1%.  However, the formula has been changed.  If we use the old formula, the inflation rate is 10%.

On November 3rd, the Treasury could start buying our government debt.  Since 2007, the government has increased debt by $5 Trillion.

In Washington State, illegals are currently being employed to get out the vote.

Violence isn’t the answer because it will just give the President an excuse to take more power.

Change is coming and what kind of America do you want.  On his chalkboard the choices were an America where you can (because you are a capable individual willing to work for your hopes and dreams) vs. an America where you can’t (because you are too Homer Simpson like and are too prone to make wrong decisions, so you have to be led by your betters).

The time to choose is Nov 2nd.

He showed a video clip where a debate between candidates was to begin.  An audience member asked if the proceedings were to begin with the pledge of allegiance.  The moderator said no.  The audience spontaneously rose and recited the pledge anyway.  After the pledge, the moderator admonished the audience for disrespecting her.

Glenn’s staff looked at the background of the moderator.  She is a big Obama fan.  She is a member of Obama’s Organizing for America organization.  She offered up her home for an Obama event prior to the election.

Only 30% of voters think the country is going in the right direction.

We’ve broken faith with the Constitution.  We are broken financially, spiritually, faith-wise and value-wise.

His book discusses how we got here, how the cover-up worked and the last third covers what has to be done.

Whoever you vote for, make sure they believe in the Constitution.

Conservatives outnumber liberals by 2 to 1 in polls.

He showed a picture of a young, twenty year old, woman, Marisol Garcia.  Last week she was sworn in as the police chief of a small Mexican town.  She volunteered for the job after her predecessor was gunned down.  Glenn considers her a hero.  He suggests sending her help.

Referencing the 1930s movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, Glenn says he is starting a search for a new George Bailey.

Glenn Beck Program, October 22, 2010

There was a studio audience today made up of small business owners.

Glenn said that there are major economic problems coming.  Despite all the government actions, we have not fixed anything. 

Taxes are going up for those making more than $250,000.  Many of those are small businessmen.  Small businesses comprise 80% of all jobs in America.

Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of the year.  This will lead to the largest tax increase in American history.

Business owners pay everyone else first before they get paid.

Today there are too many restrictions.  One study concluded that Microsoft could not be started in today’s regulatory environment.

We can’t get the best and brightest to stay here.  They leave.

America is about pursuing your dream.  Glenn noted he is living his dream.

Money is the byproduct of a successful business.

Most people go into business to prove themselves or to follow their dreams.

To get America successful again, we have to foster the entrepreneurial spirit again.

Glenn asked the audience members how they got into their businesses.
  • One lady got into hypo allergic products because of her son’s allergies.
  • One man came from Iran.  He created a financial services company.
  • Two brothers started a flooring company.
  • Another lady had a waste hauling business.
  • Another man escaped from Communism in Poland and came to live the American dream.  He is in real estate sales and today his dream is turning into a nightmare with all the new rules and regulations.
  • Another couple started a recording company.

Glenn recommended a book, “Winners Never Cheat” by John Huntsman.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 21, 2010

Glenn said that he no longer believes the media.

He showed a list of various organizations that are boycotting Glenn’s program.

He stated that there are people in America that don’t believe in America.  There are people in America that want chaos in America’s streets.  These people are currently working to put a structure in place that will support their proposed solution.

When chaos comes, people will just want it to stop.  They will sign on to anyone who says they can do that.  At that point, they will not be asking if the solution is Constitutional

Which America do the viewers want?  He referenced a 1930s film, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  In the movie, the Jimmy Stewart character gets to view what his city, Bedford Falls, would look like if he had never been born.  In this alternative version, the name of the city is Portersville, after a skinflint banker and was a much less desirable place to live and work.

We have a choice to determine if America is to remain a Bedford Falls country or to turn into a Portersville version.

Glenn feels the Bedford Falls version of America is real.  He met many of those people at his 8/28 rally.  To keep Bedford Falls from becoming Portersville, it falls to one man.  That man is you.

Glenn discussed the NAACP Report that declares the Tea Party is racist.  The report was commissioned by the NAACP and was done by two authors.  The authors were discussed and their past publications reviewed.  Their writings seemed to be one sided – that America was a racist country.  The details of this investigation can be found at ( ).

He showed a video clip of Annie Leonard, the lady that brought your children the anti-capitalist video “The Story of Stuff”.  She is now distributing “Loop Scoops” via PBS.  These are short cartoon vignettes with an ecofriendly message aimed a 6 – 9 year olds.  He also noted that this video series at PBS is funded partly with your tax money from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Glenn Beck Program, October 20, 2010

There was more discussion of George Soros on today’s program.

Glenn noted that Media Matters recently announced the George Soros gave Media Matters a $1 million donation. 
  • This is the first direct contribution Mr Soros has made. 
  • Previously, money was funneled through other groups and organizations to which Mr Soros has ties such as the Tides Foundation. 
  • Shortly after the contribution was announced, Media Matters came out with a new web page that stated the way to get at Glenn Beck was to get at Fox News.
  • Glenn’s staff did a search for “Glenn” at the Media Matters web site and got 50,000 hits.

The Tides Fouondation is also funding
  • The Huffington Post Investigative Fund
  • 100 new reporters at National Public Radio
  • Media Matters

Glenn gave another invitation to George Soros to come on his program.

Glenn feels they are trying to take him out.

He also invites retirees back to do homeschooling of their grandkids.

Glenn Beck Program, October 19, 2010

Glenn played a video clip of Nancy Pelosi giving a speech before the United Steel Workers Union.  While in the speech, she decried the influence of special interests and the contributions of foreign money that could be spent to fund political campaigns.  However,
  • Ms Pelosi accepted $1.5m in campaign contributions in the first 6 months of this year.
  • The Democrats have received twice the amount of foreign money than have Republicans.

The Democrats have recently started demonizing the Chamber of Commerce and the source of it’s dues.  The Chanber of Commerce – 96% of it’s members are small businesses.

Glen reviewed the Tides Foundation and the list of other organizations it provides financing to (Center for American Progress, Acorn, Apollo Alliance, Democracy Alliance, Color of Change,, etc).  He noted that a prominent contributor to many of these organizations is George Soros.

Many of these organizations have announced a boycott of Glenn’s programs.

George Soros has been involved in the currence collapse in four different countries.  He usually announces his doubts about a currency and many people follow his lead and short the designated currency.  Lately Mr Soros has been buying large quantities of gold and has called for a managed reevaluation of the dollar.  Glenn suggests we watch for an Op-Ed from Mr Soros about the US dollar.

Mr Soros has recently contributed $1.8million to National Public Radio to fund 100 Journalist To Investigate the Impact Of Government.

Glenn invited Mr Soros to come on his program for an hour for a discussion between just the two of them – free of charge.

Glenn highlighted two candidates he felt were particularly noteworthy that are currently running.
·        Justin Amash – Republican in the Michigan House of Representatives
·        Allen West – Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Florida

Glenn noted that there are 30 Congressmen that sleep in their offices because they cannot afford a home in their home district and another in Washington, D.C.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 18, 2010

Glenn started by discussing Socialism.  It has failed 100% of the time it has been tried.  Today in Europe there are changes away from Socialism.  England is enacting a massive jobs cutback with the closure of a substantial number of bureaus.  In other places, there are riots.  He referred to the book, “The Coming Insurrection” by the Invisible Committee  that lays out the strategy being used in Europe today.  That same strategy may be tried here in America.

The Progressive movement stems from the belief in progress.  But progress towards what?  In contrast Glenn noted the preamble to the Constitution that begins “All men are created equal…”.  There was some discussion of the underlying theory wherein all men are not created equal, so that they must be improved.  This, then, is the way progressives see progress being made.

It is time for America to decide.

He noted a few key dates
  • April 15th – This is the date that the federal budget should be completed.  As of today, we don’t have a federal budget yet.
  • November 2 – Election
  • November 15th – Congress returns from visiting their home districts.
  • December 31st – The end of the Bush tax cuts
  • Early 2011 - The Debt Ceiling is now at $14.2 Trillion.  It was $11.3 Trillion when Obama took office.  The Debt Ceiling must be addressed early in 2011.  If the Republicans don’t vote to raise the ceiling, federal spending will have to be cut to remain under the old figure, thus making the Republicans the bad guys and America will crumble.  If they vote to raise the ceiling, they will be portrayed as hypocrites and big spenders.
  • March 2011 - Federal government bonds come due.

We are being set up for failure.  Why would anyone do that?

As a bit of historical perspective, in 1946 the Democrats were unpopular after being the majority for many, many years with Roosevelt and then Truman.  During that election, the Republicans picked up 55 seats.  After that they were branded as the “Do Nothing” congress and did not regain a majority again for 38 years.

A friend of Glenn’s travels frequently to China.  There, he reports the atmosphere is vibrant.  They know change is coming and they are looking forward to it.  When the friend returns to the US he see us “just hanging on” and we are losing our risk takers and those who can think outside the box.

The Chinese view of America is that we have very little clout left in the world.  The one thing that can possibly save us is that we have dreamers, entrepreneurs, and creators.

He noted the increase in income disparity between the rich and the poor.  He said that earlier enhancements allowed many people to participate.  For instance, the interstate highway system allowed many manufacturers to grow their business substantially because they were able to expand their markets via easy transportation.  Today, much of the wealth is generated in the digital banking and finance industries which have little involvement outside a few financial specialists.  There is not much of an opportunity for large-scale participation.

Glenn Beck Program, October 15, 2010

Glenn noted the film “The Story of Stuff”.  There is a new film, also produced by the Tides Foundation that is aimed at churches.  It targets 13 – 18 year olds. 

He had two guests on today.  They discussed the underlying principal of today’s secular religion that the earth is getting filthier by the day because of what people were doing to it.  As opposed to that, they discussed several written accounts of life in America during the 1800’s that noted filthy conditions with dead animals and feces in New York harbor and other unsanitary conditions experienced as part of every day life. 

They noted that up until about 1800, the life expectancy was under 30.  Now it is around 80.  They could not reconcile this increase in life expectancy with the environment getting worse.

They diagrammed the traditional religious view of man in the environment with today’s secular religious view.

Traditional Religious View                          Secular Religious View

                                    Most Important

Man                                         |                                   Earth
Animals                                    |                                   Animals
Birds                                        |                                   Birds
Fish                                          |                                   Fish
Plants                                       |                                   Plants
Earth                                        |                                   Man

                                    Least Important

They noted that you could go to jail for destroying an eagle’s egg, but not for destroying a human fetus.

They also noted that, so far, traditional religious institutions have been the most resistant to the progressive agenda.

They referenced a article that reported that funding is to be pulled from researchers who insult the dignity of plants.

One estimate of the cost to America to implement the Kyoto Protocol was $200 billion.  As an alternative, that same $200 billion would be enough to provide clean water throughout the third world, thus saving millions of people’s lives annually.  However, this alternative has never seriously been considered.

The site has a DVD series that examines the environmental movement.

Glenn Beck Program, October 14, 2010

Glenn discussed various issues around the theme of “Teach a man correct principals and let him govern himself”.

He showed a collection of news reports where schools were banning various items including swing sets, dictionaries, grilled cheese sandwiches (if they did not have tomato slices or lettuce), food with refined sugar, processed meats, etc.  The government thinks you are too Homer Simpson-like and cannot make correct choices for yourself.  Thus, they must reduce your choices to just those that are “good” (as determined by them) options. 

Bill O’Reilly’s appearance on “The View” where he ended up in a confrontation with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar was discussed.  Bill was on as a remote guest.

He again noted some of his medical problems.

“Let there be stuff”, a new film for school children is a sequel to the earlier “The Story of Stuff”.  Both are produced by the uber-liberal Tides Foundation.  The new film is targeted towards churches, synagogues and other faith based organizations.  It is an attempt to enlist religious organizations in de-legitimizing capitalism as a valid economic system.

Glenn Beck Program, October 13, 2010

Glenn reported that George Soros announced that he has stopped contributing to democrats this election cycle.  He said he wanted to get out of the way of an avalanche for Republicans.

He discussed a number of current topics where people were brutalizing others or otherwise mistreating them.  The theme was that parts of the culture were becoming insensitive to the plight of others.

He covered one incident in New York where a gang of 16 – 24 year olds beat and tortured several men they thought were gay.  The torturing went on for hours.

Glenn is having medical problems.  He was reading some progressive blogs where they were commenting on his medical issues.  Worse, some defenders were wishing the same for progressives.  He doesn’t want that.  No hate.

The Greek health service announced that it is recommending amputations instead of special footwear for diabetes patients because amputations are cheaper.

A 7-year-old girl was caught up in a family dispute.  She has a terminal disease and had recently lost her mother to illness.  The feuding family photoshopped a picture of her now dead mother in the arms of the Grim Reaper and posted it on the Internet.  The young girl was also shown with a skull and crossbones.

Young people are texting each other, even when they are together in the same room.

He referenced a quote that went something like “What one generation tolerates, another embraces.” Your children are watching you and how you are reacting to events.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 12, 2010

Judge Andrew Napolitano substituting.

Currently we do not have two political parties.  We have only one, a big government party with a Democrat wing and a Republican wing.

What has arisen is the TEA Party that, on paper, wants to restrict the federal government to only those sixteen designated areas specified in the Constitution.

If TEA Party candidates win in November, will they change Washington or will Washington change them?

Michelle Bachmann guests and talks about changes she has seen happen to new arrivals.  She began the TEA Party caucus in the House of Representatives and heads it up.  She will be starting weekly classes on the Constitution for new members taught by experts.  She invited Judge Napolitano to be one of those experts.

Currently, there is a scandal in the mortgage industry with allegations that thousands of foreclosures are being handled illegally.  Should Congress pass a law controlling foreclosures even though those are state court issues and the federal government cannot Constitutionally intervene in a state’s court operation?

Some after hours 40 Day Challenge show segments with Glenn were shown.  One audience member asked if Glenn “War Gamed” scenarios of what could happen.  Glenn said yes and even has people who War Gamed for the Pentagon.  What impressed him was how many ways things could go bad and how few ways it can go right.
The Judge discussed a current court case where the government can force parents to have their children vaccinated and, if there is an adverse reaction, deny them the right to sue for damages.  How can the government do that?

Glenn Beck Program, October 11, 2010

This program was a discussion with a studio audience.

Glenn discussed Eric Bonnhoffer, a Lutheran Minister in Germany during the 1930’s and the stands he took against the Nazis.  He also referred to Gandhi and his emphasis on love as a way of accomplishing his struggle to free his country.

Things are changing in America.  Do you notice that “they” do not refer to you as violent any more?  They don’t because we took that away from them by being who we are.  After 8/28, they can’t make that charge any more.

Three Questions
  • Where have we come from?
  • Where are we going to end up?
  • What happens in between?

Some discussions about these questions…

Lately, we have been focusing too much on people’s Rights and not on their Responsibilities.  There are 80,000 words in the Jewish Torah and the word “rights” is not mentioned once.  The Torah is all about responsibilities.

Glenn feels that the greatest resource in the country is the seniors, because they have done it all.  He encouraged grandparents to home school their grandchildren.

A woman in the audience talked about her experience in England where she mentored a young girl.  She saw the girl growing up in an environment of dependency.  The girl’s parents and her peers were all wards of the state.  Their road to improvement became one of “gaming the system” rather than one of personal growth and improvement.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 8, 2010

40 Day – 40 Night Challenge

Glenn previously issued a “40 Day – 40 Night Challenge” to his viewers.  The challenge was for them to…
  • Pray every night – on their knees (The children were watching.)
  • Hope
  • No Lies
  • Charity.  Do something for your family once a week.

Various people were in the audience.  They, and others, related personal stories about the challenge and how it affected them.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 7, 2010

  • Fabian Society – Logo is that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Liberals look at things differently than you do.  Who has a logo of a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
  • They believe you have to be controlled for the greater common good.
  • The nudge inevitably turns into a shove.
  • The way of life in America is about to change.
  • Bad things can happen in America when people believe bad things cannot happen because this is America.
  • Conditions that make power grabs possible…
    • A bad economy
    • High unemployment
    • High dependence on government
    • Uncertainty and fear
  • Signs of trouble…
    • Corporate insiders are fleeing US stock market.  Insider traiding is currently running 2,341 sell to 1 buy (major corporations).
    • Uber-rich are buying gold
      • Gold hits day-high record
      • Silver hits 30 year high
      • Platinum at highest level since May
      • Copper closes at 26th month high
      • US mint runs out of gold to mint 1 ounce buffalo gold coin
      • Uber-wealthy are betting against the S&P 500.  They are buying options, not stock.
      • Japan cut interest rate to almost zero
      • Calls are heard for more stimulus
      • Current National Debt now over $13T
      • Federal reserve announced $30B credit union insurance system (backed up by troubled assets).
      • US dollar continues a slow decline.
      • Oil is near $85/bbl.
      • All major banks suspend foreclosure actions.

  • There are people who want to remake the globe, to fundamentally transform it.
  • Ben Franklin said “The best way to get people out of poverty is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty.”  We are doing the opposite today.
    • More than 200% of poverty level qualifies you for food stamps. 
    • Now, 41.8 Million people are receiving food stamps.
  • 1912 American progressivism begins.  By 1920 people hated progressives.
  • Do your own homework
    • Famous fabians…
      • Stuart Chase (coined the phrase “New Deal”)
      • Cecil Rhodes (of Rhodes Scholar fame)
      • Walter Lippmann
      • George Soros – (almost broke the Bank of England with currency speculation)
      • Tony Blair
  • Stained glass window from Fabian headquarters in England.
    • Designed by George Bernard Shaw
    • Motto The World Remolded it Nearer to the Heart’s Desire”
    • Shows 2 people, pounding on a red-hot globe to transform it
    • This is the root of modern progressivism.

Glenn Beck Program, October 6, 2010

  • Glenn started the program by showing about a dozen “bad news” business headlines from the Business Insider ( and other sources.
  • Inflation is the declared current strategy of the Federal Reserve.
  • Do your own research.  Don’t take his word for anything.
  • Tonight, people are showed stating what they believe.  They believe what they are espousing, but which sounds horrendous, inhumane.
    • Environmentalist – Video showing teacher pushing button to explode the heads of two students unwilling to carry home the “reduce your carbon footprint by 10%” message (10-10 climate change campaign video)
    • Various sources calling for trials, or worse, for anyone denying global warming. (
  • Fabian Socialists
    • Founded in 1884
    • Came to America at the start of the 20th century
    • Embrases the “Doctrine of Inevitably of Gradualism”
    • Named after a Roman general who was famous for using a strategy of constant harrassment to defeat his enemies.
    • Members include…
      • George Bernard Shaw – Thought up the concept of gas chambers to get rid of large numbers of people no longer useful to society.
      • George Soros – Has a God complex.
      • Don Berwidk – New head of Medicare and Medicade – Stated that we must ration healthcare with our eyes open.
      • Virginia Ironside – Put pillow over the face of a suffering child.
      • Stuart Chase – Wrote “The Road We Are Traveling” which listed a number of governmental activities that would take place to ultimately replce capitalism.  Also wrote “A New Deal”.  A member of FDR’s Kitchen Cabinet.
  • He showed an ad running in New York showing a little girl standing on a block of melting ice with a noose around her neck.
  • He showed the Fabian Socialist stained glass window showing the society’s founders reshaping the world.  Their coat of arms is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
He showed a number of countries around the world which are headed up by leaders that are from socialist political parties.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 5, 2010

Economy of the 1930s

  • Smoot Hawley Act
    • Raised tariffs
    • Foreign countries responded with tariffs of their own
    • Unemployment went from 7.8% before the Act was passed to 16.3% after.

·        President Roosevelt

    • Around this time President Roosevelt had crops burned and millions of farm animals slaughtered in order to reduce the supply so as to raise the price.
    • Attempted other measures, some of which were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court
    • In response, the President tried to “pack” the court in order to gain a majority vote on the court for his programs.

  • The Wall Street Journal in 1937 described the economic climate at the time as…
“massive hikes in personal and corporate tax rates, severe monetary tightening and aggressive business bashing.”

  • Also, heavy regulation.
  • Businesses sat on money and did not put it back into the economy.
  • The Smoot Hawley Act led to a recession within a recession.  In this country this is referred to as the “Great Depression”, but not elsewhere in the world.

DOW Jones Average – Chart Comparison

He showed a chart of the DOW Jones Average for the years during the 1930s.  Then, the chart of the current period DOW Jones Average was shown overlaid on top of the earlier period.  They looked almost identical.  He commented that we were making the same mistakes that were made back in the 1930s.

Do your own Research

Do your own research on this period.  Don’t just take his word.  Be sure, though, to use original sources.  Progressives have put their spin on the material from that era and put forward a distorted view of what happened.


  • Glenn discussed some of the criticism of what he is saying and predicting. 
  • He hopes he is wrong. 
  • If he is wrong, he will be discredited. 
  • (Although he has a good track record to date.) 
  • He feels he must continue because he has a country to leave to his children.
  • But it is not just him that is saying that the country is in trouble.
  • Related fact: The uber-rich are buying gold by the ton.

Be prepared

Don’t be like those in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina with a sign on your roof saying, “Help Me”.

Expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts

  • The expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts will mean the largest tax increase in the country’s history. 
  • The description is wrong, though.  It is not the expiration of the Bush tax Cuts; it is the Obama Tax Hike.
  • He reviewed a clip of an Obama spokesman explaining the Bush Tax Cuts and commented on the presentation.
  • He also showed a video clip from 2008 of moderator Charlie Gibson asking candidate Obama why he would increase the capital gains tax rate when history shows government revenue decreases when the rate goes up and government revenue increases when rates go down.  Candidate Obama replied that it was an issue of “fairness”.
  • Seventy percent of all jobs are created by small businesses.
  • The rich are not the enemy.  They are the job providers and many are philanthropolists (Bill Gates, George Huntsman, etc.)

George Soros

  • Almost broke the Bank of England by speculating on the British currency.
  • He was thought to be involved in other economic upheavals in Asia and Russia.
  • He was quoted as saying that he was feeling comfortable acting like God.
  • Which currency is next?  He has an op-ed that calls for more stimulus spending here in the U.S.

Recommended Books

End Comments

  • Be prepared. 
  • Do your own research

Additional “40 Day Challenge” stories.
Several stories shown.

Glenn Beck Program, October 4, 2010

Trouble in Europe

Comparing and Contrasting Two Washington D.C Rallys

Glenn started off by asking “Who Are We?” as a country.

Case 1                                                 Case 2
Free Market                                         Governmental Central Entities
Hard Work                                          Handouts
Personal Responsibility                         Bailouts
Individual Liberty                                 “Controlled” liberty

Which best describes the country you want to live in?  Which describes the direction you want the country to go in?  Which type of country do you want to leave to your children and grandchildren?

Related questions
  • Are We Done?
  • Is America No Longer of Value?

He discusses how America responds time and again to natural disasters around the world, and is the first to show up with supplies and support.  If we are done, who would replace us and perform those roles:  Canada? Brazil? China?

10/2 “One Nation Working Together” Rally
·        Sponsors
o       Communists
o       Socialists
o       Others
·        Some signs…
o       Were calling for jobs.  What kinds of jobs do these people want to create?
o       Touting socialism and communism.  This even though socialism and communism have failed everywhere it has been tried.
o       The ideals of these groups are the antithesis of America’s founding principals.
o       Many at this rally are young people.  How is it that they can be so excited about these alternative values?  It is because they have not been taught America’s values growing up.

Which Rally was authentic?  (Still photos and video clips were shown.)

8/28 “Restoring Honor”             10/2 “One Nation Working Together”
Normal folks                                        Union T-Shirts
Voluntary attendance                            Members told to go
Wants hope for all                                Attendees shown advocating violence against the
                                                            Capitalist “system” and how that violence was
After the event-spotless                        After the event – trash and discarded literature all
                                                            over; the World War II Memorial trashed.

Glenn compared the two cultures represented by comparing the moon landing versus Woodstock.

Princeton Bioethicist

Dr. Peter Singer was shown advocating
  • That parents be allowed to kill their babies for any reason up to 28 days after birth.
  • Nothing morally wrong with killing babies up to the point that they are self-aware, about two years old.

Two BBC Videos Shown

1.  Fabian Society (A British socialist group, a counterpart to American progressives)
  • A Fabian representative on a TV talk show was shown describing how it was preferred to smother a baby born with problems.
  • George Bernard Shaw was also a member.  He advocated killing members of society who are not being productive.

2. Ad
  • Showed an English classroom with children about 10 years old
  • Teacher advocating a reduction in the children’s family’s carbon footprint of ten percent.
  • When asked all but two students agreed to carry this message home.
  • As the teacher gave homework assignments to the class, she was shown pushing a red button twice.
  • The heads of the two students not agreeing were shown exploding, drenching all around with blood and brain matter.

Videos are available on

40-Day Challenge

Several personal stories of people taking the “40 Day Challenge” were shown.