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Friday, December 31, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 31, 2010

This program is a rerun of the pisode that ran first on December 21st.  The neotes from that program are contained below.

Today’s theme is the Constitution

Guests David Barton, Founder of and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Articles of Confederation
  • Before there was a Constitution, there was an Articles of Confederation. 
  • This document provided the framework for the American colonies and it was not working satisfactorily.  Hence the retry that gave us the Constitution.
  • The first president was John Hansom.

In 1887, the Constitutional Convention was called.  They adopted a republic as the preferred type of government and federalism as a way to share power between the states and the central government.

The 5 Goals of the Government
  1. Acknowledge God.
  2. Exercise Frugality
  3. Restrain the infliction of injury.
  4. Encourage entrepreneurship and free enterprise
  5. Protect property earnings of citizens

In contrast, the more modern Progressivism seeks to move beyond the Constitution.  It chooses to believe that the Constitution is a “…living, breathing document.”  The Founders did allow for modifications via the Amendment process, which has been used 27 times so far.

The clip following features David Barton

The Senate
  • Established to represent the states.
  • Appointed by the state legislatures.
  • They were to be lobbyists for the states.
  • The 17th amendment changed that so that Senators were elected by the people.
  • This happened during the election in 1913.

Selected Presidents
  • Teddy Roosevelt went on to establish the Progressive Party.
  • Herbert Hoover
    • Was a progressive RINO
    • Started central planning in the U. S.
  • Only two presidents were strong defenders of the Constitution.
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Grover Cleveland – He vetoed more bills for not tying back to specific requirements of the Constitution than anyone else.

Good Guys versus the Bad Guys (Presidents)
  • The Good guys use constitutionally approved means of solving problems. 
  • The Bad guys seek to avoid the Constitution and find a way around it.

David Barton states that today we don’t know the Constitution.  We should read it every year.  It takes about 20 minutes.

Frederick Douglas and the 3/5th  vote per slave.
  • Was hired to publicize the Constitution.
  • He read the Constitution and the surrounding documents for himself.
  • The 3/5th count per slave came about as follows…
    • The Northern states were anti-slavery.
    • Three states, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina were pro-slavery.
    • Representation was to be determined by headcount.
    • Pro-slavery states wanted a full headcount for each slave.
    • The anti-slave states would only agree to 3/5 per slave to determine representation.  For a full headcount, they would have to grant a slave his freedom.
    • Frederick Douglass saw this as an anti-slavery measure and a way to encourage the pro-slave states to free their slaves.

Who Fathered the Constitution?
  • James Madison would not take credit.  He said that many minds went into its construction.
  • Roger Sherman
    • He came up with the bi-cameral concept.
    • Proposed that the Senate would represent the States and the House would represent the People.

Declaration of Independence
  • You need to know the Declaration of Independence to understand the Constitution.
  • The first 85 words establish 5 fundamental principals of American government.
1.      We believe in a creator.
2.      The creator grants people rights.
3.      The role of government is to protect those rights.
4.      Moral law
5.      Consent of the governed.

Video Clips
  • Glenn showed a clip of Elena Kagan taken during her confirmation hearing tiptoeing around the concept of inalienable rights.
  • A clip of Obama was shown wherein he avoided the term “creator” when discussing the source of inalienable rights.
    • The first time it was claimed by the White House as an unintentional slip.
    • Obama omitted it again 7 days later.

Glenn then discussed the concept of rights being granted by God
  • Because that way man could not take them away. 
  • In contrast, if man can grant you a right he could take it away from you.
  • He showed a clip of Senator Tome Harkin claiming that with the passage of Obamacare, health care is now an inalienable right.
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness show up in the Declaration as God given rights
  • The right to a job, a house, health care, a “living wage”, etc come from Marx.

  • Transnationalism is the biggest threat to the Constitution today.
  • It is another term for International Law.
  • He showed a clip of Ed Whelen discussing Harold Coe, a recently appointed advisor to the State Department, calling for the use of international “norms” to trump the Constitution.
  • He showed a clip of John Bolton discussing how Transnationalists want the Constitution to be subservient to international laws.
  • He showed portions of various clips showing various elected officials, basically ignoring the Constitution when it comes to doing their work.

He showed a clip of Judge Napolitano saying that the people are the true guardians of the Constitution.  He recited an old saying, “A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.”

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 30, 2010

This program is a rerun of the episode that first ran on Decmber 20.  The notes from that program are contained below.

The theme for today is the history of revolution.

Glenn discusses the revolutions started by George Soros.
  • He began in Poland to oust the communists.
  • He then went to Czechoslovakia
  • He has accomplished revolutions in four countries in all.
  • He is now focusing on the United States.

George Soros 5 Steps to Accomplish a Revolution
  • Step 1 – Form a shadow government.  Use humanitarian aid as a “cover” (in a video taped interview, Soros terms it “subversive activities”)
  • Step 2 – Control the Airwaves – Control existing radio and TV stations or create new ones.
  • Step 3 – Destabilize the State – Weaken the government.  Build anti-government sentiment among the people.  Take advantage of economic or other crisis.
  • Step 4 – Provoke an Election Crisis – Claim voter fraud. 
  • Step 5 – Take Power – Take power.  Use radio and TV assets to coordinate the people’s demonstrations.  Stage massive demonstrations.

Step 1 Form Shadow Government
  • Soros’ main group is OSI, the Open Society Institute.
  • He funds this organization to the tune of one half billion dollars per year.
  • He chose one of the founders of the 1960s radical group, the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) to head up OSI.

Step 2 – Control the Airwaves
  • $1.8 million donated to NPR to hire an additional 100 reporters.
  • $1.0 million to Media Matters which promised to get Glenn and all of Fox News off the air.

Step 3 – Destabilize the state
  • OSI funds the Tides Foundation.
    • Tides prepares educational material for schoolchildren such as “The Story of Stuff”.
    • Tides also funds the Apollo Alliance, which wrote the stimulus bill.
    • Tides also funds the Center for American Progress.
    • It also finds the Institute for Policy Studies.  One of their recent recommendations was for President Obama to bypass Congress and issue Executive Orders instead.

Step 4 – Provoke Election Crisis
  • OSI funds Acorn
  • OSI funds SoS, the Secretary of State Project. 
    • The objective of this project is to finance Secretary of State elections in various states. 
    • The Secretary of State certifies election results. 
    • They can affect close elections, e.g., Al Frankin in MI.
  • The Tides Foundation funds One America Votes.  This organization sent illegal aliens to encourage people to get out the vote in the last election.

Step 5 – Take Power – Stage demonstrations
  • They are about to come.
  • We have already seen the One Nation Rally.
  • Glenn showed the vide clip of him unrolling a list of Soros funded organizations that took about 30 feet of paper.  That amounted to about half the organizations he and his staff know about.

Cloward and Piven
  • Started in the 1960s.
  • Both were professors at Princeton.
  • Their approach was to flood the system with impossible demands so the system would collapse.
  • Created the National Welfare Rights organization to lobby congress.  They organized violent protests during the 1960s.
  • Wade Rathkey was an organizer for the NWR.  He later went on to found Acorn.
  • These demonstrations scared American officials to increase these government payouts.
  • They researched the communist organization and how they organized their activities.
  • They modeled their approach on what they learned from those studies.
  • Obama
    • Lived in New York City between 1983 and 1985. 
    • He attended a series of Socialist Scholars Conferences there. 
    • One conference was held at the Cooper Union building in 1983.
    • That conference was addressed by Francis Fox-Piven.

Weather Underground
  • 1960s radicals, 1970s terrorists.  Now helping to run the country.
  • They wrote about destroying imperialism from within.
  • In a document dated June 18, 1969, their suggested approach was…
    • The Goal was to kill the capitalist system and replace it with world socialism.
    • Step 1 – Create a united front against imperialism (another term for capitalism) and the development of a new democracy.
    • Step 2 – Develop out of the new democratic stage, socialism.
  • Jeff Jones
    • Co-founded the Weather Underground.
    • Currently heads up his own consultancy organization.
    • His firm helps New York state distribute Stimulus Funds.
  • Bill Ayres
    • Co-founded Weather Underground with Jeff Jones
    • Served with Barak Obama on the Woods Foundations.
    • Hosted Obama’s political career in Chicago with a meeting in his home.
  • Bernadine Dorn
    • Wife of Bill Ayres
    • Currently an Associate Professor of Law at the Northwestern School of Law
  • Their approach is to go after young people.
  • Included as part of the 1969 Manifesto.

  • Keeps the socialist community organization radicals outside of his administration.
  • They have a name for this.  They call it the “Inside-Outside” strategy.
    • This strategy calls for the outside organizations to demonstrate and protest at businesses, local, state and federal legislator’s offices, etc.
    • You also have someone within the administration that does not use the hardball tactics or the same extreme language to coordinate with the outside organizations.
    • The insiders posture as moderates, that listen to all sides, etc, and play the “Good” cop in the “Good Cop-Bad Cop” approach.
  • The Midwest Academy
    • Founded and run by SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) veterans.
    • They funded Obama, trained Obama and sponsored Obama’s career.
    • They are still coordinating the Obama strategy for
      • Financial Reform
      • Health Care Reform
      • The Federal Budget
    • Heather Booth
      • Founder of the Midwest Academy
      • Is head of Americans for Financial Reform, the key lobbying organization backing the Financial Reform bill in congress.
      • Her husband helped found SDS.
      • Glenn showed a video clip of her attending an Acorn event.
  • Center for American Progress
    • Many programs of Obama’s administration originate at the Center.
    • The Center is funded by George Soros.
    • Their next project is educational reform.
      • Part of those recommendations include cutting
        • American History
        • Studying the Constitution
        • Economic and Financial Literacy

  • The NEA (National Educational Association) recommended reading includes…
    • Saul Alinsky, The American Organizer
    • Reveille For Radicals, (by Saul Alinsky)
    • Rules for Radicals, (by Saul Alinsky)

Glenn recommends keeping schools under local control with parental involvement.

Young people hold up revolutionaries as being “cool”.
§        Che
o       Talked about being a killing machine after Castro took over.
o       Castro placed Che in charge of a prison.
o       At that prison, 2,000 people were executed without due process.
§        Castro
o       Firing squads executed pregnant women.
o       His Coast Guard machine-gunned rafts with women and children trying to escape the island.
o       Wanted to destroy New York City on two occasions.
§         With nuclear Russian missiles
§         With 500 kilos of TNT placed in Grand Central terminal and stores during a busy shopping day.
§        Mao
o       Set up a Chinese Gulag.
o       Stated, “We are prepared to sacrifice 300 million Chinese for the victory of the world revolution.”
o       Scholars estimate between 16.5 million – 40 million died in the “Great Leap” famine.
o       Well over 70 million deaths in peacetime.
§        Anita Dunn
o       White House Communications Director. 
o       Showed a video clip of her saying how she reveres Mao.
§        Valerie Jarrett
o       Close advisor of Obama
o       Showed a clip of her discussing how they had followed Van Jones sine he became active in Oakland.

Glenn discussed the Founding Fathers as revolutionaries of their time.  He also showed current revolutionaries in and out of the administration.  He feels that there can only be one group of revolutionaries that will succeed in the end.

In the current administration, Van Jones called for a new system to replace capitalism.  Various video clips were shown of him making several presentations calling for this.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 29, 2010

This program is a rerun.  It originally aired on December 10th.  The notes from this program are incorporated below.

e4 – Shorthand for a new direction for the program next year.

Things people are saying that are not true…
  • Things are bad.
  • I want to be rich.
  • Capitalists are greedy.

Tonight he will prove that the above is not true.

He discussed a few poems he used at a prior public presentation.

He introduced a friend Jon Huntsman, CEO of Huntsman Corp., and a self-made billionaire.
  • Jon struggled early on.
  • Work effort got him a scholarship.
  • He has 9 children.
  • One child was kidnapped.
  • He has rescued his company several times over the years.
  • He has given away $1.2 billion over the last 10 years.
  • He established the Huntsman Cancer Institute in order to cure cancer.
  • He has had cancer three times.
  • He authored the book “Winners Never Cheat”.
  • He met Glenn 4 years ago.
  • He feels the biggest single problem in the country today is greed and the accumulation of wealth for accumulation’s sake.
  • He was the first to come up with the idea of selling records over TV in the late 1960’s.
  • He used the money he made selling records to found his plastic business.
  • He advocates doing business ethically.
  • He mentors Glenn.
  • Glenn had him relate his child’s kidnapping ordeal.
  • Glenn gave him a check for $100,000 for his cancer foundation.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 28, 2010

Theme for today is economic periods in the past and what we can learn from them.

Depression of 1946
  • During the war, the debt went from 50% of the GDP to 120% of GDP.
  • At wars end, 47% of labor worked for the US government, 27% worked for a union.  (At the time, you could not work for the government and be in a union.)
  • Economic forecasters said that the government war spending, the disbanding of the army and the removal of all controls could not be done all at once without plunging the country back into a depression.
  • Spending dropped from $84 billion in 1945 to $30 billion in 1946.
  • There was no depression, despite the projections.
  • In the period following, the war debt was paid off and 4 million jobs were added.
  • Entrepreneurs brought out new products, e.g., television, portable sewing machines, refrigerators, housing subdivisions, etc.

The biggest (and only) economic weapon we now have is people.  Government needs to get out of the way and let people produce.

Small government, low taxes, innovation, free market.  These conditions worked for America in the latter half of the 1940s.  Today, we have lost our way.

Guest today is David Buckner, Columbia professor (

David discussed the Weimar Republic.  This was the government of Germany in the period after World War One.  It lasted from 1919 – 1933.
  • During WWI, the economy was entirely converted to war production.
  • After the war, there was not much being produced that could be sold abroad.
  • They decide to print money.
    • At the beginning, the Mark was worth about 4 US dollars.
    • At the end, one US dollar was worth 1 trillion Marks.
  • As a result, people lost faith in democracy and the free market.
  • They bought into the promises of the Third Reich.

Today in America there are similarities
  1. Large divisions between the left and the right.
  2. Huge debt.
  3. No goods to produce.
  4. We have started printing money.

There are also differences.
  1. Size of the economy.
  2. Consumption of our economy.

Some people feel that the U.S. is too big to fail and that other countries would not let our currency be debased.

How did Germany turn things around?
  • They shifted to a new currency and backed it up with land as the underlying value behind the Mark.
  • In the US, our underlying value is trust.  Our money will remain good as long as people have trust that it will be repaid.

At the end of the Weimar Republic, people lost their morals and their trust.
  • The middle class felt that whatever they did, it did not matter.  They lost hope.
  • Today, in America, in Atlanta, the lower class has lost hope.  They feel that they will never get ahead.
  • Without hope, morals fell apart.  This, in Germany, was epitomized by the German Cabaret where “anything goes” was the motto.

During WWI, in Germany, the government took over the churches and used them to support the war effort.  When Germany lost the war, the churches lost credibility.  The parishioners lost faith.

What to watch for in America today.
  • Hopelessness (Misplaced faith in government.)
  • Perversion of faith (Social Justice and Collective Salvation)
  • Possibility of deflation into hyper-inflation (Government buying it’s own bonds.)

Today, Germany is the largest economy in Europe and they are bailing out other countries.

The European economies are in crisis.
  • Spain – Highest unemployment in Europe at 20.5%.  They led the way with green jobs.  Their debt is 53% of GDP.
  • Portugal – Unemployment is 11%, debt is 76% of GDP.
  • Greece – Unemployment is 12.2%, debt is 120% of GDP.
  • Ireland – Unemployment is 14%, debt is 65% of GDP.
  • European economies are all tied together.  What affects one, affects all.

Will America reach the level of problems in Europe?  Glenn says yes.

The Federal Reserve claims that printing money will keep interest rates low and therefore affordable.  However, what is happening is that people are not buying the federal debt.

The balance sheet of the US looks like those of Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc.  Soon our actions will be the same as well.

  • First, they said that Greece was fine.
  • It makes up only 2.5% of the E.C.
  • It is the 27th largest economy in the world.
  • GDP is $300 billion
  • E.C. economy is $16 trillion.
  • If Greece goes, the contagion could pull down the E.C.  If the E.C. falls, it is the largest economy in the world.
  • Since Greece is only 2.5% of the E.C. and if it could make the entire E.C. fall, what affect on the world economy would it be if the E.C. falls?

  • Is 13% of US GDP at $1.8 trillion.
  • It is the largest state economy in the US.
  • It is the 8th largest economy in the world.
  • The US economy is $13 trillion.

How do we fix the economy?  Glenn’s book “Broke” addresses this issue.

The first 1/3 – How did we get here.
Second 1/3 – Cover-up
Last 1/3 – What can we do to fix it.

Glenn feels that a balanced budget amendment will be required.

Currently 81% of the Dept. of Education’s budget goes to state aid.
Currently, 47% of the Dept. of Energy’s budget is for departmental purchases.
More examples are in the book.

  • US Army Specialist (with 4 years service) - $22,676.
  • Average US citizen - $50,462
  • Average federal employee - $74,403
  • Basic congressional pay - $174,000

Glenn feels that a congressman or a federal worker should not get paid more than an army specialist.

Harry Reid (D – NV)
  • Entered House in 1986.
  • Net worth then was $1.8 Million.
  • Today his net worth is $4.6 million.

Nancy Pelosi
  • Entered House in 1987.
  • Net worth in 1989 was $7.5 million.
  • Today, her net worth is $21.7 million.

He showed a clip of President Roosevelt in 1933 saying, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” 

Glenn’s saying is “The only thing we have to fear is being unprepared.”  If we are prepared we can deal with problems that come up.

What do to?
  1. Vote properly.
  2. Educate yourself.
  3. Find God.  Take the 40-Day Challenge.
  4. Get out of debt.

What is coming?
  1. Inflation
  2. Higher food prices
  3. Higher energy prices
  4. Higher interest rates

In summary
  • Be prepared.
  • Do your own homework.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 27, 2010

Today’s theme is Civil Rights History. 

Most people today know about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.  But the history of civil rights in this country has scars on the republic that go back to it’s founding.

Civil rights is like a multi-layer cake.  Glenn had a cake on the set and cut a slice out of it.  There were about ten layers of different colors.  He said that you have to open it so you can see what happened.

President Lyndon Johnson got credit for passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  But a prior Republican president actually pushed to get the first Civil Rights Act passed.

The screen showed the text of the 5th and 6th amendments (right to due process, right to a speedy trial).  Then a clip of the attack on Pearl Harbor was shown with President Roosevelt speaking to Congress asking them to declare war.

Shortly later, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.  This order moved hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans (120,000), German-Americans (11,000) and Italian-Americans into internment camps during the duration of the war.  It was the biggest violation of civil rights in our history.  Clips were shown of people describing what had happened to them and their families.  Also shown were clips of Japanese-Americans being transported by train to the camps and some still photos of what life in the camps was like.  People were given six days notice of the movement.  Their internment lasted three and a half years.  The last camp closed at the end of 1945.  No case of Japanese-American espionage was ever recorded during the war. 

This experience illustrates just how fragile our rights are.

In 1988, President Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act, which granted an apology and granted monetary redress payments to those interned.

For those not interned, there were other restrictions as well.  They were not permitted to own guns, cameras, short wave radios, etc.

Glenn also discussed Woodrow Wilson.  He also interned German-Americans in internment camps during world war one.  He also re-segregated government offices and the military.  Yet historians still laud this guy.

In 1953, President Eisenhower appointed Warren to the Supreme Court.  Eisenhower was the first President to greet black leaders in the White House.  He was also the first battlefield commander to have mixed combat units.

In 1957, President Eisenhower pushed to get a Civil Rights Act passed.  However, it was held up by the then Senate Majority Leader, Lyndon Johnson.  Seven years later Johnson, as President, signed the Act into law.

Glenn discussed some of the early history of relations with the Native Americans.  President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act, which literally moved Indians out of the country.  He also discussed Thomas Jefferson and his beliefs about the Indians.

Long before Columbus, there were large Native American cities throughout America.

He showed an architectural drawing of one such city in Ohio.  He compared some of its features with similarities of Egyptian pyramids.  Near that site they had unearthed a coffin that contained the remnants of a body.  Inside was also a small box with a figure inside.  There was writing on the box that turned out to be an old form of Hebrew and Rabbis could read it.

Glenn then discussed the origin of slavery in America.

In early colonial America, indentured servitude existed, not slavery.  When your period of servitude was up you were given “Freedom Dues”.  This was usually a plot of land and a gun.  Indentured servitude was common throughout the world at that time.  Servitude was not based on color, but on creed.

Massachusetts was the first colony to recognize slavery.  Other colonies followed soon thereafter.  The first slave owner was Anthony Johnson, a black man who had previously been an indentured servant.  Anthony bought back his contract after about 15 years (about 1640).  He obtained an indentured servant, also a black man.  There was a dispute between the two and Anthony was able to convince the court to extend his servant’s period of servitude to life.  Also, around that time there was the case of three indentured servants who escaped.  They were ultimately caught.  Two of the three had their periods of servitude extended for four years.  The third had his extended for life.  The first two were white and the third was black.   This was the beginning of slavery in the colonies.

Reform started in church.  Religious whites started this cultural change.  Since the existing political parties were not addressing the slavery issue, a new party was formed, the Republican Party.  Abraham Lincoln was the first President elected by that party in 1860.

In closing, Glenn discussed the importance of religion, commerce, government and science as common themes throughout human history.  We should know and understand how those themes affected their times and what happened to make sure that violations do not happen again. 

He pointed out that his TV program cannot cover all 400 years of U.S. history, so people will need to do additional research on their own.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 24, 2010

This program is a rerun.  It originally aired December 17th.  The notes from that program are included below.

Celebrating America’s first Christmas in Wilmington, OH.

When DHL closed down their hub in Wilmington, 8,000 jobs were lost out of a population of 12,000.  The people banded together.  They supported each other.  They turned helplessness into hope.

Glenn performed a stage show last night and tonight’s program rotated between;
  • His performance on stage.
  • Video clips featuring townspeople who told their stories on camera.
  • Glenn on the set back in New York.

Stage Show – Glenn appears dressed as Santa with a sack of pretend, gift-wrapped presents.  The stage had a number of Christmas related props, e.g., Christmas trees, plants with red ribbon bows, etc.  More details are at

On the Santa spectrum
  • On one end you are a kid. 
  • On the other end, you are Santa. 
  • The problem comes when you are in the middle.  Sometimes you feel that you have given too much or that you have given too little. 
  • Glenn feels that this is where we are as a country – consumed with toys.

A chalkboard was rolled out onto the stage.  Glenn wrote the following:
            Elves à Slaves
            Workß 365 days
Boss Works à 1 Day
Red Suit
Toys 4 Free  à Marxist

Then he wrote

Santa = Obama

This got a chuckle from the audience.

When Glenn was young, his grandmother would make pajamas and every year for Christmas Glenn would get pajamas for Christmas.  Strangely, they looked like his grandfather’s old flannel shirt.

Switch to video clips of townspeople telling their stories.

Colton County, where Wilmington is located, went from full employment to having the highest unemployment rate in the state of Ohio (as a result of DHL closing down their transportation hub).

Wilmington is not waiting for someone to save them.  They are going to save themselves.  Together.

Switch back to the stage show.

  1. Glenn says he is tired of being Paul Revere.
  2. We don’t have to be like every other culture in history that had a shot at greatness and came onto hard times.
  3. There is no bad experience.  It is how you react to that experience that determines if it is good or bad.
  4. Life in Wilmington is not the same as it was 5 years ago.  It is not better or worse, it is just different.

Next year, Glenn is changing the focus of the program to his “4e”.
1.      Enlightenment
2.      Education
3.      Empowerment
4.      Entrepreneur

More video clips of townspeople.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 23, 2010

The program today is a rerun of the program that originally aired December 15th from Wilmington, OH.  The notes from that program are included below.

This program originates from Wilmington, Ohio.  It’s being televised from the local theatre with the audience made up mostly of residents of Wilmington.

Glenn starts by introducing the audience at large to America. 

He then begins to discuss Christmas.  Christmas is believing, but in what?

Me mentioned Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who has been a guest on the show several times, and how much the Rabbi has taught him about the Old Testament.  Glenn wants to learn about the whole thing from the Rabbi.

In Hebrew, the word love has, as it’s root, “I give”.

Glenn noted that he has been to Ohio a number of times and on his last book tour shook hands with about 5,000 – 6,000 people there.  He tried to look each person in the eye while doing this and noted that about 30% of the people would look away.  Not his trip.  This trip, people are not looking away as they once did.  Something is happening in Ohio.

This country can be like Europe or it can be like Wilmington.

Last year, the Sixty Minutes program visited Wilmington and the program focused on the massive layoffs and was petty depressing.  Glenn’s program is focusing on the aftermath of the layoffs, what has happened since and how the town is coping.

He then discussed his arrival in town and the places he visited and shared stories about each. 
  • At the pizza parlor, there were people there from all over the country and the place was still going strong hours after it’s normal closing time of 10:00 PM. 
  • At the hotel, the owner talked about how she bought the hotel on a handshake.
  • Across the street at the prayer room he discussed what they did there.
  • At the food pantry, they previously had to pray for food to go on the shelves daily.  Now, there is enough food for six months.

Glenn’s Four Miracles – Glenn discussed what he feels are four miracles that have happened while he has been in town.
    1. Two young men were in the audience.  They were both liberals and Glenn noted that there was probably little that he and they would agree on politically, but both parties were sincere about helping Wilmington recover and grow as a town.
    2. Glenn met a man in line during his book tour and the man related that this is his “First Christmas”.  He spoke about how he lost his wife to illness and was depressed for a long time.  He decided to put that painful experience behind him and restart his life, and this is the first Christmas in that new life.
    3. A man related how his business burned down.  He was contacted by a resident of Wilmington who heard of his situation, had a facility that met his needs and they struck a deal.  The man reopened his business there in Wilmington.
    4. Glenn met a family whose son had to wear hearing aids, as his hearing is only about 40% of normal.  Just prior to Glenn’s departure to come to Wilmington, he attended a meeting during which people were discussing their new hearing improvement procedure.  Glenn will be getting these people together to see what can be done for the boy.

For more information, go to Glenn’s web site,

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, December 22, 2010

Today’s program is a rerun of the program that first aired on December 14th.  The text below is a copy of the original posted for that date.

There is a studio audience today.

Topic for the day is families and Christmas.

·        Was not celebrated until 1873 in this country. 
·        The Founders felt that that holiday was too sacred a date and that a celebration was too garish.
·        Congress was in session on December 15th.
·        Is a celebration of families.

Glenn is reminisced about family dinners and stories his parents told each year.

Christmas used to be about gifts from the heart.

His signature Christmas task is to make hot chocolate.  He went through the motions of making that on the set.  The real hot chocolate was delivered to the studio audience from backstage.

In the Tower of Babel story, the Jewish word for the mortar that held people (the “bricks”) together is materialism.  The situation today is similar in our society.

They brought out bags for the studio audience and Glenn talked about some of the contents.

Glenn talked about the importance of food storage to help deal with the problems that lie ahead.  He is giving food storage items to relatives this year.

Check out for a list of Glenn’s favorite things.

He then discussed Urban Survival cards, manual and DVD.

When you give someone a book, you give him or her a whole new life and awareness.

Glenn recommended the following books:
  • Chronicles of Narnia (Boxed Set) –
  • Athena Project -
  • American Assassin -
  • 5000 Year Leap -
  • The Real George Washington -
  • Winners Never Cheat -
  • 8/28 Photo Book -
  • The Christmas Jar -
  • Penny’s Christmas Jar Miracle -

Back on the theme of meaningful gifts, he talked about the CD that his daughter created for him where she recorded songs that contained words she wanted him to hear or that reminded her of him.

An audience member talked about her gift of organ transplants that, just in the nick of time, saved her life.

Glenn recommends adopting a military family as a way to give back to the troops.  They will feel better knowing that someone else is looking out for them.