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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 3, 2011

Osama Bin Laden

  • There are conflicting reports about Bin Alden’s demise.
·        The Chinese News Agency reports…

“The world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, was killed in a search operation launched by the Pakistani forces…”

·        Newspapers in Pakistan are speculating…

“Was Osama killed by U.S. troops or his own guards?”

  • Bin Laden’s wife and children are in Pakistani custody.
  • There will always be doubts.
  • Our celebrations here seemed to be that we won one, the first in a long while.
  • When released, the photo of a dead Osama Bin Laden will be one of the most viewed photos of all time.
  • Why are we debating the issue of releasing pictures of the body or the service at sea?
    • President Obama knew generally of this raid since August of last year.
    • President Obama knew specifically of this raid since February of this year.
    • They had a Muslim cleric ready to go on board the ship, but they hadn’t thought through the issue of the pictures?  That doesn’t make sense.
    • Does releasing these pictures make us more safe or less safe?
  • The President’s approval rose 9 points.
  • Wikileaks released a cable saying that Al Queda will explode a nuke if Osama Bin Laden is killed.
  • Glenn discussed that the threat from Osama Bin Laden was not from him as a person, but as his idea, Sharia Law.  America, to defend itself, has put up barriers, but they just protect “stuff”.  Where are the competing ideas from America?  Marxism?  Globalism?  Statists?
    • Sharia wants total control for Allah.
    • Marxism wants total control for the collective.
    • Globalism wants total control for the business.
    • Statists want total control for the state.
    • They all want total control.
  • Glenn showed a video of a British journalist, known to be a socialist, commenting that America, Britain and France are using their military power to make up for their declining economic power.
  • Glenn then reviewed a number of countries grouped by whether they were friends or foes of the US.
·        France – Sarkozy may lose the next election to le Penn who says she would withdraw from ATO and have stronger ties to Russia.
·        Germany – Also looking for new friends.  Now constructing an oil pipeline from Russia to Germany.
·        Britain – Somewhat shaky relations since President Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill.
·        Canada – Our strongest ally.  The Conservative Party won big in the last election.
·        Pakistan – could fall anytime.
·        Egypt – Anti-American sentiment is growing.  The Muslim Brotherhood is growing in influence.
·        Israel – Repeatedly criticized by this administration.
·        Saudi Arabia – They didn’t like the example we are setting in Libya by killing the country’s leader.  Also, they are strengthening ties to China.
·        China – Their economy is on track to overtake ours by 2016.  They are no longer holding our debt.
·        Japan – Nothing left.  Japan is crippled.
·        Brazil – As long as the checks clear, they are in.

·        Russia
·        North Korea
·        Iran
·        Cuba

Are they stronger or weaker?

  • Osama Bin Laden was the old idea to scare people into Sharia Law – terrorize them into it or kill them.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is the new idea to grow Sharia.
    • Organize
    • Legislate
    • Stand up for democracy
    • Easier to community organize people into Sharia rather than to blow themselves up.
    • Community organizing is the most powerful weapon on the planet today.
  • In our culture, we are being separated from people who believed as we did.  Now we are all about “stuff”.

Guest:  Michael Scheuer, Former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit

  • Our Presidents have indicated that we are not at war with Islam. 
    • But a growing number of people in the Muslim world are at war with our allies and us.
    • It’s a war that we will be fighting for a very long time.
  • Islamic government is a similarity of views between Osama and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    • The Muslim Brotherhood is more sophisticated in organization.
    • Its goals are much more imperialistic than Osama’s.
    • The Goal is to install an Islamic government in every country in the world.
  • The photo issue should have been decided long ago.
  • Pakistan
    • The current President of Pakistan is one of the most corrupt people on earth. 
    • At least Mushariff was helping us. 
    • We are tearing Pakistan apart with what we are asking it to do and what it has done. 
    • The country is falling apart. 
    • Our best bet would be the military taking over again.

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