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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 18, 2011

Petrobras and George Soros

  • George Soros bought shares in Petrobras, a Brazilian oil company.
  • He then sold his shares.
  • Then, President Obama helped Petrobras secure loans.
    • Petrobras also gets a permit for a floating oil and gas storage facility in the Gulf of Mexico.
      • US companies are prohibited from the same thing.
      • US lost 19,000 jobs due to the drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Then, President Obama visits Brazil and announced he wanted the US to be Brazil’s best oil customer.
  • Glenn then showed a headline of an article reading “Soros Builds on Petrobras Holdings in First Quarter”.
    • He now owns 1.1 million shares.

The President Speaks

  • President Obama will address the nation tomorrow.  He is scheduled to speak on …
    • Israeli/Palestinian peace talks.
    • Our values and principals.
    • We are going to cancel the debts of some foreign countries.
    • We will also be reprogramming financial aid packages to the region.
      • He will pledge $1 billion to Jordan.
      • Also, 50,000 metric tons of wheat.   All this in spite of…
        • The Mississippi river is flooding thousands of acres of cropland and…
        • Disrupting transportation of bulk cargo along the river and...
        • They hate us there.
  • The President said at the UN in September 2010 that he was in favor of the two state solution.
    • Now, he is rumored to not be in favor of the two state solution.

Arab “Spring”

  • Glenn had quotes written on several chalkboards and asked the audience to identify if these quotes came from Adolph Hitler or a leader of the Arab Spring movement.

“(The Jews) are the most miserly of all people and the most protective of their lives yet they devote their lives and their money (to their cause).”
- Qaradawi - (Cleric and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt)

“Never has as state been founded on peaceful economic means but always and exclusively by the instincts of preservation of the species regardless whether these are found in the province of the heroic virtue or cunning craftiness.  The one results in Aryan states based on work and culture, the other in Jewish colonies of parasites.”
-         Hitler –

“I’d like to say the only thing I hope for is as my life approaches its end I have the opportunity to shoot the enemy, the Jews.”
-         Qaradawi -

“Kill the Jewish Zionists, every last one of them as Jewish contamination will not subside, this poisoning of the nation will not end now with the carrier, the Jew himself, has been brandished from our midst.”
-         Qaradawi –


  • Compassion was used by Hitler to put people out of their misery – the insane, the disfigured, the elderly, etc.
  • Rhetoric makes murder sound reasonable.
  • What is the main complaint against Israel used by the decent people, the compassionate?
    • They are occupiers.
    • They stole the land.
    • This rhetoric is also used on our southern border.
  • Glenn showed an article from the October 1933 New York Times, “Hitler Explains Himself”.
    • Glenn will compare what was said then and what is being said now.

The Great Satan and the Little Satan

  • First they came for The “Little Satan” (Israel) and then they will come for us (“The Great Satan”)
  • Glenn showed a web page from a group at the University of Arizona, “Uniting Ethnic Studies – Arizona to Palestine”. 
    • A sub-heading reads, “Two Struggles, United!”

“Combat racist attacks on ethnic studies and the right to their cultural education and Palestinian students fight to retain their own cultural personhood and humanity in midst of brutal US-backed Israeli military occupation.  Come hear how they unite in their struggles.”

Speakers were from the high school whose students were demonstrating in the School Board meeting and (inaudible) University in Ramallah, which they claim is in occupied Palestine.

The same group put up a mock border wall on the university campus to symbolize the wall separating the US and Mexico.  In order…

“To spotlight the lethal effects of US militarization, immigration and border enforcement policies in Arizona.  The US and Israeli-occupied Palestine.”

Glenn showed a video of a student wearing a “Free Arizona T-shirt saying that some might find the mock wall offensive, but it was not as offensive as the real wall on the US-Mexico border or the Israeli-Palestinian borders.

  • He showed a portion of the video of high school students demonstrating at the School Board meeting. 
    • Students there are being taught to overthrow the government.
  • He showed some of the video from Pastor Hagee’s church’s demonstration and some of the rhetoric they were yelling (“The occupation of Palestine does not honor Israel.”)
  • Glenn noted that the US has turned over to Mexico about 50,000 acres.
  • The above is why you must make a stand!

“Hitler Explains Himself” Article from the October 1933 New York Times

“We know on undoubted authority from the very events themselves.  Yes, that the Jews are today relentlessly, coldly, persecuted in Germany.  There is proof enough…”

But, the Times did find a good side to Hitler.

“Hitler is doing much for Germany, his unification of the Germans, his destruction of communism, his training of the young, his creation of a Spartan state animated by patriotism, his curbing of parliamentary government so unsuited to the German character, his protection of the right of private property are all good.  And, after all, what the Germans do in their own territory is their own business, except for one thing – the persecution and practical expulsion of the Jews.”

Then and Now

·        At the time, the world knew about the persecution of the Jews and they ignored it.
o       The same thing is happening now.
o       And now you know it.
o       Why are we ignoring it now?
·        He showed video of Michelle Obama on the 2008 campaign trail saying that we are going to have to change our history and our traditions.
·        In twenty years people are going to be saying, “How did they not see that coming?”
·        He recommends visiting a holocaust museum.  They are in a number of cities.
·        He showed a video of a California schoolteacher at a student rally talking about a global struggle against capitalism and imperialism, etc.
·        We are changing history and no one is saying anything about it.

A Lack of Personal Responsibility and Accountability

  • In Wisconsin, a man on food stamps won $2 million in a lottery.
    • He is still on food stamps.
    • He has no plans on getting off food stamps.
    • The Wisconsin Department of Human Services has told him he can stay on food stamps.
  • He showed a portion of video at as conservative students tried to get liberal students to share their GPA points with other students who are not doing as well.  They got no takers.  There is more of that and other videos at the web site.
  • He is starting to not recognize his country any more.
  • In Ventura, CA, a system glitch had motorists paying $1.10 per gallon rather than the posted $4.25 per gallon. 
    • No one told the people inside the station.
    • The station owner lost $21,000 in three hours.
    • He makes seven cents per gallon.
  • Glenn recommends “George Washington’s Rules of Civility” book ( ) and challenges you to live by those rules.
  • A seventh grader was interrogated by the Secret Service about an entry he made on his Facebook page.

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