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Friday, May 13, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 11, 2011


  • Glenn spent the last several days in Israel.
  • Several life changing events are on the horizon.
  • There is an end game for man’s freedom and the Western way of life.
    • The end will begin in Israel.
    • We must pay attention.

Muslim Outreach

  • People around the world are crying out for freedom, not democracy.
    • There is a difference.
  • How is that democracy thing working out in the Middle East?
    • The Muslim Brotherhood has positioned themselves to take power in Egypt.
      • They will end the peace accord with Israel, and…
      • Start a war.
  • The call now if for Israel to be split in two around the city of Jerusalem.
    • Capitalism is on the decline.
    • This administration is not friendly to Israel.
    • Several Arab governments are pushing President Obama to outline his plan to create a Palestinian state.
      • It will be sold as a sway to finally bring peace to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.
      • The city of Jerusalem is now split into four sections, about equal in size.  They are…
        • Christian
        • Muslim
        • Jewish
        • Armenian
      • According to a recent Palestinian survey, most Arabs prefer living under Jewish authority rather than Palestinian.
        • Why?  Because it is stable.
  • Our enemies see America and Israel as one, the Great Satan and the Little Satan.
    • Jointly, we are seen as the anti-Christ.
  • Per George Soros…
“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the united States.”

-         Also –

“The main stumbling block is Israel.  In reality, Israel has as much to gain from the spread of democracy in the Middle East as the United States has.  But Israel is unlikely to recognize its own best interest because the change is too sudden and carries too many risks.”

  • What keeps America from crumbling?
    • Money
    • Capitalism
    • Our military
    • Faith

Targets of Islamic Fundamentalists

  • Why did Al Queda target the World Trade Center on 9/11?
    • Because it was a symbol of money and capitalism.
  • Why did Al Queda target the Pentagon on 9/11?
    • Because it was a symbol of our military.
  • What’s left?
    • Faith


  • The center for most of the world’s faith is Jerusalem.
    • Jerusalem..
      • For Judaism, it is believed to be the place where creation began and where Adam was formed out of the dust on the ground.
      • For Islam, it is where Mohammed ascended into Heaven.
  • The Muslim holy place, the Dome of the Rock, is the foundation of creationism.
    • Jews and Christians are not permitted in the Dome of the Rock.
      • The Dome has Islamic inscriptions inside.  One reads, in part…
“People of the book (Christians), do not go beyond the bounds of your religion… nor say anything, but the truth about God.  The messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, and a spirit proceeding from him.  So Believe in God and his messengers.  Do not say “three”.  Refrain…It is better for you for God is one God.  Glory be to him – that he should have a son.”
·        There is Arabic writing on the outside of the Dome as well.  In part…
“There is one God alone, without partner.  Say he is God, one God the everlasting, who has not begotten and has not been begotten.”

Muslims at War

·        Many in Islam have been at war with Judaism and with Christianity for centuries.
·        But Christians, Jews and Muslims can live in peace and do so in Jerusalem.
o       Jerusalem is protected by Israel.
·        Glenn believes that there will be a plan announced in September that the world (i.e., the UN) will have to protect Jerusalem and that Israel will have to go away from there.

Islam Attempts to Destroy Competition

  • The Dome of the Rock is built atop the site of a Jewish Temple.  When the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, the massacred all the Jews there.
  • In Afghanistan, the Taliban destroyed two 2,000-year-old statues of Buddha.  (The UN did nothing but watch.)
  • Cordoba was named in Spain for Islam crushing Christianity in Spain.
  • The Blue Mosque is in Istanbul, formerly Constantinople (named after the Christian pope, Constantine).  The name change was to signify that Christianity was over.
  • In Syria, Easter was cancelled this year.  Christians were told to join the protest or to leave.

How is the Middle Eastern Democracy Movement Working Out?

  • Egypt’s Amr Moussa’s vision for Egypt…

“The view that Hamas is a terrorist organization is a view that pertains to a minority of countries, not a majority.  Being a terrorist is not a stigma forever.”

Translation:  Forget history.

  • Glenn showed a video of Christian churches being burned in Egypt.  From one Christian leader…

“The performed evening prayers 200 meters from the church and after they finished the started shouting ‘We want you to leave…They were shouting ‘Islamiya, Islamiya, Islamiya with our souls and blood we sacrifice ourselves for the crescent.’”

·        Glenn showed a newspaper from Israel.  The headline for one article read…

“Israel must present two state plan or prepare for violence, JStreet warns.”

§         JStreet previously said they received no money from George Soros.
·        Then, it turns out that they do.
§         But they said it was very little.
·        Then, it turns out that it is about 60%.

·        Why is Turkey having a defense fair with Russia?
·        Why is the world saying that nuclear power is too dangerous in Japan, Germany and America, but they are okay with nuclear power in Iran with Russia helping them?
·        Note that the Sunni/Shia relationship has thawed lately.  Why?
·        Why has the Gaza Flotilla been rescheduled until June 20th?
·        Glenn mentioned these things because he thinks they are part of an elaborate game being played for the freedom of the world.

·        The President makes a forceful immigration speech in Texas. 
o       This was after ignoring a request for help from the Texas governor with wildfires that burned an area equal to Rhode Island and Delaware combined.
o       But last month, President Obama sent cargo planes to help Mexico fight fires.
§         Mexico help yes.  Texas help no.
·        In Mexico…
o       Eight more bodies were found in a mass grave bringing the body count to 188.
o       Six headless bodies were dumped outside a school in Mexico.
·        Glenn recommends for President Obama…
1.      Secure our border.
2.      Support our border agents.
3.      Enforce US law.
4.      Make legal immigration easier.
·        The border fence…
o       The President said it is basically complete.
o        Is only 5% complete.
o       The original law called for only 670 miles of the 2,000-mile border to be fenced.
·        Thirty-seven thousand people have been murdered on the other side of the border. 
o       Will violence stay there forever?
·        Enforcing the law also means cracking down on businesses hiring illegals.
·        Glenn composed a message while in Israel.
o       He recommends checking it out on .

Tucson Mexican-American Ethnic Studies Program
·        Arizona has a state law against teaching the overthrow of the U.S. government or promoting the resentment of a race or class of people. 
o       Both are being taught in this ethnic studies program.
o       The School Board is considering making the class an elective, not a requirement.
o       Glenn showed a video of raucous students yelling chants and demonstrating at a School Board meeting.
§         Seven people were arrested at a second meeting.
§         He showed a picture of the audience that showed Ward Churchill in attendance.

Guest:  Loretta Hunnicutt, TU4SD co-founder, a liberal and a Democrat was asked to look into this program.

She found…
·        We are being distracted by politics and not the principles of our core values.
·        Anti-Americanism is being taught.
o       A key component is resentment against our country.
o       Public education was founded to develop great citizens to improve our country, not overthrow it.
o       It teaches treason.
o       Behind the curriculum is a group of radicals, ideologs, who are committed to creating little foot soldiers.
o       The program originally started as a jobs program for ideologs who couldn’t be employed and evolved from there.
o       The University of Arizona is involved.  The group is employed directly by the school district.
o       The curriculum is based on the “Critical Race” Theory.
§         That theory says that every thought and feeling you have is based on your race.
o       All other race-based programs in the district are fully compliant with the law and don’t have these problems.
·        Glenn feels that this is happening all over the country and Tucson is just the tip of the iceberg.
o       See the entire curriculum posted at
o       This program is communist, anti-American and is going right to our children and is ripping Tucson apart.
·        We are on the precipice, essentially of losing all that we value.
·        Loretta said she knew they would be attacked as racists.
·        This curriculum is taught all across the country.
·        Everything good is twisted to be bad.
·        To learn more about her group, go to
·        Glenn feels our country is under attack from the inside.
o       Please get involved.

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