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Monday, January 31, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 31, 2011

Most Americans are not current on what is happening in Egypt.

Macro World View

Glenn feels that there are three growing powers in the world.
  1. China – Will dominate Asia, the southern part of Africa, Australia, New Zeeland and parts of the Middle East.
  2. Muslim Caliphate – Will control the Middle East and parts of Europe.
  3. Russia – Will control all of the old parts of the Soviet Union and, perhaps, the Netherlands.

Media Take on Egypt

Glenn tried to get up to speed on the Egypt situation over the weekend and all he got from the media was…
  • Protestors want democracy.
  • Riots/Violence
  • U.S. wants Egyptian President Mubaric to do something.
  • Muslim Brotherhood is good.
  • Glenn pointed to five chalkboards with some additional questions that should be asked, but aren’t. 
  • The American media doesn’t get it.

Glenn discussed the Muslim Brotherhood that started up Osama bin Laden, Al Queda, etc.

Quotable Quotes

  • The U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ke Moon, said over the weekend at the Financial Summit meeting in Davos, Switzerland…

“Capitalism is environmental suicide.” And there needs “…to be a revolution.”

  • The current Prime Minister of Turkey said…

“Democracy is like a streetcar.  When you come to your stop, you get off.”

Glenn commented that it would be nice to know what the destination is.  But the media is not asking that question.  Just like they didn’t ask what “change” meant during the 2008 election.  The truth has no agenda, but the media does; the Obama administration does.


Glenn’s assessment is that this is not about Egypt. 
  • It’s about everybody who wants to destroy the Western way of life. 
  • This is the coming insurrection. 
  • It’s about “Can Man Rule Himself?”

Glenn feels that the reason we are hated in the Middle East is that we say we are for freedom, but then we support dictators like Mubaric and the Saudis.

The Egyptian unemployed are being exploited.  It’s not about local Egyptian problems.


Glenn showed on chalkboards, maps of:
·        The Middle East. 
o     On the various countries, he put symbols for whether they were friend or enemies. 
o     Other symbols showed where there was rioting.
·        Europe.
o     He showed the same symbols for riots.
o     Visually, it looked like the whole area is in an uproar.

Historically, This is Similar To…

This is not like the fall of the Berlin Wall.  This is like Iran in 1979.  Radical Islam takes the Mediterranean and maybe large sections of Europe for a Caliphate.  This is the coming insurrection.

The Egyptian people are being played.


·        Iran was our friend in the Middle East. 
o     President Carter went to Tehran to meet with the Shah. 
o     Two years later the Shah was in exile.

·        The U.S. media embraced the revolution because they introduced a moderate regime including a parliament. 
o     That lasted for one month. 
o     The Ayatollah Kohmani replace the Shah’s secret police with his own revolutionary guard and freedom again eluded the people of Iran.
o     The people of Iran were being played.

Volatile Region

·        Glenn has been saying for some time that if you introduce hunger into this powder keg, you will have an explosion. 
·        Egypt has seen a spike in their cost of living, especially the price of food. 
·        Forty percent of the population there earns less than $1 per day.
·        Glenn showed a clip of El Baradi saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is just part of the makeup of Egypt like evangelicals in the U.S. or the Orthodox Jews are in Israel.
·        The events in Egypt are being sold in America as a fight for freedom.  And how free are the people in Iran today? 
o     If Egypt falls to hardliners, how far behind is Yemen and Algeria.
·        He showed a CNN clip of a woman protester saying that America and Israel both supported Mubaric and that they (the protesters) didn’t like all of them.

Glenn said that there are two reasons the people in the Middle East hate us…
1.      Extremists – We are infidels.
2.      We are hypocrites.  We claim to support freedom, but support dictators like Mubaric.

Mubaric is the second largest recipient of our foreign aid.

Do your own homework.  He is simplifying stuff and hasn’t provided any answers yet.  There will be several more shows on Egypt and the Middle East, so stay tuned.

Torture in Egypt

He showed pictures of people arrested by the Egyptian government and tortured and/or killed.  We sent many of our terrorist suspects to Egypt to be tortured.

More tomorrow.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 28, 2011

Today’s Glenn Beck program has been preempted by a special on events taking place in Egypt.  The program was rebroadcast several hours later and that broadcast did contain his program.  The show notes follow:

There was a studio audience today.

The theme today is to tie things together.

Can Man Rule Himself? 
The Constitution came out of the follow on question of how you do that.

In America, our revolution answered to God.  In France, their revolution rejected the church.  That turned out to be an important distinction.

George Whitfield was important to early America because he preached a direct relationship with God for each individual.  If each person has such a relationship, then, of course, he could rule himself.

The Federalist Papers were published in newspapers of the time and they laid out the case for the Constitution.

Things started to go awry in the early 20th century with Woodrow Wilson.

Glenn read the poem “The Gods of the Copybook Heading” by Rudyard Kipling.  Copybook Gods were truisms printed as headings at the top of each page of a copybook.  The copybook was a penmanship book of lined pages that students would use to practice their handwriting by copying the headings down the page.  The poem contrasted what happened when popular trends were believed in rather than time tested truisms that were printed at the tops of pages.

Glenn feels that the only way man can rule himself is if he is enlightened and educates himself.

Guest:  Marvin Olasky

  • Author of “Corporate Public Relations A new Historical Perspective”
  • This book was used by Glenn and his staff to do research on several topics related to Edward Bernaise.
  • Mr. Olasky discussed the original set up of the structure of government. 
    • The president was somewhat like a king, but with limited powers and duration. 
    • Then there was the Senate, the members of which were appointed by each state’s legislature. 
      • That last was changed in 1913 during Wilson’s administration to elect senators via the popular vote. 
      • The senate also had the filibuster, which helped to slow things down and provide more time to examine issues. 
    • The third component was the House of Representatives. 
    • The Supreme Court surrounded the three previous components and added another level of control. 
    • Then, surrounding all of that were the state legislatures. 
    • Lastly, was the free press.
    • Mr. Olasky interviewed Edward Bernaise in 1984 when he was 92. 
      • Mr. Bernaise did not believe that man could rule himself. 
      • He was also an atheist. 
      • He felt that since there was no God, we would have to invent human gods. 
      • The human gods ruled the people.  Glenn then reminded the audience of George Soros saying that he was like a God. 
      • Per Bernaise, above the human gods were manipulators.

      • A video clip was shown with prominent progressives applying Béarnaise’s four motivators, sex, security, aggression, and self-preservation.

o       Edward Béarnaise’s concept of propaganda, later to be called public relations, was to bring order out of chaos.

o       Mr. Olasky use to be a communist. 

o       He went to Russia in 1972. 

o       While he was there, he saw problems, but tried to rationalize why they might exist. 
o       It was only after he came back, read the bible and started to think things through that he saw that there was an alternative.

o       Mr. Olasky was the man who thought up the title of “compassionate conservative”. 

o       This started during the 1990s and initially was to empower individuals and civic organizations to develop projects to improve conditions locally.

Then the concept of “social justice” came up.  Edward Bernaise felt that “social justice” was a biblical concept.

Audience Questions

·        If the only solution to propaganda is the truth, how can we defeat propaganda if we are not being told the truth by the media, by politicians, etc?
o     Glenn said that everyone must reason it out.  Do your own research.  He pointed to a collection of magazines shown over on the side and recommended that no one take them at face value.
·        Where do you see the greatest influence of Bernaise today?
o     Glenn said that his influence is pervasive throughout our society.  It is dangerous if you are not educated.  If you are educated, you know it’s a scam.
·        How do you deal with a sense of powerlessness as the progressive agenda moves ahead?
o     Glenn said that progressiveness could be undone.  He thought that the solution was with his e4 project.  That is the way the Founders did it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 27, 2011

Violence Here and Abroad

  • Brawls caught on cell phone video and uploaded to You Tube where they get millions of viewers.
  • 162 police officer fatalities in 2010, up 40% over 2009.
  • Criminals now say they no longer fear killing cops.  They wear it as a badge of honor.
  • January 2011: already 15 law enforcement fatalities.
  • Riots in Egypt.
  • Riots in Tunisia.
  • The Economic Forum was firebombed in Davos
    • The revolutionary group Revolutionary Perspective claimed credit for the bombing.
    • They said “Our fight against the dictatorship of capital is focused on the social alternative to capitalism: communism.”
  • The world ignored bin Laden until 9/11.  The world is similarly ignoring the communist, Marxist revolutionaries until they take down world trade.

The State of the Union

  • Glenn wanted to discuss the state of the union, but not from the perspective of politics.
  • Union – Definition: Basically an alliance of people.
  • It used to be that being an American united us.  Not so much any more.
  • Today it was announced on Fox News that an Iranian book glorifying suicide bombing was found in the AZ desert.
  • There are enemies of our Republic both inside and outside our country.
  • Attempts are being made to divide us.  The rich against the poor, bankers are bad, doctors, conservatives, etc.  There will always be differences between people.  What will hold us together?
  • There is a split in America.
  • Glenn showed a surveillance video of a woman on a bus being attacked by two other women, one with two small children.
  • He showed another video showing customers at a Wendy’s mobbing a worker who tried to break up a fight.  No one in the restaurant helped the worker.
  • He showed an additional video of a fight in an Ihop restaurant.  The restaurant was trashed.
  • He discussed that all these videos are available on You Tube, as are videos of almost anything. 
  • He replayed the audio clip of two women standing in line to get some “Obama Money”.
  • Edward Béarnaise’s stated goal in the beginning of the 1920s was to change us from a people that had control of themselves to a country that just focused on our wants.  That’s where we are now.
  • He discussed and showed photographs of several policemen and women that have been killed.  To date, it doesn’t appear that those killings were organized on the right or the left.  Those cops just got in the way.
  • Glenn then showed a video of the fiancée of one of those killed giving his eulogy.
  • He discussed another policeman from a small town that was shot to death with his own gun in a struggle to keep a man from stealing a car.  He left 7 children.
  • More videos of riots from around the world were shown.
  • Glenn again noted that there are people on the left as well as the right that are calling for the killing of police or having riots here like there are in Europe.
  • Technology is involved as well.
    • In Egypt they are taking down Facebook and Twitter.
    • In the U.S., they are working to give the President a “kill switch” so that he can shut down the Internet.
    • Glenn stated that technology was not the problem; it is the choices that people make that are the problem.
  • Glenn suggests supporting you local police, providing donations so that they all have bulletproof vests, etc.
  • When the “Greatest Generation” left Wall Street in the 1990s, they were replaced by the 1960s generation.  This included the radicals who didn’t learn responsibilities.
  • Times are changing and we need to equip our children and grandchildren with proper values.

Glenn gave an update on the woman who found his father’s revolutionary war coat.  She has a used clothing resale business and after her appearance on Glenn’s program she has been doing great.

He recommends his book “7 Wonders that can change you life”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 26, 2011

The State Of The Union Speech

  • On vacation in December, President Obama read a book on Reagan. 
    • But President Obama did not adopt any of Reagan’s policies as part of his State of the Union speech. 
  • He did try for some of the soaring oratory, but not the substance of Reagan’s message. 
  • Glenn compared that to a meal of cookies baked together with fish sticks.  Individually, they are pretty good, but prepared together, they don’t make for a good meal.
  • Every Reagan-esque ode to America was followed by a “But, we have to invest billions of dollars in government.”
  • President Obama told us we should emulate China and start education earlier and continue it longer. 
    • Glenn asks what could go wrong with taking kids away from their parents for more of the day and handing them over to the big government hands of the teachers union.
  • President Obama also said we should be more like South Korea where teachers are known as nation builders.  We should respect them more. 
    • Glenn says he thinks we already respect teachers and that he feels badly for the good ones.  Also, we should fire the bad ones – something the President did not say we should do. 
    • Glenn also said we should respect parents more.
  • President Obama also said we need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world. 
    • Glenn agrees, but doesn’t agree that regulation is the way to do it. 
    • Glenn also doesn’t think that President Obama means that you do these things, but that the government does them. 
    • That is something that is directly opposite from what Representative Paul Ryan said in his rebuttal to the President.
  • President Obama also praised China for building high-speed rail and other infrastructure projects. 
    • Glenn notes that they have access to slave and child labor and don’t have a lot of environmental restrictions. 
    • Glenn noted that building high-speed rail and infrastructure projects seemed familiar.
      • He showed a portion of Obama speaking at his State of the Union speech of two years ago calling for the same thing, plus wind and solar energy.
      • Glenn doesn’t think we need more train projects.
        • He notes that Amtrak loses money on 41 of 44 routes and costs the taxpayers more than $1 billion per year.
        • Glenn also pointed out that high-speed trains need their own track.  Otherwise they are limited in how fast they can go and by the freight and other trains that share the same track.
        • He then held up a copy of a Government Accounting Office (GAO) report that said that high-speed rail would require new safety rules, constant public capital investment and operating subsidies.
    • Glenn characterized the President as a CEO and voters as shareholders and said that you would think that two years after proposing developments and the expenditure of over $1 trillion, he would have something he could point to as a job well done.  None was mentioned.
    • Also, two years ago, President Obama was touting green jobs and highlighted one company, Solindra that makes solar panels. 
      • Glenn thought that there should be an update on the company because they received over a half a billion dollars in stimulus funds.  The President did not mention Solindra.
      • Within the two years, Solindra has closed factories and fired workers.
  • The President called for the government to do biochemical research, information technology and clean energy technology. 
    • Glenn notes that biochemical research is not listed in the Constitution as a proper thing for government to do.
    • Glenn notes that the current regulatory efforts to control the Internet includes the ability for the President to have a “kill switch”.  This switch “…shall not be subject to judicial review.”
    • As to “green energy”, Glenn notes that the figures for how much green energy today provides are reported to be:
      • Wind – 0.6%
      • Solar – 0.1%
      • Wood – 2%
  • The President mentioned Edison, the Wright brothers, Google and Facebook as great American innovators or inventions.
    • Glenn notes that none of the above were government inventions.
    • The government does not create things.

Country Under Stress

Glenn feels that the country is under stress.  He gave two examples of how stress was handled in other circumstances…
  • A tree – He showed a picture of a cross section of a tree, so that you could see the rings.  When everything is going well for the tree, the tree grows fast and the rings are wide.   When the tree is under stress, e.g., fire, draught, insects, disease, the rings are narrower.
  • A plane – When a plane hits turbulence, an inexperienced pilot tends to want to go faster, to get through the turbulence sooner.  A more experienced pilot knows this will increase the force of the turbulence and increase the stress on the plane, so he slows down.
  • Glenn feels that the best way to deal with our country’s stress is to slow down and not continue the kinds of governmental actions that we have seen over the last two years.

Simplifying Your Life
Glenn laid out a typical New York City worker’s day.  It starts at 5:00 am.  The person commutes to work and puts in a 12-hour day.  They then commute home to deal with the family and other issues and finally get into bed by midnight. 
  • That is pretty much his daily schedule.
  • The long work day is there because there is so much competition for jobs with “a thousand” other people wanting your job, should you be fired.
  • To know how to structure a simpler life, Glenn suggests that an appropriate priority system would be as follows:
    • God
    • Family
    • Country
    • Stuff
  • Glenn suggests thinking about Sept 11th to remember what things you felt were really important on that day.  If it wasn’t important then, it is disposable today.
  • This is the place to start reducing.
  • To fix the country, you need to start by fixing yourself.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 25, 2011


  • Glenn showed a video clip of Valerie Jarrett, a key Presidential aid, previewing tonight’s State of the Union speech.
  • Glenn also reported that the White House is justifying the anti-American song played at the State Dinner for the Chinese President.

Assassination Attempt on Jay Nixon, Governor of MO

  • Zero reporting by major media.
  • Only covered by about 10 local papers.
  • Occurred on September 14th, 2010, just before the election.
  • The governor was to speak at a college.
  • The perpetrator mistook a college dean for the governor and stabbed him several times.
  • Bystanders subdued the perpetrator.
  • The dean survived the attack.
  • Glenn speculated that perhaps the media ignored the story because the perpetrator is an uber-Leftest.
  • Glenn showed several quotes from the attacker’s Facebook page.  In them, he calls for revolution.
  • Glenn reported that within the last 24 hours, 11 policemen have been shot.  He, Glenn, calls for everyone to support the police.
  • Glenn reviewed his grouping of American assassins he developed on yesterday’s program with the Conservative group having 0 and the Leftist/Progressive group having the most.


  • The Wall Street Journal ran an article “IMF: Instability Threatens Recovery”.
  • Glenn notes that if your goal is revolution, stability interferes with that goal.
  • He showed quotes from several revolutionary sources.
  • Tomorrow, Glenn is releasing his report on the 12ers (Shia Muslims whose belief is that the 12th Imam will return when the world is in chaos. – Ed)
  • Groups calling for Chaos – What they are Looking For
    • 12ers (Iran) – Chaos
    • Communists in Europe – Riots and Chaos
    • American Communists/Revolutionaries – Chaos
    • George Soros – New World Order – Chaos (Banking)
  • Edward Bernaise, an early progressive, wrote about bringing order out of chaos.


  • News to watch for…
    • World Jobless Rate – 205 million people unemployed.
    • Young People – 78 million jobless.
  • Countries that want stability
    • China – Millions of men out of work with no possibility of marriage.
    • Middle East – Millions of young men with bleak futures and blaming it on someone.
  • If you want a revolution, you don’t want everyone working and happy.  Glenn proposes that’s why Francis Fox-Piven and others are focusing on organizing and rousing the unemployed in this country.
  • The President promised that inner city youth would be a top priority when he was elected.  Between 2009 – 2010, one third of African-American men aged 16 – 24 had jobs in New York City (i.e., 66% unemployment rate).
  • Nationwide, 44.2% unemployment rate among youths of 16 – 19.

The American Experiment – Can Man Rule Himself?
  • Glenn discussed the American Experiment that was profiled on yesterday’s program.  The logical question is if man can rule himself, then how is this done?
  • Glenn showed a video clip of Van Jones speaking at a function posing a thought experiment to the audience.  They were asked to envision everyone putting their names on a slip of paper and putting it in a container to be drawn out.  Jones’ question was if you were to draw out the name of someone, could you switch lives with that person and guarantee that that person’s life would be a good one?  Glenn points out that not only is this impossible, no one would want to do that.
  • Glenn then discussed equal opportunity, not equal outcome as a form of social organization.  Specifically, he discussed one equal outcome society, Russia.  Even there, the elites were provided better than equal food, housing, medical care, jobs, etc.
  • He then showed a quote from Edward Bernaise, an early American progressive, advocating committees of wise men who would decide on our conduct, what we would wear, what we would eat, etc.
  • Next up was a video clip of the Reverend Al Sharpton speaking in a church and interpreting Martin Luther King’s dream for the congregation.  In Reverend Sharpton’s version, the dream was not to put one black man in the White House, but that “…everything (was) equal in everybody’s house.”
  • Glenn notes that this country has always been about opportunity, not stuff.
  • He discussed advertisements based on his radio experience of many years.  Ads, he said, are designed to create a need, a hole in you that their product could fill.  Ads are always about you not being complete. 
  • Glenn proposes, “There is nothing you need to be happy besides God and family.” 
  • You create your life.  There is no government program that can do that.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 24, 2011

  • Food prices are going up.
  • An anti-American song was played at the White House dinner for the Chinese President.
  • There was an attempt on a governor’s life.  Had you heard about it?

The American Experiment
  • The American Experiment – Can man govern himself. 
  • Prior to 1776, kings or the church had always governed man.
  • George Whitfield and Benjamin Franklin were instrumental in events leading up to the creation of the U.S. Constitution.
    • George Whitfield
      • Basically established the relationship of the individual with God rather than the prevailing concept at that time that the individual had a relationship with the church.  The church did the relating to God.
      • He was thrown out of the church for that view.
    • Benjamin Franklin
      • Use reason as a God-given talent.
      • Keep reason firmly in her seat and question with boldness.

The Enlightenment was the Age of Reason.

Jobs and Competitiveness Council
  • President Obama is changing the name of his Economic Recovery Board to the Jobs and Competitiveness Council.
  • New head of the Council is GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt.
  • If we believe in reason, should we believe President Obama is serious about jobs and competitiveness?  Was Mr. Immelt picked because he demonstrated…
1.      Can Create Jobs
§         No
§         5 out of 6 jobs created at GE are created overseas.
§         GE lost 34,000 jobs in the U.S.
§         GE added 25,000 jobs overseas.
2.      Great With Finance
§         No
§         He asked for $134 billion in TARP funds.
3.      Giant Corporations Create Jobs
§         No
§         70% of new jobs are created by small businesses.
4.      Green Jobs
§         No
§         GE shut down its incandescent light bulb plant here in the U.S.
§         They still make incandescent light bulbs in Mexico and China.

  • Glenn showed clips of administration officials on Martin Luther King Day talking about justice – social justice, economic justice, health justice, environmental justice that is “…part of everything we do.”
  • Glenn showed a quote that said that the administration is creating a drug creation agency because the pace of drug creation in industry is too slow.
  • Glenn then held up a stack of paper about a foot high representing the 165 new FDA regulations of the drug industry since 2008 governing drug development.
  • He then compared what the government did when faced with long lines at the Post Office – they removed the clocks from the post office lobbies.  Also, the post office is currently lobbying Congress to change the law to allow them to close 2,000 unprofitable outlets.
  • Andy Stern (of SEIU fame) is now on the Board of Directors of the drug firm SIGA Technologies, Inc.  They are working on countermeasures for anthrax and other bio-toxins.  SIGA stock has since risen by 50%.
  • Glenn then showed a chart of the 154 new agencies, commissions, boards, etc that are being created as part of the Obamacare legislation.
  • Several states are looking at bankruptcy.  If they use the General Motors model, they will screw the bondholders.
  • Glenn doubts that Cass Sunsteen, the Regulatory Czar, will be able to streamline governmental regulations given the FDA example above and his, Sunsteen’s, prior books…
    1. Nudge
    1. Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech
    1. Behavioral Law and Economics
  • A viewer sent in a copy of the 1945 book, “The Revolution Was”.  Glenn referred to it several times during the remainder of the program.
  • A study of 2,300 graduating college students reports that they rated no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning or writing skills in their first two years in college.
  • Francis Fox-Piven
    • Glenn recommends an article profiling her on the American Spectator by Stanley Kirtz.  (I couldn’t find an article by Kirtz on The American Spectator, but there is one on National Review Online here - - Ed)
    • The New York Times ran a story on Fox-Piven.  In it, they called out Glenn for using her as an example of someone using violent rhetoric.  Glenn reviewed the article and had comments.  Two quotes from the article are…
      • “…some say is endangering her life…” Glenn reminded everyone that he has spoken out against violence for the last two years and for two years before that on his radio show.
      • “Anonymous visitors to his web site have called for her death.”
    • The Center for Constitutional Rights
      • Financed by the Tides Foundation, which is funded by George Soros.  (Mr. Soros is spending $1 million to get Glenn off the air.)
      • Wrote a letter to Roger Ailes, Glenn’s boss.  In it they wrote, in part…”Misinformation and falsehoods about a person can put that person in actual physical danger…”  But Glenn typically shows video clips and reads a person’s words from their own articles.
      • Glenn showed a commercial type video for the Center by Bertha Lewis, the CEO of Acorn, praising the Center.
      • Glenn noted that he has 15 threats of violence against him at any given time and rhetorically asks if the Center thought about that when they wrote about him.

Assassination Attempts

In September 2010, the Governor of MO, a Democrat, had an attempt on his life that failed.  The perpetrator attacked a college president that he thought was the governor and slit that man’s throat.  The perpetrator was a leftist revolutionary.

Glenn then categorized a number of American assassination attempts grouped by category.

  • Crazy
    • 1835 – Richard Lawrence
    • 1912 – Attempt on Theodore Roosevelt
    • 1975 – (Missed this one – Ed)
    • 2010 – Attempt on Congresswoman Giffords
  • Anarchist
    • 1901 – President McKinley assassinated
    • Early 20th century – bombing of several cities within 90 minutes
  • Socialist/Progressive
    • 1933 - (Missed this one – Ed)
    • 1960s - Various
    • 1963 – President Kennedy assassinated.
    • 1975 - (Missed this one – Ed)
  • Conservative
    • N/A
  • Constitutionalist
    • 1995 – Oklahoma City bomber
  • Anti-US Government
    • 1864 – President Lincoln assassinated
    • 1950- President Truman assassination attempt

None of the above said they did it because of heated rhetoric.

Glenn calls for the firing of the White House Protocol Officer because of the choice of music played by the Chinese pianist at the White House reception for the Chinese President.  He played a Korean War-era anti-US song, in which Americans were portrayed as “jackals”.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 21, 2011

Theme for today is Glenn’s two-year history on Fox.

History of Fox

Glenn did a recap of the various projects he has developed during those two years.  He discussed how he got to each of these projects and a bit about each.
  • Glenn also has a daily radio show, which includes having listeners call in.  During one of these programs around the time of President Obama’s inauguration, a person called in and said that he was “unplugging”, essentially dropping out.   That ultimately led Glenn to develop the 9-12 Project with its 9 Principles and 12 Values.
  • Then Glenn moved on to Faith, Hope and Charity as themes and even painted a poster with each featuring a different Founding Father.
  • Last summer he had his 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally.
  • The 40-Day, 40 Night Challenge followed.
  • Then Wilmington, OH
  • Now the e4 Project
    • Enlightenment – God?  Reason.
    • Education – Find the truth.  The truth has no agenda.
    • Empowerment – Be who you were born to be.
    • Entrepreneurship – Solve the problems.

Wilmington, OH

There was a studio audience today.  Members were from Wilmington or had been to Wilmington.  He discussed personal stories with several of the audience members…
  • Fraternity Members
    • A group of fraternity brothers from Kansas State University drove to Wilmington to check it out. 
    • One of those students heard Glenn discuss the Federalist Papers and how difficult they were to read inasmuch as they were written in the style of the early 1800s. 
    • He then wrote a version of the Federalist Papers in contemporary English and presented a bound volume to Glenn. 
    • Glenn also does publishing, and he will publish that book.
  • Prayer Room
    • A couple drove 17 hours from Texas to learn about the Prayer Room in Wilmington.
    • The operator of the Prayer Room says she has received hundreds of calls and many visits by people wanting to know how to start a Prayer Room in their city.
  • Pizza
    • The pizza restaurant owner gives back to the community and even awarded free pizza for life to one needy family.
  • Food Pantry
    • Does not receive any government support.
    • Since Glenn’s visit, he has received donated food by the truckload.
    • He says people drive for hours to volunteer at the pantry and, when they leave, they give him an envelope with hundreds of dollars inside.
  • Newest Business in Town
    • A business located elsewhere burned down.  A Wilmington resident contacted that businessperson and offered him his facility in Wilmington.  They did the deal with a handshake.  He is about 90% of the way back to being in business.

Glenn believes that the secret of America is in the individual, not the herd.  Individuals can inspire others to make progress.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, January 20, 2011

Propaganda - Whose

Glenn showed a video clip of Representative Steve Cohen on the floor of the House of Representatives calling Republicans Nazis.  He made this claim because he thought they were using the “Big Lie” tactic of the Nazi propaganda machine.  In reality, Edward Béarnaise, an early American progressive, first pioneered this and many other propaganda techniques.

Glenn asked, “What is the American experiment?  To be answered later in the show.

Progressive History

You have to understand the early progressives to understand what is going on today.

Modern day propaganda is now called “public relations”.

Clips and Quotes

Glenn then showed
  • A clip of Béarnaise’s daughter recalling her father’s concept of democracy as “enlightened despotism”.

  • A quote of Cass Sunsteen was shown about how people have some Homer Simpson in them and that they can be manipulated. 

  • Early on, the progressives liked Mussolini.   Glenn showed a quote from the New York Times dated 1923 where it stated “Mussolini has been a great service to Italy and compares with Teddy Roosevelt.”

Glenn then further discussed Representative Cohen’s comment and how that exposed Cohen’s view that people can be swayed by a lie repeated often enough times.  Glenn responds that you don’t prevent people from hearing all this rhetoric, you educate them to think on their own to be able to evaluate it.

Glenn held up Béarnaise’s book “Propaganda”.  Read it.

Changing America

Glenn believes the people in his audience will change America because they will explore for the truth and move beyond the rhetoric.  We can have a dialog with Representative Cohen about does he think he is an elite guiding the people because they are too stupid to think on their own?  Fundamentally, this is a debate between “enlightened despotism” and freedom.

People as Cows to be Herded

There was more discussion of people as cows that need to be herded together by the progressives as ranchers.  The government regulatory agencies act as fence builders to help keep the herd contained.  If one of the cows starts to act differently, you don’t kill it in America, you discredit it so that the rest of the herd will move away from that cow.  In other countries, they shoot the deviant cow as in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, etc.

The views that people are cows to be herded or free people to be educated cannot coexist.  That is the great debate we must have.  Each person will need to decide for him or her self what to believe and must question with boldness to achieve that understanding.  Question everything.

Rhetoric from the Early Days

During the early days of the country, debates were not civil.  A sitting Vice President,
Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.  Name-calling was commonplace. 
  • John Adams was called a “repulsive pedant”, “mentally deranged” “blind, bald, crippled and toothless”.
  • Alexander Hamilton was a “monster”, “adulterer” “haunted by whores”.
  • Abraham Lincoln was called a “despot”, “scoundrel”, “liar”, “thief”, and “perjurer”.

Monday’s show will be about American assassins and their ideologies.

What was the American Experiment?  Can man rule himself? 

The answer to the debate issue is more speech.


Glenn held up an old AIDS poster.  It was a pink triangle on a black background with the words SILENCE = DEATH along the bottom.  He went onto explain that the pink triangle was the way the Nazis identified homosexuals.  Jews wore yellow Stars of David.  We must discuss the issues, not be cowed into submission.