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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 26, 2011


  • America is the greatest country the world has ever seen.
  • Some would disagree.
    • They believe the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.
    • It constrains government.
  • Are there problems in America?  Yes
    • The question should be not what is wrong with America, but what makes it great.
    • If you can answer that question, therein lies the solution.
  • Compared with the rest of the world, we have more “stuff” than anyone in history.
  • Is that due to our…
    • Communication system?
    • Transportation system?
    • Banking system?
  • Glenn showed videos of tapes of violence seen recently in restaurants and between teenagers.
  • Glenn held up a book “Democracy in America” ( ) by Alexis de Toqueville
    • De Toqueville was a Frenchman.
    • The French recognized America’s greatness, which led to the gift of the Statue of Liberty.
    • A quote from the book…

“America is great because she is good.  If America ceases to be good, America ceases to be great.”

  • These days, it is the exception, not the rule that people will stand up and say something.
  • If America is to become great again, it must become good.
    • No regulation can make us good.
    • How do we o that?  Our founders thought religion.
  • Benjamin Franklin wrote to Ezra Stiles, President of Yale.

“I believe in one God, creator of the universe, that he governs by his providence.  That he ought to be worshipped, that the most acceptable service that we can render to him is doing good to his other children.  That the soul of man is immortal and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this.  These I take to be the fundamental principals of all sound religion.”

  • Glenn feels that the best way to worship is to do good to his fellow creations.
  • The reaction of the Japanese as the reacted to the earthquake and tsunami inspired us with their calm, their patience and their dignity.

America Being Good

  • If you wanted to see America being good, see what is happening in Joplin, MO.
    • Glenn showed a video of one woman, a volunteer from Alabama, who said…

“How we serve God is how we serve our fellow man and that’s what we’re trying to do at our little church here.”

·        A furniture salesman’s contribution was to set up a collection point for supplies.  Donations kept coming until he had a semi-trailer full.
·        From Kansas, one group showed up with clothes. 
o       Many in Joplin had only what they were wearing when the tornado struck.
o       More people joined in to help.

Glenn No Longer Worried

·        This is why Glenn is no longer worried about politics or economic collapse, etc.
·        If strangers helping others is the worst that happens after this much devastation, he is no longer worried.
·        He talked about the book “A Tale of Two Cities”.  It’s the epic story of struggle.
·        That’s where we are now.
·        He suggests keeping a journal.  We are in a fight between good and evil, survival versus destruction.
·        He discussed Eric Metaxas’ book “Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet Spy ( ) and how much it has affected him over the last fifteen months.  He then quoted from the book, one of his favorite passages…

“Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.  God will not hold us guiltless.”

·        Glenn feels that the more we sit back and act as observers, the more violence (as in the restaurant videos) we can expect to see.

·        He feels that all we need to do is to recognize what makes us great and then stand up and be good.

Christians for Israel Event

·        The Christians for Israel event is scheduled for July 19th in Washington, DC
o       Glenn will be there.
o       For more information go to

Why Help Joplin?

·        The people helping in Joplin, MO are doing so because they want to, not because they were mandated by the government to.

Gun Control

·        Glenn discussed a night-shift pharmacist defending himself, co-workers, and customers with his own gun.  Police and co-workers say he was doing the right thing.
o       Walgreens fired him because he broke OSHA regulations that prohibit employees from carrying a gun while at work.
o       Glenn spoke about regulations preventing you from defending yourself and the consequences thereof.
·        He then discussed an article from the Washington Post, April 11th “Obama: We’re Working on Gun Control ‘Under the Radar’ “.  The President said to Sarah Brady…

“I just want you to know that we are working on it…we have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

·        Glenn asks if this is right – to work on regulations that will affect millions of people by doing so “under the radar”.
o       To lie about it, do it under the cover of darkness.
o       And this touted to be the most transparent administration in history.

Arab Spring

·        Glenn has been skeptical of the Arab Spring movement from the beginning.
·        The people want to be free, but the events have been orchestrated.
·        We have seen a deeper hatred of the Jews show up.
·        It started with the spiritual leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood speaking to two million Egyptians.
o       He talked about killing Jews himself.
·        Also, about the sexual attack on Lora Logan in the central square on “The Day of Liberty”.

Children’s Indoctrination

·        Glenn then showed more video of an Arab children’s program.  In part, the characters said…

“Therefore, my dear children every day the criminal Zionists scheme and ponder how to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque.  Absolutely.  Do you know why?  In order to build their false temple in its place.”

“God inflicted his punishment upon them.  That was the punishment they deserved.  Thus, God transformed these sinners into apes.”

“A child must be raised on the love of jihad and on the desire to be martyred for the sake of Allah.  The tree of Islam is irrigated with blood, not with water.”  [From an 8-year-old boy.]

“Watch out …Why doesn’t the stewardess… Go on, I’m protecting …Mr. Bin Laden, there’s a tower… Look.  It’s the next street.  – Fly to the middle of the tower.”  [An adult and a child in a mockup of an airliner.]
·        Glenn asks why are we not seeing these images.  He has told his staff to obtain more like these.
o       This is good versus evil.
·        He feels children raised on a diet of these images will walk with his mother into gunfire at the Israeli border to become a martyr. 
o       This is coming.  He wants the world to see what Arab children are being taught.

The New Nazi Party

·        Glenn reports that not noted elsewhere, Egypt is forming a new Nazi Party.  This new party already has a one-year plan unlike…

“marginalized liberal parties, which are like dead bodies.”

o       Per the Weekly Standard, the Muslim Brotherhood has a history of…

“…campaign against the Jews that used not only Nazi-like tactics but also German funding.”

During the 1930s…

“…Brotherhood conducted only one major campaign in Egypt, and it was against Zionism and the Jews.”

§         Glenn asks the President if he will continue to cheer lead the Arab Spring now that it is forming a new Nazi Party?

Spreading to Europe

o       Glenn showed a map of the Middle East with little fire icons on those countries with uprisings (7 each).  He discussed a Caliphate over the entire region, perhaps as soon as Labor Day.
o       Several Nekba events are being planned.
§         They prove that Palestine can be liberated by massed, unarmed marchers – even a million martyrs.
o       France will be hosting the G8 meeting.  Protests are being planned in solidarity with protestors in Spain.  He suggests watching for the Palestinian flag.)

Restoring Courage Rally

  • At his August 24th rally, there will be three days of events.

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