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Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 28, 2011

In-studio Audience

  • Nearly are 250 killed by tornados in the South.
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry requested assistance from the federal government two weeks ago.  So far, no response.
  • The focus of Glenn’s program is on courage and love.
  • How do you get a free people to walk into a cage? 

Indoctrinationand Loss of Freedoms

  • Some believe that people should be given limited choices so they will be prevented from making bad ones.
  • Glenn feels we are losing our freedoms.
  • He showed a video of a past Miss America discussing her pat down at the airport and felt violated by the way the screener groped her.
  • He talked to Representative Adam West (R-FL) and wants Adam to run for President.  Adam said that the mindset of the political parties is breaking down.  We have to go out and find candidates who will truly represent us.
  • Glenn showed a video of a preacher being arrested for impeding a business.  He was reading the bible on the sidewalk.  Glenn pointed out that unions do that all the time and they don’t get arrested.  The police released a statement…
“We would have grated them a permit to go out and preach…there is a mechanism to be allowed to protest…we don’t inhibit people’s right to free speech – we regulate it.”

  • Glenn then showed the cover of the new Superman comic book where Superman renounces his American citizenship…  Said Superman...
“I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of U.S. policy.  Truth, justice and the American way… It’s not enough anymore.”

Indoctrinating School Children
·        Look at the messages our kids are getting anymore.
·        He showed a video of high school kids in Tucson, AZ protesting at a school board meeting by chaining themselves to the desks and yelling chants.  The reason for the demonstration was that a Mexican-American history class was shut down because it advocated the overthrow of the U.S. government, promoted hatred for white people and called for replacing Thanksgiving with a “Day of Atonement” including a call for death to the invader.
·        Glenn feels the kids are rioting because they have been taught that they have no future because of the evil corporations, the immoral U.S. government and a rotten Constitution.
o       In the 1960s, the rioting students were in college.  Today, they are in high school or even earlier.
·        In Texas, the ACLU has forced a policy change in the schools so that students no longer have to stand for the pledge of allegiance.  Previously, they were allowed to not say the pledge.
·        In one Massachusetts school, parents had to sign a permission slip so their children could say the pledge.  Another school gave up offering it at all.
·        Glenn showed a video of a teacher discussing the best way to get Marxism into the classroom.
·        He showed portions of the anti-capitalism cartoon file, “The Story of Stuff” and a follow-on film.
·        He then showed a web page at where kids are taught to stop evil corporations before they destroy the earth.
·        He showed a video of a CA teacher promoting socialism at a rally of students.
·        “Maria Talks” is a Massachusetts web site that advocates abortion.  One advice item worries about the psychological effects of giving up your baby for adoption.
·        Glenn notes that there is an effort to get kids to not listen to their parents.  He showed a video of Al Gore telling young people not to talk to their parents.
·        In New York, convicted felons are teaching school.  Parents are outraged.  Mayor Bloomberg says the contract prevents him from doing anything about it.  Glenn said that if the government can abrogate the contracts at GM, why couldn’t we do it with convicted felons in the classroom?  It’s only our children that are affected.
People Who Have “Had it”
·        Glenn introduced several audience members who have “had it” and went out and did something about it.
o       One lady objected to portions of her daughter’s textbook.  She has been working to get the book removed from the classroom.  For more information see facebook:eye on the board
o       On man objected to the movies being shown and descriptions of the U.S. Constitution as being 400 years old and written by rich white guys.  For more information see
·        Glenn notes that our children are not learning what we learned growing up.  He discusses the TV show “Glee”.  The kids are bright, attractive and talented.  But the values they express are terrible – the kids are sleeping with each other and sing anti-capitalist songs.
·        Glenn then discussed the family of his Chief of Staff, Joe.  Joe’s mother is from Korea and worked at a 7-11.  One night she came home from work and the kids hadn’t done their homework and were watching TV.  She picked up the TV and threw it out on the front lawn.  Joe’s family didn’t get another TV until he was 18.
·        Another audience member fights against pay raises for teachers because of the values being taught.  For more information see
·        Another audience member is involved with a Christian private school.  She is seeing a groundswell of parents trying to leave the public school system.  For more information see
·          Another site mentioned is

Glenn Beck Program April 27, 2011

There is an in-studio audience today.
  • Glenn showed a book, “The Holy Experiment”.
    • Only 500 copies printed in 1920.

Threats to the Economy
  • The Fed held its first ever press conference.
  • Gas, food and the stock market are all going up because the Fed is printing money.
  • No one is saying anything about this.
  • He showed a quote from Stephen Lerner, SEIU executive, on his plans to bring down the stock market and the banking system.
  • Glenn asks why the apathy?  Considering the entire economy would be affected, why is there no coverage of this?
  • Glenn then showed a video of a teacher discussing the most effective way to introduce Marxism into the classroom.
  • Another video was of a Revolutionary Socialist speaker saying they need to get younger and younger members into the organization – even down into high school age.
  • He showed a video of an elementary school class chanting an anti-capitalist chant.
  • Then, a video of Eric Holder saying that we are a “nation of cowards” in regards to race.
  • Glenn said that we would need to stand up and show courage in the future.
  • Glenn then showed a video of a man at a Tea Party event wearing a jacket with racist slogans being confronted by a Tea Party attendee telling him to go away, that he was not welcome there, and that the Tea Party event was not racist. 
  • Glenn asks if you have real personal courage.
  • He showed a quote from Andy Stern, then president of SEIU, saying they are watching how people voted, where they live and they took names.
  • Glenn then showed various videos of fights in restaurants where people were watching and recording the fights, but not helping.  Another video showed a man on a street corner getting shot and no one went to help him.
  • We are losing the bond of love and courage.
  • Courage will be needed in the future.

·        Eric Metaxis, Author “Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy”  ( )
·        Dinesh D’Souza, Author “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”  ( )

  • Bonhoeffer was born into an amazing family.
  • He was a German Lutheran pastor.
  • He stood in opposition to the Nazis.
  • He was executed in 1945 in a concentration camp.
  • He ultimately came to apply his philosophy in the real world, which led him to participate in a plot against Hitler.

  • Bonhoeffer wanted to meet Gandhi, but Gandhi’s non-violent tactics would not have worked with the Nazis.
  • Gandhi’s strategy was to change the British and convince them they were wrong.
  • Martin Luther King’s strategy was a take-off on Gandhi’s strategy.

The Defense of Marriage Act

  • The bill was passed into law.
  • The Department of Justice to not defend the law.
  • A private law firm took up the case.
  • The firm received threats and quit.
  • One lawyer at the firm, Paul Clement, continued on because he feels each side deserves adequate representation.
  • He had to leave and go to another firm to do this.

Glenn noted that Fredric Douglas had a memorable response to an attack on the Constitution.  Read it at

Glenn showed painting included in the book “The Holy Experiment”.  They were taken from paintings included in the Pennsylvania capitol building.

Glenn recommends going to his web site and review the section “Rumors of War”.

Glenn Beck Program April 26, 2011

What’s Important?

  • The President did not recognize Easter.  Nor did Google.
  • The President loves the birth certificate issue because it is a distraction.
  • What freedom is Cass Sunsteen regulating out of your life today?
  • There is a lot of what is important to discuss.
  • The Peace Flotilla is due to start soon.
  • Forget…
    • The plight of Christians in China.
    • The plight of Christians in Iraq
    • The plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.
    • The Jews in Israel.
  • A Palestinian State will be in place by September.  Israel is being sold down the river.

The Responsibility to Protect

  • The Responsibility to Protect…
    • Was used as a justification to go to war in Libya.
    • Was invented by Samantha Power.
      • She is no friend of Israel.
    • The core principal – is to intervene to protect if a sovereign state is not living up to its responsibilities to protect its population.  This means…
    • Hundreds of thousands died in Darfur and Rwanda with no Responsibility to Protect.
    • 35,000 people have died in Mexico with no Responsibility to Protect.
  • Do we have a Responsibility to Protect our neighbor next door?
  • What is the administration doing about this?


1,000 – deaths in Libya before we intervened.
  400 – deaths in Syria.
35,000 – deaths of people killed on our border in drug related incidents since
2006.    That’s when President Calderon was elected.  You have to go back to the Korean War to see 35,000 people killed in four years.
    60% - the percentage increase in killings in Mexico in 2010
15,273 – killings in Mexico in 2010
  9,616 – killings in Mexico in 2009
  2,833 – killings in Mexico this year so far.
  8,800 - civilians killed in Afghanistan in the last four years.

Other Mexico Related Information

  • Mass graves are being found.
  • People don’t know who to turn to for help.
  • In the Mexican town of San Fernando…
    • 177 people were killed
    • They were stopped at checkpoints on public roads.
    • They were pulled off busses, their identification removed.
    • They were killed by blunt trauma to the head.  A sledgehammer was found at the scene.
  • We are dealing with evil.
  • Terror is now being used as a tactic.
    • A farmer was able to only scrape up half the ransom demanded.  Sop the gang returned only half the man’s son.
    • Four women and a teen-aged girl were found stripped in a beauty parlor – their throats cut.
    • Five children, ages 4 – 15 were killed.
    • Easter and the President’s birth certificate are deemed to be of much more importance.
    • An IED (Improvised Explosive Device) was found on an overpass in Brownsville, TX.
    • A manual on building bombs was found in the desert.  It was printed in Iran and dedicated to “in memory of our martyrs.”
    • The Los Zetas gang blew up 22 cars in Mexico and killed dozens of people.
      • Their weapon of choice - IEDs.
      • The gang was started by Mexican soldiers who defected from the army.
      • They were highly trained by US Special Forces to go after the drug cartels.
      • Now, they are a drug cartel.
      • They are operating in the U.S. in 230 cities nationwide.
      • They are getting support from terrorist organizations including Al Queda and Hezbollah.

The Administration

    • What is the Dept of Justice (DoJ) doing about this?  Is the DoJ cracking down on the border or on the Los Zetas in the 230 American cities?  No!
    • We will be remembered as a suicidal nation.
    • He showed a video of President Obama saying if you arrived here through Ellis Island or came over the Rio Grande, you were all connected.
    • He showed a video of Representative Louis Gutierrez (D-MI) urging the President to use his executive powers to do an end run around the system and fix the immigration problem.
      • He is asking for a dictator.
    • We do have a Responsibility to Protect – the people and the Constitution first and foremost.
    • We have set up gun dealers along the border and are now condemning them for support they provided the ATF.  Also, gun manufacturers are about to be sued by the Mexican government.

Your Passport

  • linked with a story at
  • There are new supplemental forms to obtain a passport for certain individuals.
    • One is two pages, the other five pages.
    • The new form requires…

“The US Department of State is preparing a new biographical questionnaire for some passport applicants:  The proposed new form, DS-5513, asks for all addresses since birth, lifetime employment history including employers and supervisors names, addresses and telephone numbers, personal details of all siblings, mother’s address one year prior to your birth, any “religious ceremony” around the time of birth and a variety of other information.  According to the proposed form, “failure to provide this information requested may result in…the denial of your US passport application.

·        The OMB estimates a completion time of 45 minutes.
·        How does any of this relate to obtaining a passport?
·        You can read the State Department’s response to our questions at
·        The forms themselves are all at
·        Who do they not want leaving the country?

The Enemy Within – The Fed

  • Glenn showed four charts concerning the money supply.  You can see them here à
    • The Adjustable Monetary Base
    • Excess Reserves of Depository Institutions
    • Federal Surplus or Deficit
    • The Velocity of M2 Money Stock
      • The Fed is printing money.
      • The banks are sitting on the money (buying treasury notes with it).
      • The velocity is low, however, because the banks are not releasing it into the economy.
  • On that page is a link to the analysis he described for each.
  • We are on track to hit our debt ceiling of $14.3 trillion by May 16th.
  • Treasury Secretary Geithner is quoted as saying “It’s ridiculous debate to have raising the debt ceiling.”
  • A new Executive Order by the President requires all companies wanting to do business with the government to disclose if it or any of its executives have contributed more than $5,000 in political contributions.
  • Health and Human Services served notice they will begin enforcing existing rules that allow them to bar corporate leaders from doing business with the government if there has been criminal misconduct.  The DoD and the EPA also have similar rules.
  • Glenn showed a video clip of a German woman at a rally being given by Muslim extremists asking where were the people standing up to this hate speech.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 25, 2011

  • The President has established an Oil and Gas Price Fraud Working Group to focus on energy markets.
“We will be vigilant in monitoring the oil and gas markets for any wrongdoing so that consumers can be confident they are not paying higher prices as a result of illegal activity.”

  • Meanwhile, the Attorney General admits there is no illegal activity.
  • Isn’t the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) supposed to handle this situation, not the Justice Department?
  • Wasn’t the Financial Reform Bill supposed to protect us from this?  Wasn’t the energy sector covered?
  • Is the FTC irrelevant, or do officials know what is really causing price increases?
  • In addition to the three foreign wars going on, there is another one being waged by the Progressives.  The Democrat Party was slowly taken over until it became just the way it was.  There are Progressives in both parties.
  • Glenn interviewed Mike Huckabee on his radio program and described him as a Progressive.  He feels Huckabee is a Progressive is because as Governor of Arkansas…
    • He increased taxes 47% and offered support for other forms of tax increases.
    • He increased state spending 65.3%.
    • He increased the state workforce by 20%.
    • He increased the state’s general obligation debt.
    • And…
      • He supports sales tax on Internet goods.
      • He supports Michelle Obama’s obesity program.
  • Glenn noted that the media has been interviewing Andrew Brietbart about a feud he and Glenn are supposedly having – one that Glenn didn’t know existed.
  • He showed a video of a fight at a McDonalds with two girls beating up on a third.  He wonders how this could happen in our country where no one really came to the aid of the girl being beaten.  He discussed God in-or-out-of America.  Also, how government can’t impact people’s hearts.  That can only be done by religion.
  • He showed a vide clip of Richard Trumpka, the head of the AFL-CIO union telling meeting attendees to “ignore the law”.
  • He discussed his random acts of charity program.
  • He discussed uniting on principals and values.
  • He discussed prices as a reflection of the dollar’s value.
  • The Fed is causing oil and gas prices to go up.
  • He showed various charts of items against the dollar – oil, gold, the stock market, foreign currencies.  In each case, when the dollar rises, the other item falls.  When the dollar falls, the other item rises.
  • 38% of the US wheat crop is poor or very poor condition.  Last year it was 6%.
  • He highlighted one person’s random act of kindness and noted that more are at

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program April 22, 2011

In studio audience.
o       Glenn is leaving the program. 
o       There are other things he wants to do. 
o       He feels a responsibility to “ring the bell”, but he does not feel that he can reach any more people in this venue.
o       He thinks we should get involved.
o       He is tired of waiting for others to lead, so leadership devolves on us.
o       It is time for him as a citizen to get involved, more than he is here.
o       Now, he is “preaching to the choir”.


  • Glenn showed a chalkboard with faces on small magnetic boards of radicals surrounding President Obama.  He noted…
o       Van Jones – A 9/11 Truther
o       Apollo Alliance – Wrote the Stimulus Bill
o       Cass Sunsteen – Regulatory czar
o       Samantha Power – Ms. Cass Sunsteen. 
o       Understands war can be used to advance liberal causes. 
o       Has the President’s ear.

o       In Washington this week there is a US/Islamic World Forum to help Muslims get united.

o       Audience Question:  What happens to the people who bring down the system?
      Answer:   Nothing.  That’s a reason to belong to the political class.  You are insulated from that sort of thing.  Insider will protect him.  See the housing crisis.

o       There was a discussion of why George Soros might want to collapse the system.

o       Glenn reorganized most of the people on the board into four categories…
1.      Thugs
2.      Thinkers
3.      Do-ers, organizers, Marxists
4.      Media Control
o       Glenn posits that our situation today is similar to Rome’s with Octavia, the first Roman dictator.  Rome was a republic until Octavia took over.  However, he left the structure and symbols (the Roman Senate) in place so people still felt they lived in a republic.
o       There was a discussion of possibly resisting such an overthrow.
o       Glenn noted that Bill Ayres was willing to kill 25 million Americans to see his revolution succeed.
o       Glen thinks that Hillary Clinton will become the public face of the post-overthrow system.
o       Regulation is a way to implement public policy without paying for it.
1.      You don’t have to go through Congress.
2.      You don’t have to answer to voters.
3.      You don’t have to pay for it.
§         American businesses spend about $1.7 trillion per year in regulatory compliance.
§         That figure is more than all company profits, or company income taxes.

Glenn Beck Program April 21, 2011

  • We are being taught to hate…
    • Big oil
    • Wall Street
    • Coal
    • Fast Food
    • Banks
    • Salt/Fat
    • Doctors
    • Freeze Tag
  • There are villains everywhere.  But not everyone in the above groups is a villain. 
    • Also, if there are bad guys in these groups, why are we not prosecuting them?
  • The Progressive ideal is to have one of everything – a single health care system, a single bank, etc.
  • The Federal Reserve is the biggest bank of them all. 
    • It’s not part of the government.
    • But, no one is picketing the Fed
    • Why is that?
  • Progressives refer to bankers as “greedy fat cats”.
    • He showed a video clip of Representative Sheila Jackson Lee calling out fat cats, and Vice President Joe Biden quoted as saying…
“This orgy of focusing on the super wealthy and Wall Street without regulations, the very people who drove us into this ditch…”
    • Hedge Funds are not regulated.
  • The largest theft in history is the theft of your savings, your 401(K). 
    • What is going on Makes Bernie Madoff look like small potatoes.
  • Glenn compares what is going on today with the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

MOVIE                                    TODAY
- Banker: Mr Potter               - Banker: Ben Bernanke (Fed Banker)
- Wants to help                      - Wants to help
            - Willing to bail out the           - Willing to bail US banks out.
               Building and Loan
- Townspeople lose money     - Citizens lose money because of “help”.
   because of his help.
- Goal: Control of town.          - Goal:    ?  (You decide)

·        In the movie, people panicked.  Mr Potter offered 50 cents on the dollar.
·        Mr. Potter was collapsing the Building and Loan for his own gain, but he was hailed for “saving the day”.
·        Glenn notes that the various government bailouts aren’t solving the problem.
·        TARP
·        QE 1
·        QE 2
·        Stimulus
·        But the government keeps doing it.  Why?
·        Is it because…
o       They are stupid
o       They are insane
o       Somebody is making a lot of money
·        Glenn then showed a chart of the dollar and oil prices.  The lines are almost a mirror image.
o       The price of oil is pegged to the dollar.
o       The price of gas isn’t going up, the value of the dollar is falling.
·        Everything in the world is measured against the dollar.
·        Who is controlling the value of the dollar?   Ben Bernanke.
·        How has the stock market stayed up?
·        He showed a chart of the stock market from 2010 until today.
·        There was a decline in 2010 when QE 1 ended.
·        Then QE 2 was announced and the market improved.
·        But QE 2 will end in June and people are talking about a 20% drop in the market.
·        How low can the dollar go?
o                   In the last eight years, the dollar has lost 21.4%
o                   Its now worth 79 cents.
·        Glenn said that when he encouraged people to buy gold, he was called crazy.
o       He held up a copy of the New York Times, Business Day Page that said  “Prices Surge as Investors Rush to Safety of Gold.
o       Now, gold is a place for safety.
·        George Soros bought gold.  The University of Texas just bought $1 billion of physical gold.
·        The largest holders of gold…
3. The IMF
2. Germany
1. The U.S.
·        Congressmen Ron Paul and Jason Chaffetz have requested to see the gold at Ft Knox, but have not been allowed to.
·        22% of all the world’s physical gold is at the Federal Reserve in lower Manhattan.
  • The government is not helping the small businessmen.   They are only helping large corporations.
  • Things are changing…
    • Netflix just entered a deal with Kevin Spacy for 26 episodes of a new show for $200 million.
    • No network is involved.
  • They aren’t telling you to prepare because they are preparing a system where you have to come to them.
  • They should stop talking about “greedy” bankers and name specific people…
    • George Soros worth $14.5 billion
    • Nancy Pelosi worth $21.7 million
    • Timothy Geithner worth $1.7 million (up to)
  • Glenn asks “Mr. President, can you name specific people and set the Justice Department on them?”
  • The Fed is the most important company in the world and nobody knows about them.  Next Wednesday the Fed will have the first press conference in 97 years.
  • The new regulatory reform is structured to control you, not them.
    • We had 200 years to get away from central control and we are re-inventing it all over again.
  • The book “New Deal or Raw Deal how big business used FDR’s NRA code to destroy small businesses.” ( )
    • GE made a large amount of profit but paid no taxes because they helped write the tax code.

Glenn Beck Program April 20, 2011

  • Teachers and what they are teaching.
    • Abraham Lincoln said that what was taught in the classroom will be the policy of the government in the next generation.
    • He showed a video of a teacher wearing a “Tax the Rich” T-shirt encouraging her students to get involved.
  • On stage, he has a table with a number of food and other items as discussion points.
  • Be prepared versus Everything is Fine.
  • If Everything isn’t Fine and you are not prepared, what does that make you?  Dependent.
  • The head of the World Bank said the world is “One Shock Away” from a global crisis. 
  • The IMF has told France that the US has “No viable plan” to reduce our debt.
  • Glenn discussed McDonalds one-day hiring project to hire 50,000 people. 
    • A job at McDonalds is certainly an opportunity for those who want to work, even as the First Lady wants no one to eat there.
  • Also, a Florida hiring office purchased $6,000 of capes to hand out to jobseekers as a motivational item. 
    • These capes were bought with taxpayer funds.
  • At the Huffington Post, an article “Financial System Riskier”
“The financial system poses an even greater risk to taxpayers than before the crisis, according to analysts at Standard and Poor’s.  The next rescue could be about a trillion dollars costlier, the credit rating agency warned

The potential for further extraordinary critical assistance to large players in the US financial sector poses a negative risk to the government’s credit rating…”
  • The next “crisis cleanup” would cost 34% of the country’s GDP. 
    • The last one was 26% of the GDP.
  • The Financial Regulation bill referred to by the President
    • Will control you. 
    • It will control your job and your business. 
    • The real big issues like the future of the currency, etc.; those processes are still being designed.
  • George Soros held another global conference attended by influential leaders and economists from around the globe.
    • They are planning for a new global financial order.
      • One without the dollar as the standard.
    • How is that possible?  Everything was just fixed.
      • Our leaders have assured us that it would never happen again.
      • What is the Soros group preparing for?
  • The Wall Street Journal reports the government is hurrying to sell off its remaining shares of GM, which will represent an $11 billion loss.
    • The government put in $50 billion.
  • Glenn held up a gold coin. 
    • He bought it at $670 for a one-ounce coin. 
      • Today, it sells for $1505.
    • A silver coin he bought at $15 per ounce.
      • Today it’s $44.
  • Glenn then discussed the Black Panthers joining up with the Nation of Islam.
    • Also, how the young communists and anarchists are being used by George Soros and his groups.
    • Glenn feels that the movement’s leaders are using the street level activists as dupes.
  • China will be using coal and oil.
    • They are al over the world buying and drilling for it. 
    • What will we be using?
  • Glenn then showed a video clip of President Obama speaking about coal – being dirty, causing air pollution and asthma in children.
    • But, according to the National Institute for health, coal does not cause asthma in children.
  • Today’s electricity production…
    • 45% coal
    • 20% nuclear
      • Glenn then showed an article from the Dallas Morning News “NRG Ends Project to Build New Nuclear Reactors” because the main financial backer, a Japanese power company, pulled out.  Glenn said that he thought this is the end of the line for all new nuclear reactors.
  • The Supreme Court is turning pollution back to the EPA.
    • An article “Justices Skeptical on Role of Courts in Setting Emission Standards”.
    • The EPA was previously headed by socialist Carol Browner. 
      • She then became the Climate Czar.
      • And is now at George Soros’ Center for American Progress.
    • Now the EPA is headed by Lisa Jackson.
      • She is all about redistribution and environmental justice.
      • Glenn showed a video clip speaking at a conference saying “…environmental justice…is concentrated in low income and minority neighborhoods.”
  • Offshore oil production is expected to be down 13% this year.
  • California trucking firms may go out of business due to new environmental controls.
  • A new group, US Uncut is launched.
    • It is “…a grassroots movement taking direct action against corporate tax cheats and unnecessary and unfair public service cuts all across the US…”  US Uncut is a “…horizontal movement.  There are no centrally planned protests.”
    • Glenn then showed a video of the parent organization, UK Uncut, rioting in London, smashing equipment, throwing objects at police, etc.
  • Previously, Glenn asked for a flash mob for goodness.  He showed a map from of Glenn Beck meet up groups all over the US as indicated by red dots.  You would be making a positive difference.
  • Remember Faith, Hope and Charity.

Glenn Beck Program April 19, 2011

  • New York bureaucrats have identified risky children’s’ games at summer camp…
    • Freeze Tag
    • Wiffle Ball
    • Kick Ball
    • Capture the Flag
    • Red Rover
    • Dodge Ball
  • If a summer camp wants to offer 2 of these activities, they must register with the state and pay a $200 fee.
  • It is amazing that the government will go to great lengths to protect kids against the above games, but does not issue warnings against the National Debt.
    • The debt went up $34 billion in one day.
  • Current inflation calculations have it at 2.7%. 
    • Using the old style formula, inflation is 9.6%
  • In 2008, Glenn talked about the US credit being downgraded.
  • He showed a bar chart.  People were asked if it was more likely that the stock market would have a 20% rally or a 20% pullback…
    • One survey was done in January, another in April.
    • In January, more people projected a rally.
    • In April, more people predicted a pullback.
  • The last time a credit rating agency reduced this country’s rating from stable to unstable was World War II.
    • The current reduction is due to the National Debt.
  • Gold has continued to climb since Glenn recommended it at less than $700 per ounce.
    • Recently gold went over $1,500 per ounce.
  • The government continues to borrow at a rate of $185 million every hour.
  • Only five countries in the last 20 years have been downgraded to unstable status.
    • And, only two have regained their stable status.
    • He showed a chart of the world’s largest economies.  Only two were negative.  They were…
      • The US
      • Spain
  • Glenn asks why are they not telling you to be prepared?  Why wouldn’t they want you to be prepared?
  • Glenn read a breaking news item – New York backed off from denouncing risky summer camp games.
  • When families spend too much, they have to downgrade their lifestyle to recover.
  • The University of Texas just bought $1 billion of physical gold.  They had it transferred to them.
  • The Left is preparing.  Why?  If they are preparing, should you?
  • Glenn recommended a book “America’s Prophet” ( ).
    • He rated it as one of the best books ever.
  • Glenn then discussed Israel, the Jewish tradition of Passover and President Obama’s Passover message.
  • on April 9th had an article “Egyptians March on Israeli Embassy”…
“Arab newspaper says protestors burned Israeli flags, handed out fliers calling for a third Intifada to be held on Nakba day.  More than 1,000 marched on the Israeli embassy…protestors demanded cutting all diplomatic and financial ties with Israel and opening of the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza.”

Nakba Day is the day of catastrophe.  It is celebrated every year.
  • Glenn discussed Christians getting killed and attacked by Muslims through Africa and the Middle East.  And, he asks, where is President Obama on this issue?