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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 25, 2011

Health Week

  • It’s Health Week at NBC.
    • Healthy messages will be brought across all of the NBC offerings.
  • Glenn holds up various boxes of food items as he tries to get on board with the program.

Overseas Events

  • Glenn discussed President Obama’s gaffs on his current overseas trip.
    • Not much media exposure though.
  • More people around the world are “getting it” and they are standing up.
    • Glenn has sources all around the world.
  • When he set up his Restoring Courage Rally in Jerusalem, he did not know the President was going to give Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

News of the Day

  • A Hamas official responds to Prim Minister Netanyahu’s speech by saying it was a…

“Declaration of war against the Palestinians.”

    • This is not good.  We are headed for real trouble in the world.
    • It is being portrayed as President Obama giving a speech and Prime Minister Netanyahu responding.
    • But, it was not that way…
      • Netanyahu was scheduled to speak at a joint session of Congress and Obama jumps out in front.
        • Is that what a friend does?
    • Palestinians are telling the world that Israel has declared war on them.  A Lebanese sponsor of last year’s Gaza Flotilla was on TV saying…

“Netanyahu, who says the Right of Return should be resolved outside Israel, should resolve his own problem by returning to his homeland, Moscow.  These are human pieces of filth.  Even Balfour, when he got carried away and gave my land to those Jews said that he was doing so to get rid of them.

They brought us those pieces of filth, and we should throw them back to their countries.”

-         Glenn asks why is no one reporting on this?

  • Glenn showed a video of an Egyptian children’s program.  This is what they are teaching their children…

“Let’s see how we should answer the disgusting Jews who say that Jerusalem belongs to them.  First of all, we tell the Jews that the Arabs lived in the blessed city of Jerusalem more than 2,000 years before the first Jew settled in there.  The disgusting Jews are getting ready, and they let their little children do many disgusting things, so that they will harm Islam and kill all our Muslim brothers there.”

·        After seeing this, it doesn’t appear that the world is going to end well, and we have our eyes wide open.  And we promised it would never happen again.
·        Glenn asks if the President knows this.  The President has set the world on a collision course and there is no way around it.

Timeline of Speeches

  • Thursday – Obama gives 1967 speech.
    • B Net boards plane.
      • This means that B Net is out of touch and cannot respond for 12 hours.
  • Friday – B Net “Responds”
  • Sunday – Obama speaks at AIPAC.
  • Monday – B Net speaks at AIPAC.
  • Tuesday – B Net addresses Congress.  But, the President is out of the country.
  • No “best friend” would do this. 
    • What is coming this summer is bad and we are no best friend of Israel.

What to Do

  • The first thing is to stop what the mainstream media is doing.  Put another way, do what they should be doing.
    • Show what is happening and do it in advance.
  • To win this, it will all come down to you (the audience members).  This is the end game for the Western way of life.  Take out the keystone of Israel and the West will fall.

Reviewing the First Gaza Flotilla

  • Last May 31st.
    • A six-ship flotilla organized by Free Gaza and the Turkish IHH tried to illegally break through to Gaza.
    • The ships are boarded by the Israel’s Defense Forces.
      • Soldiers came down from helicopters one by one.
      • They were lightly armed.
      • As each landed, they were attacked with pipes and chairs.
      • The first soldier was thrown off the top deck of the ship.
      • They stabbed one soldier several times.
      • The ship’s passengers stole the soldier’s handguns and used them against the other IDF soldiers.
        • At that time, the IDF soldiers in the helicopters were given the okay to shoot back.
    • While this was going on, those on board the ship chanted…

“[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews!  The army of Muhammad will return!”

·        Khaibar is a reference to a seventh century event where the Muslims slaughtered the Jews.
·        At that time, the media spun the event as the evil Jews attacking these peace-loving humanitarians that only want love and more love.
·        Glenn showed a current photo of Muslim civilians climbing over the Israeli border fence.
·        Glenn described them as “suicide bombers” or “suicide lovers”. 
·        They are acting as “peace activists”.  This was a suicide mission.
·        Glenn predicts more and more of these illegal crossings will be attempted and the Israelis will be forced to shoot them.

Code Pink

  • Code Pink is the organization that heckled Netanyahu in Congress and at AIPAC.
  • They were also one of the organizers of last year’s Gaza Flotilla.
    • They are always talking about the oppressed people.
      • They will take down the West with them.
    • What is being done is the result of a script.  It is so obvious.
    • Their objective is not humanitarian aid. 
      • What humanitarian organization refers to a group of people as filth?
  • The world is getting behind them.
  • This year’s flotilla will be at least 15 ships from 25 different countries and 150 activists willing to take part.
  • They are trying to create a crisis while claiming to be victims.
  • They also are trying to be Martin Luther King and force Israel and the US to look like the South in the 1960s.
  • They will not be successful because it is not true.
    • Glenn showed the picture of Martin Luther King and others marching arm-in-arm.  Glenn discussed the events surrounding the picture.

To Defeat This

  • To defeat this you need to shine light on it and then you spread the word.
  • He discussed standing up for good over evil.
    • This isn’t political.
    • It is being a shield for others.
  • He discussed how each person is a piece of a giant puzzle.  He urges each person to take action and make a difference.

Obama’s Trip

  • Obama’s trip to Europe is starting to resemble a vacation trip like National Lampoon’s “European Vacation” movie.
  • The President…
    • His limo gets hung up on the lip of the driveway on the way out of the US embassy.
    • Leaves Ireland early for London.
    • Signs the guest book and dates it as 2008.
    • Made a toast to the Queen.  Then spoke over the national anthem.

The Top 10 American Insults to the British

  • The following are the top 10 insults as were printed in the British papers today…
10. Undermining British influence in NATO.
-         The US is trying to give Paris the lead role.
9.      Insulting words from the state department.
-         In 2009, at an official reception for the newly elected British Prime Minister, a US official said…

“There’s nothing special about Britain.  You’re just the same as the other 190 countries in the world.  You shouldn’t expect special treatment.”

8.      DVDs for the Prime Minister
-         Those DVDs didn’t work in Great Britain.
7.      Throwing Churchill out of the oval office.
-         That bust was Britain’s gift after 9/11.
6.      Placing a “boot on the throat” of BP.
-         A lot of Britishers have pensions invested in BP.
5.      Betraying Britain to appease Moscow.
-         In the new START Treaty.
4.      Undercutting British sovereignty.
-         By supporting a federal Europe.
3.      Downgrading the special relationship.
2.      Calling France America’s strongest ally.
-         On video, the President was saying…

“We don’t have a stronger friend and a stronger ally than President Sarkozy and the French people.”

1.      Siding with Argentina over the Falklands Islands.

·        The President seems to be finishing the job with Britain, as he is finishing off Israel.

The State of America Today

·        Glenn showed a video of a group of at least 10 people trashing a Dunkin Donuts store in New York City.
·        This is beginning to happen a lot.
·        In contrast, he sent his own crew to Joplin, MO to film the aftermath.  He showed video of people driving for hours to volunteer and to help out any way they could.
·        Glenn commented that this is the America he wanted to live in, not the one where random violence took place.

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