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Friday, May 13, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 13, 2011

Studio Audience

  • Indoctrination is happening in our schools across the country.
  • We can save – or lose – our country.
    • Standing still and doing nothing will guarantee its loss.
  • Earlier in the week, Glenn showed video of Tucson students demonstrating at a School Board meeting about a Mexican-American ethnic studies program.
    • Today, he showed a video of another School Board meeting during which a woman read from the textbook several passages containing curse words.
      • A School Board member stopped her saying it was inappropriate to use curse words at the meeting because children were in attendance.
  • This type of indoctrination is happening at colleges all across the country.  For example…
    • Invited speakers…
      • Glenn noted that the President of Iran received a warm welcome when he spoke at a college campus.
      • Then he showed a video of the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. attempting to speak at UC Irvine last year.  There was a raucous reception by students in the audience leading to a 20-minute delay.  When the ambassador did speak, there were ten interruptions, which led to eleven arrests.
    • At Iowa State University, the conservatives held a “conservative coming out” week.  In response, a professor wrote a “F-you” email saying that conservatives are disturbing and offensive.
    • At Truman State University in Missouri, a popular leftist married to a professor destroyed signs at a conservative event and spit on one of its members.  When the student tried to loge a complaint, she was told that the university could do nothing because he was not an employee.
    • At UC Merced, a video was shown of students wanting to explain our tax system,.  They did this by approaching other students to ask them to “redistribute” some of their GPA points to others doing less well.  They got no takers.  When asked to define the difference between “redistributing” money via taxes and GPA points on campus, all they were able to get from those students was that it was different, but not how.
    • At the University of Redlands, a student posted a sticker promoting a ballot proposition on her dorm room door.  The ballot measure supported traditional marriage.  She was told to take it down because it represented hate speech.
    • At Bucknell University, students handed out fake money calling it “Obama Stimulus Money”.  The university stopped the activity citing the lack of appropriate paperwork being filed.
    • Glenn showed similar indoctrination literature from the Communist party from the 1950s.  They were saying the same things then as now, “Hey students!  Rise up!  The ‘Man’ is trying to screw you.  See more here à ( ).
  • The audience today is composed of students involved in the above incidents.
    • Glenn says that you can judge someone by his or her friends.  Now, he says you can also judge them by their enemies.
  • Courage will be needed to push back.
    • He talked about how he looked at the photos taken of MLK marches and how afraid so many of the marchers were, but still they marched.
    • They prevailed and changed the world.

Guest:  S. E. Cupp, Conservative Columnist
  • She gives talks at colleges and universities.
    • One theme is about how lonely it is to be a conservative.
    • No matter what part of the country she goes to, the story is always the same – conservatives are alone on college campuses.
    • The good news is that conservatism on campuses is what is perceived to be rebellion.

  • Glenn related a story about how, when he was a student, he took a course at a university.  He couldn’t get the professor to answer his question.  There was some discussion at to how the students pay the bills, thereby making the professor as someone who works for them.
  • Glenn asked the audience how many had been in a class with a belligerent professor. 
    • All but five students raised their hands.
  • One student talked about how he took Glenn’s book, “Broke” ( ) around to classes.  Several professors had problems with the book, but not one would offer a critique to support their views.
    • Glenn said the book had fifty pages of footnotes.
    • While many reviewers panned it, not one had written that any of the material was incorrect.
  • Another student asked in class if Obama was a communist because he surrounded himself with so many people that were communists.  He was made fun of and the professor and other students laughed at him.
  • Glenn discussed tenure as a way of allowing unpopular opinions to be heard in the classroom.
  • There was a short discussion of the differences between Republicans and Libertarians.
  • One student said that one of his professors told the class that, if they were going to do hard drugs, they should do heroin.
  • Glenn remarked that the only self-esteem issued George Washington had was that he did not have a college degree.
  • One student was threatened physically, to be sued and kicked out of his job as a columnist on his college’s newspaper.
  • Glenn noted that personal security costs are more than $1 million per year.
  • Another student related that she was prevented from taking an exam because she had sponsored a conservative speaker on campus.
  • Glenn is publishing a modern version of the Federalist Papers in two weeks.
  • He also noted that his emphasis going forward was going to be directed towards young people because it will fall to them to win or lose the battle to save the country.

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