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Monday, February 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 28, 2011

Current Events
  • Gas prices rise 17 cents per gallon in one week. 
  • The national average is now $3.29 per gallon.
  • No media coverage for this gas price increase, unlike the last administration.
  • What is under assault is the Western way of life.
  • Violence is spreading.
  • Rebels control almost all of Libya.
  • Iraq, China, Yemen, Egypt – unions are still on strike there.
  • Demonstrations have been scheduled for Saudi Arabia. 
  • Currently Londoners are paying almost $10/gallon for gasoline.
  • Every 25 cents per gallon price increase in gasoline means $3 billion into some dictator’s pocket.

Western Way of Life

  • This is a coordinated effort to end capitalism and the Western way of life all over the globe.
  • There was a demonstration in Seattle, WA this weekend sponsored by the Puget Sound Anarchists. 
    • Glenn showed an article published on Feb 14th
“As anarchists we know we cannot find justice under the state and capitalism.  Instead, we seek vengeance…We are anarchists who wish to communicate socially, but also realize that the state and capitalism will never just disappear and the time to act is now.”
·        The common bond of many of these radical groups, e.g. socialists, communists, Islamists, anarchists is a hatred of capitalism.  This is the wave that is sweeping the world and the media is ignoring it.
·        Glenn discussed rallies in every state and many union members are buying into the “American Dream” theme. 
o       But that American Dream may not be what you and I think it is.
o       Glenn then showed a video of Van Jones speaking at the 2008 Netroot Nations convention where the “American Dream” was discussed.
o       Glenn said he did not know how this could be considered to be a spontaneous theme when it was disclosed two years ago.
·        Glenn referred to the chalkboard with the sponsoring organizations logos displayed in rows, with indicators for tie-ins to Van Jones, George Soros and communists.
·        He then showed video of protestors pushing counter-protesting tea Party members.
·        He then held up an SEIU letter promising to bring Wisconsin to Colorado.
·        Over the weekend, there was a “Save the American Dream” rally in Washington D.C. 
o       Van Jones spoke there at the 900 attendees.
o       Glenn noted the hoops he had to jump through for his 8/28 rally and all the attention the media gave him.
o       Not so much attention given to this rally.
o       Who arranged for the rally’s permit?  The International Socialist Organization?
o       Who is the ISO?  From their website…
·        “The ISO stands in the tradition of revolutionary socialists Karl Marx, V.I Lenin and Leon Trotsky in the belief that workers themselves…the vast majority of the population are the only force that can lead the fight to win a socialist society.  Socialism can’t be brought about from above, but has to be won by workers themselves.”
·        Glenn does not feel Van Jones should be dismissed.  He is a 9/11 Truther, an unrepentant communist revolutionary who advocated the violent overthrow of the U.S. government.  Union workers are being used by these radical organizations.
·        In colleges and schools all across the country, they are discussing “From Egypt to America: Revolution, class struggle and the return of history.  “The talk about February 2011 is a turning point in world history.  They say…
“These struggles will expand and portend colossal changes in the coming year.  History – as written in the communist manifesto: “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle” has returned.  In every country – above all the U.S. – workers face massive social inequality and a political system that is impervious to their interests.  What program and perspective is needed to lead these struggles of workers to victory.”
·        Glenn discussed a rally coming up on July 4th; the “One Million Muslims” march.
·        Then he discussed another rally set for this Thursday sponsored by Sharia America, which will demonstrate outside the White House.  Their web site says…
“We hereby call upon the Muslims in the U.S., particularly in new York, Michigan, Chicago and Washington, D.C. to take lessons from their Muslim brothers and sisters in North Africa and the Middle East and rise to implement the Sharia in America.”

A Tale of Two Cities
·        Glenn showed pictures of Hiroshima. 
o       In August 1945, 70% of the city was destroyed by an atom bomb. 
§         The pictures showed nothing but rubble into the distance. 
o       Today, the picture of Hiroshima shows a densely populated, modern city.
o       It has almost quadrupled in size since the attack.
·        He then showed pictures of Detroit, Michigan. 
o       In 1945, it was a bustling city.
o       Today, it is in disrepair with many abandoned buildings.
o       Less than 50% of the 1.8 million people that lived there in 1950 remain.
o       Thirty six percent of the residents live in poverty, more than double the national average.
o       Eighty one percent of public school students qualify for free and reduced price lunches.
o       Forty two percent of public school students don’t graduate.
o       Democrats have been in power in Detroit for over 50 years. 
o       Unions were powerful in this city.  Glenn asks if the unions are out for the best interest of their members.  He played an audio clip of Richard Trumpka, President of the AFL-CIO Union.
“I got into the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages.  I got into the labor movement because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social changes to improve the lots of people.  That’s why I got into the labor movement.”
·        Glen said that it is not about your wages; it’s about progressive ideas.  Progressive ideas and union rot have destroyed this city.  This city did what our country is doing now.
·        The Founders felt that for the country to succeed, it required an informed citizenry. 
o       Glenn said that many people will say he is lying, so it is important that you do you own homework.

·        In Libya, their production has been cut in half, by 800,000 barrels per day.
·        One analyst says that for each $1 per barrel price rise will translate into a 2 cents per gallon increase at the gas pump.

What’s Going On
·        Glenn claims that the world is changing.  Our way of life is at stake.
·        He showed a map of Europe and Russia and how the oil and natural gas pipelines move oil and gas to Europe.
o       Seven of the twenty-seven European countries are totally dependent upon the energy supplies from Russia.
·        He then showed a quote from T. Boone Pickens about energy prices…
“There’s a big energy table.  We don’t have a chair there.  We’re out in the hall and [the Saudis] come out and tell you what you’re going to pay for it.”
·        He then focused on Chine.  He showed a map of the world with each of the 24 countries highlighted where China has oil interests.
·        He then compared what should be done to what is actually happening.
o       What should be happening is that we should be drilling wherever we can drill.
o       What is happening is that about an hour before the start of the program today, the White House approved the first permit to drill in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP oil spill, 314 days ago.
o       Another company has several permits in process and took the government to court.  The judge in that case, Judge Martin Feldman wrote…
“It is undisputed that before the Deepwater Horizon disaster, drilling permits were processed on average, in two weeks time.  In stark contrast, the five permits at issue have been pending from four to some nine months.”
o       Glenn asks why there isn’t more media coverage.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 25, 2011

The Perfect Storm

               Economy – War – Extremist Islam – Border
            Energy – Political Correctness – The Enemy Within

Glenn noted that Hezbollah has been working with the drug cartels along the southern border.

Defenders of Our Way of Life?
Glenn asks where are the defenders of our way of life?  Who is talking about a Republic?  A free market system?

We are at a tipping point.  We see protests in Wisconsin spread from state to state.

Country’s Flaws

Glenn discussed how determining our flaws, pulling them out and working on them makes you stronger.  His Mormon faith believes that.  He then listed some national flaws we need to deal with.
  • “I just want mine” (Grandma, you’ve had your.)
  • Debt
  • Social Justice
  • Collective Salvation
  • Where are the churches?
  • “Where is God?”
  • MidEast/Israel
    • Muslim Brotherhood
    • Cleric advocating “Shoot the Jews”
    • Are we on the wrong side?
  • WIS-Cairo
  • Teachers vs. teachers
  • Revolutionaries
  • 1968 – 2011


  • David Barton, President of Wallbuilders
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of Alliance of Christians and Jews
  • Reverend James Robison, Co-Author “Living in Love” (with wife Betty)
  • Dave Roever, Founder of Roever Foundation, Author of “Scarred”

David went to the chalkboard and addressed some statistics.
  • Divorce
    • 27% - Born again Christians
    • 24% - The rest of the country.
    • 21% - Atheists
    • 87% - Were Christians before they got a divorce.
  • Lying
    • 35% - Christians who said they had deliberately not lied in the past month.
  • Abortion
    • 250,000 per year for born again Christians
  • 70 Behaviors – Christians have the same rates as non-Christians
    • Porn
    • Abuse
    • Adultery
    • Astrology
    • Etc.

Where Are the Churches and Synagogues?

Glenn asks with behaviors noted above and how they don’t match up with what the Christian faith teaches, where are the churches and synagogues?

Rabbi Lapin: A large portion of the Jewish community cares more about liberalism than the state of Israel.

Glenn:  Where are the preachers?

Rev Robison: Discussed hope.

The Courts

David Barton: In the 20th century, courts have changed from courts of justice, to courts of laws to courts.
  • At one time, justice was the primary objective, no matter what happened.  Juries had the power to overturn laws as well as reach decisions.
  • Then, the Supreme Court ruled that only they could overturn laws and that juries just need to uphold the law.
  • Now, we just have courts.  If you look up the definition of court, it is a place to settle a dispute.  We no longer obtain justice, or uphold the law; we just want to end a dispute.
  • The same thing has happened to the pulpit.  Churches no longer speak the truth as that might offend somebody.

Rabbi Lapin:  Disagree with the above statistics, as people of faith are usually described in a bad light.  Also, atheists have a low divorce rate because they have such a low marriage rate.

Then there was a discussion of the truth and Glenn’s trying to bring out the truth on his program every day.

Simultaneous Enemies

They discussed progressivism on the inside and Islamic radicalism on the outside as enemies we have to face simultaneously.  Rabbi Lapin noted that when Moses brought down the word of God, only 20% of the Jews accepted it.  David said that about the same percentage existed in favor of the American Revolution, another 25% was against and about 50% were ambivalent.

10 Commandments

They then discussed the 10 commandments.
  • Glenn held up a book by Rabbi Lapin, “Thought Tools”
  • David Barton explained why the 10 commandments can’t be displayed in schools. 
o       There was a court case in 1980 that found that:
o       If you displayed the 10 commandments in school, the students might read them.
o       If they read them, they might meditate on them.
o       If they meditated on them, they might act on them/
o       If that acted on them, that would be unconstitutional.

There was a discussion about how to turn the country around and how the barriers that divide us have to come down.

Glenn Beck Program, February 24, 2011

A Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia

A “Day of Rage” protest is now set for March 11th in Saudi Arabia.  That wasn‘t supposed to happen.  If Saudi Arabia stops oil production, it is estimated that oil will skyrocket to $240/barrel.

Scheduling Conflict Delaying Libya Announcement

Glenn showed a video clip of President Obama’s Libya talk.  The president said the delay in issuing a public announcement was due to a scheduling conflict.  Glenn said a review of the President’s schedule shows Obama rescheduled everything on his agenda to coach his daughter’s basketball team – because the regular coach had a scheduling conflict.

No Mention of Quaddafi by Name

Glenn then showed a clip of Obama mentioning Mubarak multiple times in his pronouncements on Egypt, but not mentioning Quaddafi by name at all in his Libya announcement.  He then played a video clip of a Tim Russert interview of candidate Obama asking about Reverend Wright and Louis Farrakhan and their visit to Quaddafi in Libya.

Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out

  • The people in this administration believe in a “Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out” transformation.
  • Where does the “Bottom Up” part come from?  How about inflating our money to drive up food prices worldwide?
    • Glenn then showed an article from the Wall Street Journal noting that central bankers around the world are saying, “The Federal Reserve is Causing Turmoil Abroad” because of food price increases.
  • The unions have the solution.
    • Glenn held up the report from February 2010 from the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center on Egypt calling for a 10,000 person sit-in to mobilize and rise people up to establish new unions.
    • In August of 2010, the AFL-CIO gave its union award for the first time to a foreign union – in Egypt.
    • The Egyptian unions, in return, are sending pizzas to the demonstrators in Madison, WI.
    • Glenn then showed a video clip of the President of the Egyptian union pledging solidarity with the demonstrators in Madison.
    • Protests are now appearing in Delhi, India over high food prices.  Glenn showed a BBC News article “Thousands protest against high food prices in Delhi.
    • Glenn then showed a video clip of a Delhi demonstration with signs from a number of unions and communist organizations.

The American Dream

  • Glenn then held up a book, “The Epic of America”
  • Glenn then showed the Huffington Post article written by Van Jones, “Introducing the ‘American Dream Movement’”.
  • Glenn then showed a video clip from July 18, 2008 at the Netroots Nation conference.  
    • Van Jones was the keynote speaker at that event.
    • Also there was La Raza, The Islamic Center of America, NAACP and the AFL-CIO.
    • A speaker at the conference defined their vision of the American Dream as a progressive vision of collective action.
    • Glenn discussed how progressives are redefining words, phrases and concepts to meet their own objectives.
    • The strategy advocated in a video at that conference was to increase the number of union members.
    • Glenn discussed how this increase might happen…
      • By raising government workers salaries so far above the private sector wages that people would be lining up for government jobs.
      • By passing health care legislation that would make it almost impossible for companies to do business.  Then, because you are at the top, you can issue waivers for unions and others you favor to exempt them from that legislation.
  • He then showed a video clip of Reverend Jesse Jackson in the Madison, WI statehouse with the demonstrators leading a prayer that, in part, asked God “…to preserve the integrity of the American Dream.”
  • He then showed part of a Joint Statement from the WI AFSCME leaders…
“We stand for the rights and freedom of all Americans to collectively bargain for their piece of the American Dream.”
·        He then showed an article from the Daily Kos, February 23 “Ohio: The Next Wisconsin”
“This fight is not about public employees.  This fight is not even about unions.  It is about Americans standing up to defend the American Dream from soulless multi-national corporations and their political goons.”
·        He then showed an article from
“We call for emergency rallies in front of every statehouse this Saturday at noon to stand together to save the American Dream.”
·        He then discussed how the unions and progressives knew this about the emphasis on the American Dream back in 2008, but now the media is portraying it as spontaneously appearing at all these rallies.  Not likely spontaneous.

Group Relationships

Glenn had a chalkboard with the logos of various radical groups on magnetic cards mounted in rows, about 30 of them. 
·        Next to each card, he placed another magnetic card with indicators for those that were connected to
o       Communists (10 each),
o       Van Jones (4 each) and
o       George Soros (18 each). 
·        Glenn admitted that it was possible that all these groups could have spontaneously come up with these same themes at the same time but, he noted that there was a great deal of interrelationships among the key players that made coordination a more likely possibility.

Fight Song

Glenn then played SEIU’s new ‘fight song’; “Take them Down” by the Dropkick Murphys.  Them, in this case, was “the boss” of wherever you worked.


  • Glenn then discussed union violence and showed video clips of demonstrators being confrontational and violent. 
  • Also, how the media is not featuring these activities while, at the same time, searching high and low for violence at Tea Party rallies without finding any. 
  • In addition, after the Giffords shooting, there was supposed to be a new civil tone.  He asked if those clips looked civil to you, the viewer, and where was the media reporting?
  • Glenn noted that these protests around the world have unions and communists in common and, many times, Islamic extremists.
  • Glenn then showed the 2007 video of Andy Stern, until recently President of SEIU saying…
o       “Workers of the world unite.  It’s not just a slogan, it’s going to be the way we have to do our work.”
    • He then went on to discuss how they, the SEIU, is working with other unions around the world.

George Soros

He showed a February 20th video of Fareed Zakaria interviewing George Soros on CNN.
Fareed asked
  • “You have said that revolutions usually start off with enthusiasm, but end up in tears?”  Mr. Soros agrees.
  • “You foresee a rise in interest rates in the U.S. which will kill growth?”  Mr. Soros agrees.
  • “You foresee a danger of state or municipal default?”  Mr. Soros agrees.
  • Later in the interview, Mr. Soros refers to himself as a “puppet master” and “manipulator”.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 23, 2011

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad says the unrest in the Middle East will spread to Europe and the U.S.

In Greece, there is more violence.

February 26th Protests
From the U.K – February 26th is set for a national Day of Action Protest called by the UK Uncut group.  There is also a Day of Action Protest called for February 26th   in Madison, WI, called by US Uncut.  Glenn noted that it must be a coincidence, because the media calls coordinated protests a conspiracy.

Social Security
Glenn discusses social security.  In this sense, he is talking about the greater social support that makes society’s members feel secure.


Glenn likens the U.S. as the keystone in the arch of the world’s security.  The U.S. has acted to respond to natural disasters and other upheavals time after time.  In the Middle East, this role was filled by Egypt.

                        Interruption for President Obama’s speech on Libya.


Qaddafi has sworn to be a martyr.  He has closed the oil facilities and released prisoners.  In effect, he is adding to chaos in Libya and elsewhere.


Glenn showed a clip from PBS’ coverage of the Egyptian demonstrations.  This clip showed a mob held up by a police line.  As if on a signal, the mob lined up in rows and knelt down in prayer.  The police turned their backs on the mob as a gesture of respect.  Glenn notes that many Egyptians are devout and many support Sharia Law.  Our government didn’t seem to notice that until PBS pointed it out.


Glenn doesn’t recognize the country any more.  Is Britain an ally – we seem to bash them all the time.  The administration sent Egypt $2 billion worth of arms in 2009 alone.  Are those arms going to be used against Israel, our ally?


He discussed Iran and the revolution there in 2009 and how we did nothing.  He showed pictures of two teens getting hung for being gay and a person partially buried as part of the process of being stoned to death.  He continued with the President’s lack of response to Iran, his delay of nine days with Libya, but how he jumped on Egypt.  In effect, the Middle Eastern keystone, Egypt, has been removed.  Apparently the president is in favor of instability.  That instability is the antithesis of social security.

Justice Department

The Justice Department will stop supporting a law.  Glenn asks when it became the job of the Justice Department to decide on the constitutionality of laws.  Wasn’t that the job of the courts and the legislature?

Richard Trumpka

  • The President just appointed Richard Trumpka, the President of the AFL-CIO Union to the Council of Competitiveness and Job Creation. 
  • Glenn showed a clip of Trumpka’s video message to new Egyptian unions congratulating them on their revolution. 
  • He then showed the clip of Trumpka saying he talked to the White House daily and visited it two to three times per week.
  • He then showed a report from the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center, “The Struggle for Worker’s Rights in Egypt”.  He then noted that the report was published in February 2010, a year prior to the uprising.  It’s as if they knew the revolution was coming.

Socialist Party of America

The Socialist Party of America and the communists has come out in support of the teacher’s protest in Madison, WI.  Glenn notes they, the teachers, should be so proud that they stand with the communists.

Glenn Mocked

He showed a video clip from Madison, WI, where they had a faux reporter interviewing someone mocking Glenn for claiming the communists, socialists, Islamic and other radicals were coordinating their efforts.  As he was stating this, the group of socialists marched by behind him.

Demonstrators Next to You

Glenn asks the demonstrating teachers and firemen to notice who that is standing next to.  Are communists and radicals really in favor of you, or are they just looking for an excuse to create a disruption.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 22, 2011

Protesting Glenn
Glenn opens the show with video of protestors outside the studio protesting him.  He notes that demonstrations are popping up all over and the unions always seem to be involved.

American Dream Movement

Organizing for America and the Democrat national Committee have been involved in the Madison, WI demonstrations.  Van Jones is now advocating a new “American Dream” movement; sort of a hard left Tea Party.

Who Is President Listening To?

Glenn asks whom the President is listening to?  He then played a video clip from CBS where they were reporting that a half dozen cabinet secretaries had not talked to the President in over two years.  Not even a phone call from him.  He then showed a clip of Richard Trumpka, the AFL-CIO President, responding to a questioner saying that he talks to someone at the White House daily and visits there two to three times per week.

Dictator Watch

Glenn showed Intrade’s predictions of which dictator will fall next.  Their rankings are…
  • Libya – Qaddafi – 82%
  • Bahrain – Al Khalifa – 55%
  • Yemen – Ali Abdullah Saleh – 49%
  • Iran – Ahmadinejad – 16%
  • Iran – Ali Khamenei – 15%

Today, the Muslim Brotherhood leader has issued a fatwa for the Libyan army to shoot Qaddafi.

Power Struggle

Glenn says it sounds like a power struggle between two powerful Middle Eastern men.  It’s also about how much can be pulled out of your debit card at the gas pump.  Our economy can’t stand a sharp run up in gas prices.

The Perfect Storm
               Economy – War – Extremist Islam – Border
            Energy – Political Correctness – The Enemy Within

Glenn asks if the mainstream media is telling you any of this.  If not, why not?


Part 1 The radical Islamists/communists/ socialists will
·        Work together against Israel.
·        Work together against capitalism.
·        Work together to overturn stability.

Part 2 is next. It is The Protests Become Contagious
·        They cascade
·        They sweep the Middle East
·        They begin to destabilize Europe and the rest of the world.

He then went back to the camera showing the protestors outside.  He discussed the role of the unions involved in these demonstrations, how they are poking and prodding.  Once the world revolution occurs, the personalities will be in conflict.

The New World Order

Option 1
            Open Society (George Soros)
            United Nations

Option 2          
            United Islamic Nations (Muslim Brotherhood)
            Islamic Caliphate

Option 3
            Global Communism (Van Jones)
            State Capitalism

The people with these visions are serious.  Many have dedicated their lives to bring it about.


  • Libya is a member of OPEC.
  • It can produce 1.8 million barrels of oil per day.
  • That’s roughly 2% - 3% of the world’s oil output.
  • About 90% of that goes to Europe.


  • Oil today went up 8% and closed at over $95 per barrel.
  • This is the highest it has been in more than two years.
  • Only 3% of Libyan output has so far been affected to date.
  • Glenn showed the chart of oil prices and home process.  As oil prices have gone up, house prices have declined.  They are connected.

Quantitative Easing Stops
Glenn showed a quote from an analyst that wrote that the game would be up when the federal government stops the quantitative easing because it can’t borrow any more.  Also, the bear market will end when most debtors default.

Glenn feels the world is at the brink with several different pressure points.

  • Charles Payne, CEO of Wallstreet Strategies
  • Eric Bolling, Fox Business Contributor

Oil/Gas Prices

They discussed the oil/gas prices. 
  • Eric feels that today’s $3.17/gallon average gasoline price does not include what went on in Egypt or in Libya.
  • The U.S. uses 138 billion gallons of gasoline per year.
  • Venezuela has broken contracts it has with U.S. companies and instead is selling that gasoline to China.
  • Eric went to the chalkboard and showed the relationship of gas prices and the impact if countries that produce oil stopped.
Price per Gallon              Country
    • $3.17                                    Today
    • $4                                    Libya
    • $5                                    Venezuela
    • $7                                    Iran
    • $10                                    Saudi Arabia
  • Charles Payne pointed out that…
    • Libyans make three times what the average Egyptian makes per year.
    • He feels that young people not seeing any upward mobility for them drive the revolutions in many countries.
    • He feels the same sentiment exists here in the U.S. buy young people aren’t demonstrating because they feel they have a “coil” President.

Economic Trigger

Glenn asks what the trigger is for massive economic problems.
  • Eric feels it is $5/gallon for gasoline.
  • That will ripple everywhere through the economy.
  • Charles agrees.

How to get Ready

Glenn asks for solutions.  How to get ready.
  • Eric feels gold is the solution.
  • Charles feels six months of cash will be needed.
  • Glenn feels that additional food would be in order.

Billy Graham Meeting

Glenn closed with discussing a meeting he had with Billy Graham.  Glenn’s orientation at the meeting was growing evil in the world.  Billy Graham’s orientation was how much light and goodness there was.  People just needed to be reminded of that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 21, 2011


Glenn showed videos of demonstrations in various Middle Eastern Countries.



Part 1 The radical Islamists/communists/ socialists will
·        Work together against Israel.
·        Work together against capitalism.
·        Work together to overturn stability.

Part 2 is next. It is The Protests Become Contagious
·        They cascade
·        They sweep the Middle East
  • They begin to destabilize Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2006

In 2006 Glenn said…
“At some point America would be so weak that her enemies will all pounce without coordination.”


Glenn feels that it is too soon to determine if Egypt’s revolution is a “success”.  He wants to see additional evidence of…
  • Do we see positive or negative change in how Egypt…
    • Deals with the U.S.
    • Deals with Israel
    • Expresses Islamic extremist rhetoric
  • Do we see human rights violations?
  • Is the government increasing or decreasing the rights of
    • Women
    • Religious minorities

  • He then discussed the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, listed as the ninth most important Muslim in the world.  He is the voice of the Muslim Brotherhood.  He spoke at a rally last Friday to say that..
o       “The revolution is not over.”, and
o       He spoke of not turning the revolution over to “hypocrites”.  Per the Jerusalem Post, “hypocrites” in the terminology of the Muslim Fundamentalists are Muslims that do not practice the “True Faith” as they define it.
The German paper Der Spiegel reports that he advocates establishing a…
o       “United Muslim Nations” as a contemporary of the Caliphate and the only alternative to the hegemony of the West.”
o       In short, keep the revolution pure by turning it over to the Muslim Brotherhood.
Glenn then showed video of one of the Google Executives that helped plan and organize the uprising in Egypt. 
  • On the video he said that the Muslim Brotherhood was not part of the revolution and that they were but just another group as participants. 
  • This executive was later to speak at the same rally as the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, but was denied the chance to speak.

There are uprisings all over the Middle East.  From the New York Times…
  • Saudi Arabia is “Feeling increasingly isolated and concerned that the U.S. may no longer be a reliable backer…”

The Perfect Storm

Per Glenn, The Perfect Storm is composed of the following elements…
Economy – War - Extremist Islam  - The Border
Energy – Political Correctness – The Enemy Within
Previously, we have dealt all these issues, but not all at once.

With Saudi Arabia and Libya having problems, you could be seeing an impact at the gas pump.  As Saddam Hussein’s army was being pushed out of Kuwait, he set fire to the oil wells there.  As a comparison,
  • 185 million gallons – Gulf Oil Spill
  • 36 billion gallons – Kuwait Oil Fields

Morocco is also having demonstrations.  They are right across the Strait from Spain.

Madison, WI Demonstrations

Back in the U.S. Glenn showed videos of socialists and communists supporting the demonstrators in Madison, WI.

There was then a short discussion of Democracy versus a Republic and why the nation’s Founders chose a Republic form of government rather than a democracy.  Per John Adams, 1814…
“Remember democracy lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

Who is calling for Democracy?
  • The Muslim Brotherhood
  • Iran
  • China
  • Communists
  • Unions
  • Students
  • Hollywood
  • Chavez
  • Castro
  • Van Jones

Who is calling for a Republic?
  • Glenn
  • And, possibly you.

Glenn then discussed the problems in Madison, WI and related them to a Republic form of government and noted that the WI Democrat senators left the state rather than doing their job – a firing offense for a private sector worker.

Conspiracy Theorists

  • Glenn’s critics are calling him conspiracy theorists.
  • Cass Sunsteen, The Regulatory Czar, previously wrote about Conspiracies…
“II Government Response
What can government do about conspiracy theories, and what should it do?
1.      Government might ban ‘conspiracy theories’ somehow defined.
2.      Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those, which disseminate such theories.
3.      Government might itself engage in counter speech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories.
4.      Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeak.
5.      Government might engage in informal communication with such parties encouraging them to help.
Cass Sunsteen further said you needed to infiltrate those groups.

Glenn discussed various critics calling him delusional, a conspiracy theorist, etc for claiming that communists, socialists and Islamic radicals are working together in Egypt.

Glenn then showed a quote from the web site.  The U.S. Air Force is looking for software that…
“Online Personal Management Service, 56 User Licenses, 10 Personas per user.  Software will allow 10 personas per user, replete with background, history, supporting details and cyber presences that technically, culturally and geographically consistent.”
He then had a discussion of how the Left was all upset that President Bush wanted to do wiretaps, etc, but nowadays the Regulatory Czar is openly advocating using the above tactics on American groups and no one is calling out the administration on it.

March 3rd – Set for SDS All Out Education Demonstration
March 3rd – is set for a Pro-Islam Demonstration.
March 4th – Possible shutdown of the federal government because the continuing resolution funding the government runs out then.

In closing, Glenn notes that…
Leaders don’t panic, they prepare,
  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. To be revealed at a later program.