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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 10, 2011

Guest Host:  Eric Bolling, Fox Business Contributor
  • Glenn is in Israel.


  • The President is in El Paso, TX to put the immigration debate on the front burner.  But…
    • Gas is up 116% in the last 2 years.
    • Unemployment – 14 million people are out of work.
    • A record of 34% of home sales are to banks (foreclosures).
    • The country is over $14 trillion in debt that threatens the Republic.
    • …And immigration is his focus.  At El Paso, he said that…
      • There are more boots on the border than ever before.
      • The fence is basically complete.
  • Paul Babeu, Sheriff of Pinal County, AZ
  • Juan Williams, Fox News Contributor
  • Herman Cain, Republican Presidential Candidate

(Comments have been grouped by guest, not by topic.)

  • The President has been listening to Janet Napolitano who is divorced from reality.
  • In my county, we had 219,000 illegals last year along that were apprehended.
  • The Border Patrol says almost double that number got away.  How is that a secure border?
  • Drug cartels have 75 – 100 scout locations on mountains through Pinal County to support drug trafficking for just one corridor to insure safe passage for their smuggling.
  • When we ask for help, we get teams of lawyers coming to fight us.
  • Then, they put up signs warning Americans away from areas because of the danger of armed gunmen.
  • If ordinary illegals can safely make it across our southern border, how easy can it be for trained terrorists to make the same journey?
  • We Need…
    • 6,000-armed soldiers deployed along the border for 2 years.
    • A double barrier fence along 700 miles of the 2,000-mile border.
  • The President is the one that stopped the fence from being built.  There is hardly any built.  The President has his facts wrong.
  • We have to enforce the law and prosecute those who break it.
  • We can’t reward people who have broken our laws and grant them citizenship.
  • Million are waiting through the proper citizenship process.  We can’t move these illegals in front of them.

Juan Williams
  • This issue is big time politics.
  • The President and high administration officials have been meeting on this since February.
  • Immigration is one of the top three issues in the country today.
    1. 12 million illegals are in the country.
    2. There are issues of big business saying that they can’t get the kind of people they need into the country.

Herman Cain


  • First, we need to work on the right problem.
  • Immigration is not one problem.  It’s four problems.
1.      We need to secure the border with technology and guns.
2.      Enforce the laws on the books.  Gang violence is coming north across the border.
3.      Make it easier for businesses to hire people that we know are here legally.
4.      Empower the states to do what the federal government cannot or will not do.
·        The President’s remarks today show he is out of touch.  And, he does not intend to make this issue a priority.
·        It is ridiculous that the federal government sued Arizona to begin with.  This is another distraction from poor economic policies.


  • I have a five-point plan to reduce the deficit.  It is…
    1. Lower the corporate and individual tax rates.
    2. Change the capital gains rate to zero.
    3. Eliminate taxes on repatriated profits.
    4. Make current tax rates permanent.
    5. Provide a full payroll tax holiday for employees and employers for an entire year. 
      • These are direct stimuli.
      • The have proven they have worked in the past.
    • Once the above is done, I would do an across the board 10% cut.
      • Then, I would take a “deep dive” into selected areas.
      • Eliminate programs that don’t work or are duplicative.
     Debt Ceiling
  • I would vote against raising the debt ceiling.  Instead,
    • I would identify those critical things we have to pay and then cut wherever we have to cut to not raise the debt ceiling.  We have to pay…
      • Debt payments.
      • Military and their families.
      • Social Security
    • This might mean a furlough of federal workers.

  • The President doesn’t have a clue as to how to reduce gas prices. 
  • He showed a video of the President saying we are actually producing more oil here than ever.
  • One of the highest years of oil production in this country was 1970 when we produced 9.6 million bbls/day.
  • In 2010, we produced 5.5 million bbls/day.
    • We have lost 43% of domestic production.
    • He showed a chart from the Department of Energy showing U.S. domestic oil production from 1970 through 2011.  The chart showed a gradual decline from 1970 to 2009, followed by an up tick in 2010.

Guest:  John Hofmeister, Founder and CEO, Citizens for Affordable Energy
  • Before he retired, he predicted that the winner of the 2008 presidential race would be anti-hydrocarbon. 
  • That president’s backers are anti-hydrocarbon and want to see high prices for hydrocarbon products so as to make alternative forms of energy appear relative cheap.
  • In 2007, when Obama was a Senator, Mr. Hofmeister told the Senator that if he did not drill for more oil in his first term, he would see ungodly gas prices.
  • Nationwide, the EPA requires 40 – 50 boutique blends of gasoline.  We could actually get by with about half a dozen blends.
  • Today, there is more supply of oil than there is demand for it.  But people who need oil in the future are worried that there will not be an adequate supply in the future and are willing to pay more for it for future deliveries.
  • Today, China uses 9 million bbls/day of oil.
    • By 2015 they will be using 15 million bbls/day.
    • That’s 6 million bbls/day no one knows where it is coming from.
    • China knows.
      • They are lending millions of dollars to state owned oil companies to insure they will get it.
        • $25 billion to Russia.
        • $23 billion to Nigeria.
        • $10 billion to Brazil.
        • $16 billion to Kazakhstan.
  • Today, world production is about 86 million bbls/day.
  • We have more oil in this country than Saudi Arabia.
    • He told Congress that we should go back to 10 million bbls/day which would be half our daily needs.
      • In addition, you would raise an additional $20 billion in tax revenue.
      • It would create 3 million new jobs, high paying jobs with benefits.  Jobs here in America.
  • Gas Prices
    • This summer, gas prices should be about where they are now.
    • Next year, gas will be $5 per gallon.
  • The Mississippi river is cresting at about 48 feet above its normal level.
    • There are a number of refineries that are threatened.
    • Unless something terrible goes wrong, the levies should hold.
Boeing Corporation
Boeing wants to start production of a new airliner in South Carolina.
·        The national Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is fighting the move from the firm’s Seattle plant.
·        The move would add 1,000 jobs in South Carolina.

Guest:  Mayor Virg Bernardo (D) Lansing, Michigan
  • This company just got a $30 billion contract from the government.
  • This company gets a lot of its proceeds from the federal government.
  • It made over one half billion dollars profit in the first quarter.
  • It pays its starting workers $11/hour, when the CEO makes $20 million.
  • The NLRB has a role in how workers are treated.
  • The company is trying to penalize its workers.
  • Boeing was warned way in advance that they have unresolved issues.
  • Across the country, the average CEO used to make 30 times what the average worker made.
    • Now it is 300 times.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics has statistics that show that union workers make 28% more than non-union workers doing the same type job.
  • He asked Mayor Bernardo if his city is running a deficit.
    • The Mayor replied that he does have a deficit.
    • He is having to cut wages because the voters did not approve a tax increase.

Reaction to Islam
Osama Bin Laden has been living under the noses of the Pakistani government for the last 5 years.  In the last 10 years, we have given them $20 billion.  Bolling showed a video of the Pakistani President addressing their Congress saying that an attack will be given a response in kind.

  • Dr Zuhdi Jasser, American Islamic Forum for Democracy
  • Ahmed Rehab, Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR)

(Comments have been grouped by guest, not topic.)

Dr Jasser
  • Pakistan got caught and now they are posturing.
  • We need to change our approach to other countries away from a Friend or Foe model to one of a continuum.
  • We need to re-evaluate our relationship with Pakistan.
    • No more buckets of cash.
    • We need deliverables, something like in Africa where we have a pay-as-you-go criteria.
    • We need to recognize that a number of countries are going in the wrong direction, but we need to work with them.
    • Political Islam wants to push a theocracy down the throats of everyone.
    • We need to look at what we got as a result of waterboarding.  We need to re-evaluate what we need to do in the War on Terror.

Mr. Rehab
  • He is not a fan of giving billions in aid to foreign countries.
  • Pakistan has been helpful in some ways in the War on Terror.
  • Dr. Jasser has been a sock puppet for the axis of Islamophobia in this country.
  • We are a nation of ideals. 
  • Torture provides inaccurate information.



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