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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 29, 2010

Fact vs. Opinion

  • Glenn discussed email he got from the previous day’s program content.  He spoke of many messages claiming he was a liar, etc. 
  • He then discussed a way of looking at a situation as follows…
    • Problem
    • Facts
    • Opinion/Conclusion/Theory
  • He then noted that many times we end up arguing a mix of problem, facts and opinion/conclusion/theory.  In short, we don’t get an agreement on what the problem is, and then what the appropriate facts are that pertain to the problem.  After some mental processing we can then form opinions, conclusion, and/or theory and agree or disagree at that level.
  • There seems to be a problem with people seeing politicians or the President doing certain things.  We can’t accept that maybe they have a fundamental disconnect with values and principals of that are the foundations of the United States.
  • In particular, people are having a problem making the leap to believe the President has a difference of opinion about the fundamental structure of America, is transforming the country – and telling you he is transforming it -, and is hanging out with Marxists and revolutionaries.
  • They also do not understand how it would benefit him.
  • There was some discussion of the process of critical thinking, of keeping facts separate from opinions, conclusions or theories.

Roots of Obama’s Rage

  • A new book, just out is “Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh De’Souza.  Found at -
  • Dinesh is the President of King’s College in New York. 
  • He was born in India and came to the US when he was 17. 
  • In this book, he lays out facts about Obama that he has uncovered to write this book.
  • The White House has been smearing this book.  They don’t want you reading this book
  • Glenn turned the program over to Dinesh to discuss his facts and conclusions.
  • Dinesh covered Obama’s relationships with family members, especially his father who remained a large part of his life even though he abandoned Obama and his mother early on. 
  • His mother encouraged Barack to look up to his biological father, not his stepfather.
  • Barack’s father and grandfather were both active in Kenya resisting the colonial power controlling the country at that time, Great Britain.
  • Dinesh’s conclusion is that Obama has sought to adopt his biological father’s worldview (based on Barack’s writings and statements of relatives).
  • He showed two quotes from an article written by Obama’s socialist father about the appropirateness of taxing the rich, even as much as 100%.
  • Books Recommended include…
    • “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama
    • “The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama
    • “The Bridge” by David Remnick
    • “The Promise” by Jonathan Alter
    • “Culture and Imperialism” by Edward Said
    • “The Wretched of the Earth” by Frantz Fanon
    • “Neocolonialism” by Kwame Nkrumah
    • “The Collected Writings of Frank Marshall Davis” Edited by John Tidwell

Anticolonialism and Neocolonialism

  • The traditional view of anticolonialism by revolutionaries is as follows…

o       The world is made up of two groups…

Colonizers    (Historically white westerners.  Formerly European, now



o       Since the European countries got out of the colonizing business, the current term used is Neocolonialism.  In place of countries being the colonizers, this role is now being played by big businesses.  They include (but are not limited to)…
§         Drug Companies
§         Energy Companies
§         Banks
§         Insurance Companies

o       One place this view is depicted is in the children’s film “The Story of Stuff”.  This film was produced by the Tides Foundation and has been shown in schools throughout the country.
o       Glenn then showed a film his organization developed similar in format to “The Story of Stuff” but showing an alternative view of the way the economy works.
o       Dinesh will be continuing his tutorial on the next day’s program.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 28, 2010

Rally to Counter Glenn’s “Restoring Honor” Rally

  • To be held on the national Mall on 10/2/2010.
  • Sponsored by over 300 organizations, including the Communist Party USA and dozens of socialist organizations.  (See for a list)
  • Communist Party write-up about the rally is here
  • Glenn notes that many of these organizations have been working for the destruction of America for decades.
  • Glenn suggests tuning in and listening to what these organizations will be saying at the event and decide if you agree with their messages.
  • Again he recommends that people do their own research and not just take his word for things.
  • He noted that for his “Restoring Honor” rally there were lots of questions about funding, who was involved, etc.  Strangely, no real interest is being shown for the 10.2 rally.  This is especially noteworthy since many of the supporting groups have a long history of anti-Americanism.

Is President Obama a Socialist?

Glenn asks if the President is a socialist.  He cites some evidence…
  • His words (from several clips where he discusses redistributive change)
  • His associates at the White House all seem to be anti-free market Marxists.
  • His voting record as scored by the National Journal publication.  In 2007 as a senator he was scored as the left-most senator, even more to the left than self admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.
  • His governing style.
  • Glenn called for the President to denounce communism/Marxism/radicals.
  • He showed a booklet sent in by a viewer dated 1981.  It was a publication of the Communist Party and showed a picture of the “Yes We Can” slogan.

The Coming Insurrection

Glen recommended the small paperback book, “The Coming Insurrection” by the Invisible Committee. -

Lack of Creator

  • The President has twice recently quoted a portion of the Declaration of Independence…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

Except that he left out the words “…by their Creator…”. 

  • The words in the Declaration were carefully selected.  These words in particular are important because they state that Rights do not come from man, but from God.  As such, they cannot be abridged.  If you remove the Creator from the concept, then Rights are not sacrosanct.

Campaign Ad

An attack campaign ad from Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) was shown.  The video shows his Republican opponent quoting scripture.  They then declared that the Republican was equivalent of an evangelical taliban.  Then Glenn showed the full video of the Republican candidate explicitly stating to NOT choose the passages that Grayson’s ad found so offensive.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 27, 2010

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in New York this week.  After his speech at the United Nations, he met with Louis Farrakhan and the leadership of the Black Panthers.

Americans Informing Themselves

In Glenn’s memory, he has not seen a time when Americans are informing themselves of what is going on and how we got to where we are.  He mentioned a number of books that were previously recommended on his show:
  • Road to Surfdom (First Published in 1944) – This book normally sells about 7,000 copies per year.  After it was mentioned on Glenn’s program, it sold 70,000 copies in one week.
  • George Washington’s Sacred Fire (Highly Recommended) –
  • Woodrow Wilson – Roots of Modern Liberalism ]keywords=%B7%09Woodrow+Wilson+%96+Roots+of+Modern+Liberalism+
  • 5,000 Year Leap –
  • New Deal, Raw Deal –
  • The Real George Washington –
  • Phillip Dru, Administrator: The Story of Tomorrow –

Choices for Americans

  • CHOICE 1                                                      CHOICE 2
Constitution Government                                  Big, Progressive Government
Limited Federal Power                                     The Right – Control your bedroom
Lower Taxes                                                   The Left – Control Everyroom
Reduced Federal Spending
Personal Responsibility
Government helps those who
Cannot help themselves.

·        Founders Knew

    • People are flawed
    • Power corrupts
    • Don’t give people power over you because they will become corrupt because they are flawed.

  • He then showed a clip of Cass Sunsteen remarking that the Constitution is outdated and that people are Homer Simpson like and can be manipulated.

  • Eighty percent of the eliete class believes in Choice 2. 
  • Sixty percent of Americans believe in Choice 1.

  • He then listed a number of government actions that have recently been taken that chips away at our freedoms…

    • The courts have ruled that the government does not need a warrant to track your movements via GPS.
    • The courts have ruled that the government does not need a warrant to trace your movements via cell phone.
    • The government is pushing for backdoors for internet email encryption from all vendors.
    • A Forbes Magazine article reports that 500 radar vans have been sold.  These radar systems are similar to the ones installed at airports to scan passengers.  They are mounted in vans that drive the streets and can “see into” nearby cars and buildings.  Requests for who these vans have been sold to has been denied.
    • The government has announced that there are several dozen American citizens around the world that the President has authorized the military to kill or capture.  Attemptes to find out the names of those citizens were denied by the CIA because their systems could not produce such a list.  (Since progressives do not believe in the Constitution, where do they get the authority to assasinate citizens?)
    • Department of Education (Established 1979) Secretary was featured in a clip wherein he stated the goal of his organization was to make students good green citizens.  (No word about improving graduation rates, test scores, etc.)
    • The Department of Energy Secretary was shown in a clip wherein she noted that the Department was going to achieve their goals by granting subsidies and issue mandates, just issuing regulations to cause the required transformation.
    • Andy Stern, formerly head of SEIU (Service Employees International Union), is now on President Obama’s Economic Team.  He recently announced an idea that addresses the excessive unemployment of 16 – 24 year olds.  For $46.5 billion, 12 million jobs could be created in an Americacorps on steroids.  This idea first surfaced ten months ago from the Center for American Progress, funded by George Soros.

NIC Global Trends Report 2025

This government report was mentioned on the 9/23/10 program.  It will be covered in depth on Friday’s upcoming program.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 24, 2010

Friday’s Shows
Emphasis on History and Education

Today’s Theme

Infiltration of Government into Our Faith

Establishment Clause of the Constitution

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Separation of Church and State

  • The words of church and state separation are not contained in the Constitution.
  • They are in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Connecticut Baptist Church.
  • Prior to the time of the founding, England had a state church.
  • Reverend George Whitfield
    • Prior to the founding, Reverend George Whitfield preached that religion was between the individual and God and not through the church. 
    • Because of this view he was unable to preach within the church in England and had to preach outside.
    •  He traveled extensively throughout the colonies and was very well known.  (In a prior program, Glenn discussed the importance of Whitfield and his influence on the founders. - Ed)

Hitler’s Germany

  • Hitler co-opted the church in Germany, to the point that the cross was removed and a portrait of Hitler put in it’s place.
  • Arrests and murders of religious leaders followed.
  • Church services were monitored by government agents.
  • He attempted to form a single government religion.
  • He hated Christianity
  • He had a guest on that lived through this period in Austria as a young girl.
    • She noted that Hitler was elected with 98% of the popular vote.
    • She described how the government took actions to come between the children and their parents and the children and religion.
    • She discussed how the government took over one industry after another.

Contemporary Attempts by Government to Use Churches

  • On May 6th, Nancy Pilosi spoke to spiritual leaders about preaching in favor of immigration reform.
  • (This week, President Obama held a conference call with religious leaders urging them to tout Obamacare. - Ed)
  • Video clips of President Obama were shown in which he was declaring that his personal salvation was dependent on collective salvation.  (A prior program looked at collective salvation and showed that it was not part of Christianity – denounced by the Pope, but was part of liberation theology. – Ed)
  • Glenn referenced his “40 Day Challenge” to get right with God.  (He feels that troubling times are coming and that people need to get right with their God as a first and most important step. – Ed)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 23, 2010

Republican Pledge

  • The Republican Party’s Pledge was announced today.  It has some nice things, but there was not much there that was bold.
  • The Democrats plan is to spend more.
  • The country’s debt is so great, there will be pain with either Republicans or Democrats.  No one in authority is telling the public the truth about the problems ahead.


  • The debt situation with the US is similar to that of the Weimar Republic in Germany after WW I. 
  • They had massive debt and did not have the option to default, the allies wouldn’t let them.  We will not have the option to default on our debt either. 
  • The German government’s solution was to borrow and print money. 
  • It did not work then, nor did it work at any other time in history.
  • Book: “Lords of Finance” describes the Weimar Republic’s problems and their attempts at solving them and what happens. It could be a roadmap of what we will experience.
  • The administration is putting in place a structure that would be available to use should the existing system collapse.  (In a prior program he noted that the new Consumer Protection Agency is outside the control of Congress.  It is inside the Executive Branch and is funded by the Federal Reserve, which is a private company.)


Everyone needs to vote in the November election.  You need to decide what is right for you and vote accordingly.

$50 Million for Cookstoves

Hillary Clinton announced a $50 million foreign aid program to buy and distribute cookstoves in Africa. 
·        Glenn showed a list of some companies that are involved in the program.  Companies mentioned were:
o       JP Morgan Chase
o       Barclays
o       Goldman Sachs
o       Land Rover
o       AB Group
o       Merrill Lynch
·        One of the goals of the program was to develop a world wide specification for these types of stoves.
·        Glenn discussed this program in light of the progressive agenda (unsustainable situation/redistribute wealth/global governance). 
o       This program is a part of Carbon Credit Trading associated with global warming (hence the company involvement). 
o       Wealth is transferred, companies involved get carbon credits, and world wide standards for coodstoves are developed.
o       Everybody wins but the American taxpayer. 

Global Trends 2025

The National Intelligence Council issued it’s “Global Trends 2025” Report.  In part it reported…
  • The international system in place since World War II will be transformed.
  • World’s wealth being transferred basically West to East and will continue.
  • New countries will be admitted to senior level positions.
  • The world will have an additional billion and a half population.
  • Water to become scare (Tell your children to buy property with water rights.  Water will become the oil of the future.)
  • The report is available at or direct at:

Do Your Own Research

Glenn stated that he did not want anyone to just take his word for things.  He wants everyone to do their own research and make up their own minds.  If possible, original sources are preferred.

Faith Based Propaganda

President Obama recently held a conference call with faith based supporters. 
  • The purpose of the call was to encourage these faith based opinion leaders to support Obamacare. 
  • Covered were talking points they could use to discuss with their parishioners.
  • Glenn portrayed this as propaganda. 
  • He also wondered where were the people that were hypersensitive over the separation of church and state.
  • He suggested changing places of worship if your pastor/priest/rabbi was part of this program.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, September 22, 2010

Wealth Reduction

Glenn started today’s program by noting that estimates indicate wealth in America has dramatically declined over the last few years…
  • Household Wealth – Down $1.5 trillion
  • Net Worth – Down $10 trillion
  • Stocks – Down $2 trillion
  • One economist now estimates the true total debt of the U.S. now at $202 trillion (including unfounded liabilities such as social security, medicare, Fanny Mae and Freddy MAC, etc)  [Note: The U.S. GDP is around $14 trillion.]

Progressive Belief System

He reviewed the basic progressive belief system…
  • Current approach is unsustainable
  • Redistribution of wealth (globally)
  • Global governance run by elites

“Choice Architect” Cass Sunsteen

Cass Sunsteen is the regulatory czar.  He operates out of sight and without outside controls and can pretty much do whatever he wants.  Glenn showed a clip of Sunsteen declaring that people are Homer Simpson like and needed to be guided to make correct choices.  For example, offer carrots and broccoli, not fries as side orders for your Big Mac (from Sunsteen’s book “Nudge”).  By limiting people’s choices, it is not necessary for the government to force them to take a particular action – the “undesirable” choices are not even available.

Food Choice Controls

Glenn reviewed a number of actions local and federal governments are taking to limit food choices…
  • No sugary drinks in vending machines
  • No salt in prepared foods in restaurants
  • No transfats used to cook foods
  • Cheerios was threatened by the FDA for “unapproved” claims (not that they were untrue)
  • McDonalds Happy Meal restrictions
  • Enactment of “Fast Food Free” zones around selected areas like schools

Propaganda Creators

Propaganda began under the Wilson administration with three people…
  • Colonel House, an administrator
  • Walter Lippman, media person - believed people wanted to be told what to do
  • Edward Bernays, salesman – advocated a “carrot and stick” approach to make people think it was their idea

Glenn Beck Program, September 21, 2010

Contrasting World Views
Glenn compared worldview of traditional Americans on the one hand with progressives on the other. 
  • Both feel that the current situation is unsustainable. 
  • They differ in the belief that the free market is the solution to the problem. 
  • Another difference is the belief in the individual as a solution – traditional Americans do and progressives believe in government, global governance and redistribution of wealth globally.
He feels that Americans are confused by what Obama and the administration is doing because they assume Obama (and advisors) share their worldview and thus have trouble understanding why the administration is taking certain actions.  A case in point was the Gulf oil situation.

Gulf Oil Situation

The administration has stopped deep water drilling to help “save the planet”.  Additionally, they are requiring that oil firms permanently cap 3,500 existing wells that are not being actively used. 

At the same time, the administration has loaned the Mexican government $2 billion to drill in the very same area in the Gulf of Mexico.  Also, $2 billion has been loaned to Brazil to exploit their newfound oil fields in depths exceeding the BP well causing this year’s oil spill problem.  How is the planet being saved if Brazil and Mexico are encouraged to drill when Americans are prohibited?

The byproduct of the drilling ban is that rigs will leave and jobs will be lost.  Capping the standby wells may cost oil companies up to $3 billion and will deprive them future revenues of up to $18 billion.  Currently, the jobs lost estimate is 23,000.  (Elsewhere, 80,000 jobs in total will be lost is estimated if the ban is made permanent.)
Ordinary Americans don’t understand why, if jobs are so critical, should the government deliberately destroy them.  Progressives have other goals as described below.

Deindustrialize America

Video clips were shown of several advisors declaring that to save the environment, America must be deindustralized and reconfigured to produce jobs that are environmentally friendly.  This also plays into the objective of the global redistribution of wealth by transferring jobs to poorer countries.  In the oil situation noted above, America loses oil jobs and poorer countries gain them.  Going forward, Americans will be forced to buy oil from these poorer countries thus transferring more wealth from America to the developing world.

Glenn noted that the last plant manufacturing incandescent light bulbs has closed (putting those people out of work).  In 2012, incandescent light bulbs will no longer be sold.  Jobs manufacturing replacement CFLs are not located in America but in China, another transfer of jobs to the developing world.  Similarly with solar panels and wind generators.

Cass Sunsteen, Regulatory Czar vs Homer Simpson Americans

Part of the progressive worldview is that ordinary Americans are pretty much Homer Simpson like.  Thus, they need to be guided by the government to make correct decisions.  His definitive book, Nudge, lays out strategies for guiding people to make those correct decisions.  This is done by making inappropriate decisions illegal, more expensive or administratively cumbersome to accomplish, or politically incorrect.  Shown was a clip of a homeowner in Georgia that was fined for growing too many vegetables and giving some of them away.  Another clip was of a man not being permitted to dig at the beach in Florida.  Restricting salt in New York, transfats in food, smoking restrictions, are other examples.  (Elsewhere Arizona politicians have decreed that their electric utilities reduce their output by 5% by a certain date.  Significantly, California gets some of it’s electricity from Arizona.)

Union Members vs Union Leaders

Glenn spoke to union members and asked them to review the positions of the union leadership.  Several clips were shown of union leaders discussing global unionization.  He asked that if union leadership is focused on global membership, how they would deal with the American union members.  If American members average $75,000 per year, and overseas union members average $300 per year, how will the union leadership level that playing field?  Also, given the difference in numbers, the American membership will have to receive much less if jobs are to be given to those members overseas to raise their wages substantially.  Another transfer of wealth globally.