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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 24, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

  • In a speech to a combined session of the House and Senate, PM Netanyahu reiterated his stand that Israel will not return to the 1967 borders.
    • He needed to say that because of what President Obama said in his speech he gave a day prior to PM Netanyahu’s arrival from Israel.
    • The President’s view differs from PM Netanyahu’s.
    • Glenn stands with Israel.
    • Glenn feels that soon each person will need to know where he or she stands with respect to Israel. Glenn showed a short segment of PM Netanyahu’s speech.  This was the portion during which he said Jerusalem must never again be divided and must remain the capital of Israel.
      • Glenn called attention to V. P. Joe Biden sitting behind PM Netanyahu not applauding while the rest of the chamber gave the PM a standing ovation.
    • The UN vote is coming soon to establish a Palestinian state.
    • The Wall Street Journal reported…

“Would be a visible show of Israel’s isolation on the international stage.”

o       Glenn feels that coming up is a “last call” – for good or for evil.

The World is Changing

  • This is an important time in our nation’s history.
    • It will mean survival or death.
    • Citizens need to decide.
      • What direction is the world changing to?
      • Change has been coming and you can see it by looking back 50 years, 20 years.
        • Powerful people and nations are working to change things.
        • Trillions of dollars are at stake.
        • Will we be more free or less free?

Today’s Headlines

  • China Asks USA to Respect Pakistan’s Sovereignty
    • Pakistan is upset how they were treated by the US after the Bin Laden raid.
    • They are seeking support elsewhere – China.
  • California has a budget problem:  “High Court to California!  Cut Prison Inmates by 33,000”
    • Officials have two years.
    • That is 1,300 prisoners per month.
    • People like Van Jones have been waiting for this.  And Francis Fox-Piven.  And Bill Ayres.
      • What was one of the first things Saddam or Qaddafi did to increase chaos?  He released the prisoners.
  • High Gas Prices “Quantitative Easing, Falling Dollar Help Gas Prices Upward
    • The media is surprisingly tolerant this time around.
    • Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee did a study and found falling US dollar and Quantitative Easing are the main factors in driving up the price of oil and gas.
    • Energy prices are skyrocketing.  That’s not a good thing unless that is part of your plan, like our President’s.
  • Moody’s:  “Greek Default May Hit Europe Ratings”
    • “Whatever happens will be quite destabilizing”.
    • After that news, European markets started to take a dive.
    • Glenn showed video of demonstrations in Spain.
    • Glenn pointed to the chalkboard with the strategy to be used by the radicals/socialists/communists/Islamists.
      • He related as to how he took a lot of heat for that strategy.
      • He said, “Let it be my tombstone.”
  • “Obama Seeks Broader Powers to Combat Terrorism”
    • This is not good.
    • A Bill currently in the works gives the President expansive new authority to wage war.
      • It is being called way too broad, confusing, way too ambiguous and could mean almost anything.
        • Cass Sunsteen come to mind?
    • The War Powers Act deadline has come and gone with nary a peep from the press.
      • The President can now wage war with a stroke of a pen anytime he wants to.
      • There is no accountability by the Congress.
        • Glenn suggests that the President doesn’t need Congress’ approval on anything any more.
          • He suggests they take more vacation time off.
  • Fatah, Hamas Praise Russia

“Appreciated the support of Russia in their efforts to reach national reconciliation and establish a sovereign Palestinian state.”

o       It’s almost like the whole world is coming together around creating a Palestinian state.
o       Don’t miss tomorrow’s program.
o       Bloomberg:  Food – Price Swings

“Costlier food also contributed to riots across Northern Africa and the Middle East that toppled leaders in Egypt and Tunisia this year.”

o       The gauge of eight commodities is 73% higher than one year ago.
o       The causes…
o       Drought
o       Flooding
o       Extreme Weather
o       World food production will have to rise 70% by 2050 to feed a population forecast to grow to 9 billion people…”

The World as the Prize

  • Glenn feels he has been successful at predicting events.
  • He says all he does is listen to world leaders and madmen and take them at their word.
  • He feels that by fall, things are going to get dicey.
    • It will all happen in the Middle East.
      • But, the effects will be felt worldwide.

Glenns Record to Date

He showed video segments of him making the following predictions…
  • The Economy
    • Buy gold.  You dollar will be worthless.
    • When he started saying buy gold, it was $600 per ounce.  Now, it is $1520 per ounce.
    • Buy it for protection, not as an investment.
  • Food and Energy   What is coming…
    • Inflation
    • Higher interest rates.
    • Higher energy prices.
    • Higher food prices.
  • Executive Orders
    • Congress will be irrelevant.
    • Cass Sunsteen is in his dream job.
      • He is an expert in going around the Constitution.
        • His wife is equally important.  Her “Responsibility to Protect” theme was used to justify action in Libya.
  • Middle East
    • Destabilize Egypt and the Middle East.
    • Tunisia as an “Arch Duke Ferdinand” moment.
  • Jerusalem
    • The President gave a speech.
      • Madmen are reinventing the world to their own liking.
        • Glenn then showed the stained glass window at the Fabian Socialist Society depicting workers heating the world up and hitting on it to remold it.
  • Glenn showed a map of the world drawn on a chalkboard and noted that that is what is at stake.
    • He asks, “Who is playing?”
    • The US is not playing.  It is being played.  We are a card in the game.

The Players

  • George Soros
    • With allies in government, unions, Global Warming, Banking, Corporations, Media, Radicals, Churches
      • Some of his allies are, in part, so that someone else doesn’t control them e.g., radicals, churches.
  • Russia
    • Has a military, Energy, and Radicals
    • It is using oil to control Europe.
    • Is building a $20 billion nuclear power plant in Turkey.
    • Exerts influence in former communist countries.
    • Is developing stronger ties with Venezuela.
  • China
    • Has money, people, technology and resources
    • Now the world’s biggest buyer of gold.
    • They don’t like an unstable world.
  • Islam
    • Oil, Faith
    • Faith is on their side.
    • Radicalized Islam is the winner in the end, because faith trumps money.
  • The US can win if we hold with…
    • Firm reliance on divine providence.

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