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Friday, May 13, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 12, 2011

Studio Audience Today

  • Glenn showed several chalkboards with headlines listed.

Common and the White House

  • The entertainer Common was invited to the White House for Poetry Day. 
    • He went to Reverend Wright’s church for years and defended him by saying…

“In the era of racial prejudice and has since progressed.  The only way we’re going to progress is not judging and not quickly becoming offended.”

·        One of his songs mentions Assata Shankur.
o       Assata is well known by Leftists.
o       She is on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list with a $1 million reward.
o       In 1973 she was wanted for several felonies, among them bank robbery.  There was a shoot out and one policeman was killed.
o       She was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.
o       She escaped.
o       She is now living in Cuba.
o       She co-authored a book with convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

President’s Actions Influence Culture

·        What is at issue here isn’t Common or Assada.  It is about the President setting a pattern.
·        Previously, he criticized the Cambridge, MA police for “acting stupidly” right after saying that he did not have the facts.
·        He attends Jeremiah Wright’s church that views police as “oppressors”.
·        He surrounds himself with people who accept the actions of the Weather Underground.
·        Richard Trumpka, head of the AFL-CIO, is the most frequent visitor to the White house. 
o       His union’s California Teachers Union has endorsed Mumia Abu Jamul.
·        The President’s actions are anti-cop.
·        Glenn showed a picture of the President having his picture taken with a number of policemen.
·        Presidents influence our culture.
·        Bill Clinton had oral sex with Monica Lewinski and now our kids are doing it.
·        There ought to be zero tolerance for violence against police.
·        How do you react to something like this?
·        You can try and make something positive.
o       For instance, you could have your children see you do something to honor the police in your community.
§         Glenn was wearing a button with a picture of the policeman killed by Abu Jamal.

Survivor or Sheep

·        Glenn commented that he was looking out the window of his apartment and was thinking about all the people who have “opted out” and no longer pay any attention.
·        We have 37,000 people getting killed on our border and our President is making fun of it.
·        The debt ceiling…
o       Not long ago, the Treasury Secretary wrote Congress that the debt ceiling needed to be raised or…

“Catastrophic economic consequences that would last for decades.”

o       Tuesday and Wednesday the Treasury Department sold $56 billion in new debt that pushed us through that ceiling.
o       No one is saying anything.
o       Now Geithner is saying we are fine.  We’re good ‘till August.
§         Is it the truth?
§         Was he lying then, or is he lying now?
§         Who do you trust?
§         How can you see the news every day and shrug it off?
§         Glenn said he felt safer in Israel than here.
·        People there are aware.
o       That tends to happen when people are trying to blow you up.
·        He doesn’t get that feeling here.
·        His wife admonishes him before they go to parties, “Please don’t make people cry.”
·        Are you a survivor or are you a sheep?
o       People who don’t accept what is happening can find comfort in numbers.

People Making a Difference

  • Glenn introduced several people in the audience that are individually making a difference.
    • They decided to get involved and get active.
      • First Man – He was part of Glenn’s Flash Mob of Kindness.  He said it was frustrating, but rewarding.  He now wants to continue to experience that feeling over and over.
    • Glenn related a story of a high school girl who did a random act of kindness on 4/21 and felt so good about that that she talked about her feelings with a friend she had been estranged from for 3 years.  That friend gave up the not-so-good people she had been associating with and is now back together with the first girl.
    • Glenn feels that the country can be saved one person at a time.
    • First Woman – This lady translated Glenn’s research on George Soros and sent it to contacts in Asia. 
      • They now have a different appreciation of George Soros and how he operates. 
      • Before her information, they heard only one side.  Now, they are reconsidering.
      • Glenn noted that Fox News is now investigating George Soros and his connections to over 30 news agencies.
    • Second Man – He was inspired by Glenn’s book “The Christmas Sweater”.  He got off his heroin addiction and is now helping others to do the same.
    • Three Moms – They developed and ran a weeklong summer camp for elementary school kids.
      • They are now working with the 9/12 Project organization to offer their program nationwide. 
      • It’s called Patriot Camp.
      • It is applicable to families or to groups.
      • For more information go to
    • Third Man – Started his own business (ran out of time.)

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