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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 17, 2011

GM Bailout

  • Previously, American taxpayers bailed out GM with $49.5 billion.
  • GM Says its future depends on China.
    • Some of those bailout funds went into producing a film, “Birth of a Party” celebrating the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Glenn showed video of one of the “ghost cities” in China – complete cities with no people to fill them.

“Arab Spring”

  • A Hamas Member of Parliament said…

“The (Jews) are brought in droves to Palestine so that the Palestinians – and the Islamic nation behind them – will have the honor of annihilating the evil of this gang.  All the predators, all the birds of prey, all the dangerous reptiles and insects, and all the lethal bacteria are far less dangerous than the Jews.”

- Also -

“When Palestine is liberated and its people returned to it and the entire region with the grace of Allah, will have turned into the United States of Islam.  The land of Palestine will become the capital of the Islamic Caliphate and all these countries will form into states within the Caliphate.”

Glenn noted he was called crazy for suggesting that some in the Middle East had, as their goal, the creation of a Caliphate.  He showed a screen full of headlines torn from various articles indicating Glenn was out of his mind.

·        Glenn suggests that it sounds like they want more than the pre-1967 borders reinstated.  (A current Palestinian demand.)

Organized Opposition in America
·        Glenn showed a photo taken in 1937.
-         It showed people in uniform parading past onlookers who were giving the Nazi salute. 
-         There were American and Nazi flags in the parade and at several locations in the background.
-         The photo was taken in New Jersey.
-         Glenn also had similar pictures taken in Long Island with people and children dressed as “Brown Shirts”.
-         In Europe, the Brown Shirts went from Nudge, to shove, to beat downs, to bullets in the head.
·        He then showed a video of the Israeli Ambassador attempting to speak at a meeting at UC Irvine.  Students in the audience yelled and disrupted the proceedings to the point that eleven were arrested.  The Ambassador had to be taken away for his safety.
-         Glenn feels that more and more of this is coming and it will become more difficult to speak out in America.
·        Glenn discussed Pastor John Hagee giving a sermon supporting Israel.  Hagee was discussing the moral imperative of standing with Israel when he was interrupted by community organizers yelling…

“The occupation of Palestine does not honor Israel.  From the river to the sea, Palestinians must be free.  Genocide does not bring honor to Israel.  How many acres of land have you stolen?  How many children have you killed with your tithe?  No more genocide.”

·        The protestors claimed to do this in the name of free speech.  What they are doing is bullying, yelling to stop others from using their right of free speech.
·        The video came with a title page.  It starts with the location, San Antonio, Tejas.
o       Glenn noted that that’s not the correct way to spell Texas.
§         The people that spell Texas that way are those Americans who believe we stole the land from Mexico.
·        The Palestinians who claim Jews stole their land to create Israel are using the same argument.
·        Glenn spoke to Pastor Hagee who reported that the congregation – 5,000 strong – did not back down to the protestors.  Glenn has Pastor Hagee’s letter about this incident on his web site
o       The organization sponsoring the protest is not known.
§         However, at least two of the protestors are listed on the Esperanza web site as employees. A third protestor worked with Esperanza.
·        Esperanza is a social and economic justice group once funded by George Soros.
o       The group also receives finding from…
§         The Tides Foundation, $25,000.
§         The state of Texas through the Texas Commission on the Arts.
§         The city of San Antonio through the office of Cultural Affairs.
§         The federal government National Endowment for the Arts.
o       In summary, your tax dollars are funding these bullies protesting at a place of worship.

Coming Events
·        Glenn discussed his track record in predicting events. 
o       He foresees more problems ahead.
§         It’s critical to prepare mentally.
§         He showed a photo of Martin Luther King taken at a march.  Those marching arm in arm had fear in their eyes.  But they were right.
·        He discussed the reactions to his announcement to have a rally in Israel and the courage we, not Israelis, need.
o       He will not stand by while an entire race of people is called vermin.  He knows what happened the last time because he reads history.
o       Previously, he was called crazy by the media because he was saying the Arab Spring movement could turn into a Caliphate.  (He showed a vide of the Hamas cleric saying Palestine would become the capital of an Islamic Caliphate.)
·        The Muslim Brotherhood is taking a larger role in Syria and seriously challenging the Assad regime.

·        President Obama wants to sit down and chat with Iran.
·        Iran is now building intermediate range missile launch pads in Venezuela.
·        The goal – If they are hit with sanctions, they will fire rockets at the “enemy”.
·        Reuters has just reported that “prohibited ballistic missile-related items” have been transferred on regular passenger flights.
·        Iran has been working to smooth their relations with Bahrain.
·        Bahrain is the base for the US Fifth Fleet.

·        Pakistan has started to distance themselves from us and get closer to Russia.

Other Topics
·        This is the movement President Obama says we should all support. 
o       Not like the Tea Party which the President says should shut-up and sit down.
·        The FDA has completed a yearlong covert investigation of the Amish.
o       The Amish milk their cows by hand.
·        A recent report showed the Stimulus lost one million private sector jobs and created 450,000 government jobs.
·        Glenn discussed a new LED light bulb that will go on sale after the 100 watt incandescent bulb is banned in January.
o       The LED bulb will be priced at about $50 each.
o       Glenn suggests hoarding the 100-watt incandescent light bulbs while they are still available.
·        He discussed the reaction to his new book that he wrote with Dr. Keith Ablow.  A caller to his radio program said he was going to turn his life around and start a business.  Lately, he contacted Glenn to let him know his 16-year-old son died on a church mission in Cost Rica.  Glenn called him to talk about his son.  He recommends people in the Ohio area stop into the man’s business, The Time Zone bar in Grove City, OH and say hello.

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