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Monday, May 23, 2011

Glenn Beck Program May 23, 2011

Tornado Strike

  • Joplin, MO, a town of about 50,000 was hit by a tornado. 
    • About 75% of the down is destroyed. 
    • At this time there is 116 known dead.


  • Japan was earlier destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami.
    • Japan was previously identified by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as likely to fail if another major shock hit the country.
  • Glenn listed a number of other problems…
    • Volcano eruption in Iceland
    • Wildfires in Texas
    • Overflow of the Mississippi river
    • Etc.

Dealing With Problems

  • He thought we had a choice in how to deal with these disasters.  We could…
    • Ignore it
    • Wait for somebody to fix it
    • Go to the polls and vote someone in to fix it
    • You can prepare to be self-reliant.  He recommended this course of action.
  • As a metaphor, he held up two books are offering different approaches.  They were…
    • Rules for Radicals  (This book is being pushed by the NEA.)
    • Holy Bible
  • He then went over to the chalkboard.  Drawn on it were four figures.  They were…
    • A fat cow and a skinny cow
    • A fat ear of corn and a skinny ear of corn
  • He then discussed the story of Joseph from the Old Testament.  In it the Egyptian Pharaoh had a dream.  Joseph was brought to him to interpret.  Joseph told the Pharaoh that the dream represented seven years of good harvests and plenty of food followed by seven years of bad harvests and starvation. 
    • The Pharaoh went with Joseph’s interpretation and immediately started stockpiling food for the upcoming famine.
  • Glenn noted that…
    • Famines happen
    • Famines have consequences
      • One of the main factors in the French Revolution was famine.
        • There was a volcano in Iceland that pumped out a big ash cloud that destroyed crops in Europe.
  • During the recent Mississippi river overflowing its banks, 2.5 million acres of cropland were destroyed.
    • That is about the size of the entire state of Connecticut.
  • One levy was blown up to ease the effect of the river overflow on a town in Illinois.
    • That wrecked 200 square miles of Missouri farmland was wrecked.
      • Fertile topsoil was washed away.
      • About $160 million damage was incurred this year.
  • Texas has been ravaged by wildfires. 
    • In April, fires did $20.4 million in farm losses.
  • Hedge Fund managers are buying farmland around the world (from the New York Observer)…
“Productive agricultural land with water on site will be very valuable in the future.”

Global Food Supply Under Stress

o       Glenn feels that the global food supply is under stress.
o       He feels that is why President Obama sent all that grain to Egypt last week.
o       The Pharaoh in the story reacted by storing food.
o       Our President is ignoring warning signs.
o       There will be consequences, even if the problem is overseas.
o       Glenn feels that things are becoming unstable.
o       If there is more instability, doesn’t it make sense to be prepared?


The rally in Jerusalem will be August 24th.  Go to for more information.


o       People in Egypt are mad.  Conditions aren’t any better.
o       Consider this:
o       You are an Egyptian and you think the revolution was natural.
o       Then, the revolution happens.
o       Then, people from Facebook and Google say they helped make this happen.
o       Then, the President of the United States gives them (Google and Facebook) credit and urges more revolutions just like the Egyptian one.
o       Then, Wikileaks documents show the White House was helping to shape the revolution from behind the scenes.
o       If you were hacked off at America before, how much more do you dislike America now?
o       Everybody is completely ignoring what is going wrong.
o       Glenn refers to the chalkboard laying out the strategy of the radicals/communists/socialists/Islamists and notes that everybody thought he was crazy for saying this.
o       Glenn then showed video of demonstrations in Spain.  Spain currently has a 21% unemployment rate.
o       He also showed tape of him predicting unrest flowing from the Middle East up through Spain into Europe.
o       He said that Greece is two months away from running out of cash.
o       Italy is having problems.  Just after the uprising in Tunisia, 5,000 Tunisians boarded ships for Italy.
o       On Bloomberg, Glenn saw Neil Ferguson, a historian and economist saying…

“The Euro zone has become kind of a government killing machine and that most government right now that have been incumbent over the years of the financial crisis are being punished.”

o       Glenn feels this is why the President is trying to get people involved in the uprisings.


o       The movement to transform the world must destabilize everything.
o       To fundamentally transform a country, you need to fundamentally transform its people.
o       He asks what kind of people are we?
o       In stressful situations you tend to find out.
§         He showed a video from Joplin, MO taken during the tornado.
·        A group of people was in a walk-in freezer and you could hear…
o       Screaming
o       Crying
o       Some said they were all gone.
o       One said we’ll be okay.

Volunteer Efforts

  • Glenn discussed a local church with 150 members that has sent 100 members out to help.
  • The Southwest Missouri Conservative Network is active.
  • Also, Ask a Mom is volunteering.
  • What kind of person are you? 
    • Would you make the situation worse or better?

Society Melting

  • Glenn thinks that society is melting down…
    • No one is watching the border.
    • A woman pulled out a sword at a Pizza Hut restaurant.
    • Another woman pulled out a grenade at a Dairy Queen.
    • One teacher in Brooklyn was fired for praying in the classroom.  Also, about the principal …

“He was aware that she and other Christians were praying to have demons removed from his spirit, but that it was not working.”

o       Glenn discussed good versus evil and the state of America today.
o       There are two different types of America developing.
§         One is in a position of plenty.
§         The other one is devastated.
o       He showed a split screen of videos of women fighting in restaurants, gas stations, subways, etc.
o       He suggests people start on the journey of who you are meant to be rather than who you have allowed yourself to become.


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