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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 1, 2010

The monolog today was about the elections tomorrow and events leading up to them.

Glenn mentioned a few items on or around the ballot on several states.  They included:
  • PA – Voters were mailed a warning about their absentee ballot.  They were provided an envelope to send it in.  They were mailed to a PO box assigned to a supporter of a candidate.
  • NV – Machine problems with one candidate, Harry Reid’s name, pre-checked.  Repair technicians are all from the democrat friendly SEIU.
  • NV – Also from Nevada, there is a ballot measure to modify the state constitution to prohibit eminent domain actions when private property is to be transferred to another private party.
  • CA, AZ, OR, & SD – Marijuana is on the ballot.  In CA, it is backed by George Soros.
  • CO – A measure is on the ballot to prohibit state debt.
  • OK – Term limits
  • MA – State income and sales taxes are being rolled back.
  • CO – Tom Tancredo is on the ballot for Governor, but not from either the Democrat or Republican Parties.  He is almost tied in the polls with the Democrat candidate, the current mayor of Denver.
  • AZ – Ruth McClug – Republican candidate for the House, was offered, and turned down, campaign money from the Republican Party.  She felt it came with too many strings attached.

Republicans – you have been part of the problem.

Glenn referred back to the 1946 election in which the Republicans won 55 House seats and 13 Senate seats.  Unfortunately, the Democrats were successful in characterizing them as a “Do Nothing” congress so that in the 1948 race, they lost 75 seats.

This is a long-term battle against progressivism.  All people in power need to hear our voices.

In Alaska there was a voice mail screw up in which a local CBS affiliate newsroom crew was overheard planning on finding child molesters at a Joe Miller rally.

Glenn noted that Americans were late to arise to a situation, but when they do they win.

You must get out and vote.  But, there are Democrats that are winning.

Ben Franklin, when asked what kind of government was established, he replied “A republic – if you can keep it.”

On Friday’s Bill O’Reilly’s program, Bill bet Glenn $10,000 (to charity) if he would show up at a Bold and Fresh rally dressed in a Joy Behar costume.  Glenn plans to collect.  Later he showed a clip from the rally showing him wearing that costume.

John Stewart’s “Restoring Sanity and/or Fear” Rally
  • Glenn feels the rally was co-opted and noted Arienna Huffington fronted $250,000 for bus rentals to move people to the rally.
  • He suggests that the media examines the messages at both rallies and not just at the messengers.
  • Cat Stevens was featured.  But these days, he has a new name, Yusuf Islam.  Yusuf agreed with the fatwa calling for the killing of Salmon Rushty, the author of “Satanic Verses” many years ago.

Glenn is doing a book tour for his new book, “Broke”.  Last weekend, he was up in New England and felt there was a change in attitude among the people up there.  Two years ago, he was on another book tour for a prior book and felt that at that time the people were afraid.  This time, he feels that people are not afraid, but are determined and prepared.

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