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Monday, November 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 29, 2010

Back to reality.
  • New home sales plummet.
  • Home inventory rises.
  • Home sale prices drop.
  • Ireland bailed out to the tune of $113 billion.
  • Portugal and Spain to follow.
  • North Korea and South Korea tensions.
  • Wikileaks
    • What did we learn?  Is there anything new?
    • Glenn does not feel that the correct questions are being asked.
    • What has Wikileaks released that we didn’t already know?  We pretty much knew the following already:
o       Iran smuggled arms to Hezbollah.
o       North Korea has supplied Iran with a cache of advanced missiles.
o       Possible nuclear cooperation between North Korea and Iran.
o       China is conducting computer sabotage.
o       The US is close to the edge with Pakistan.
o       Putin is the “Alpha-dog” among the Russian leaders.
o       Saudi Arabia is chief financiers of Al Queda.
o       Saudi Arabia has tried to get the US to attack Iran to stop their nuclear program.
      • Washington has been lying to you.
  • Al Queda Operation Hemorrhage: Death of 1,000 cuts.

Glenn showed a clip featuring Howard Dean.  Part of Dean’s message was that the media could have their way with the American people (because they are so limited).

Glenn said that every day he gives a 20-minute monolog, which is unique on television.  He said that there is ample opportunity for people to edit his remarks and make it sound like anything they want to say.  He stressed that you must do your own research and make up your own mind.

We are seeing the “Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out” strategy proposed by Van Jones back in June with you in the middle.  They would then hope that you would beg for the top leaders to make the chaos at the bottom go away.

Glenn showed the supporters of the Wikileaks leaker, Private Bradley Manning.
  • Code pink – Also supported the Gaza Flotilla
  • Norm Chompski – Communist
  • Michael Moore
  • Daniel Ellsberg – Author of the Pentagon Papers
  • MDS – The current version of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), a violent radical group from the 1960s.
  • Veterans for Peace
  • Answer Coalition
  • These are the same groups that supported the 10/2 rally.
  • The same funders of both – the Tides Foundation
  • The Tides Foundation – George Soros is the major funder (through the Open Society Institute (OSI).
  • The founder of the SDS is now the director of the OSI.

Leaks as “Beautiful and Horrifying”
  • Glenn then showed a quote from Private Manning in which he discusses the leaks as fomenting worldwide anarchy as beautiful and horrifying. 
  • Other people and groups that feel the same way about anarchy are the above named people and groups.
  • Wikileaks is part of independent efforts to seize opportunities to bring down the Republic and governments abroad.
  • It is also Step 3 of George Soros’ Five Step program to destabilize a government (Sow distrust in the government by the people.)  [See the Cliff Notes for the November 10th episode for more detail.]

Glenn then showed a video clip of a member of the EU Parliament claiming that the EU leaders were willing to let individual countries self-destruct in order to hold onto the EU collective dream.

This destabilization problem is international in scope.

Glenn then touted an upcoming presentation he will be making nationwide through theaters this Thursday, December 2nd.  During this session, he will be laying out the concepts focused on in his new book “Broke”.

Union News
  • Unions supported the passage of Obamacare in a big way. 
  • Glenn then showed a newspaper article in which it was noted that the union SEIU is dropping health care coverage for children of low wage workers. 
  • Glenn then noted that this was additional unintended consequence of the Obamacare legislation. 
  • He felt that there would be such a huge impact when all the provisions are implemented that the health care system will be so badly broken that the public will cry out for the government to “do something”. 
  • The government will then put forward the Public Option as the only solution and claim a public mandate to implement it.

  • GM recently issued an IPO (Initial Public Offering).  The UAW made $3.4 billion on the sale of one third of it’s shares. 
  • For the union to break even they will need the share price to grow from it’s current $36.00/share to $52.00/share.  Other experts forecast breakeven at $103/share.
  • The TSA now has approval of Homeland Security to unionize.
  • The TSA has 50,000 people.  If they are unionized, this will bring in an additional $30 million in dues annually to the union.

Senate Bill 510
  • Title is the Food Modernization Act
  • Voting begins tonight.
  • This Bill is a massive expansion of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • It mandates many additional controls, inspections, standards, government oversight and company reporting.
  • Principal backer of the Bill is the Monsanto Corporation.
  • The current head of the FDA used to be an executive at Monsanto.
  • As of last quarter, the largest shareholder of Monsanto stock was George Soros.
  • Glenn encourages everyone to contact his or her representative to vote NO on this Bill.

Glenn then provided an update on Amanda Zych, the woman that returned his father’s Revolutionary War coat to him.  (She was on the Nov 26th program.)  She reports that her business is doing great and she has sold hundreds of garments as a result of Glenn’s highlighting her web address on his program and that people are contacting her to sell their period clothing.

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