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Monday, November 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 22, 2010

George Soros and other progressives are ditching President Obama.

Are You Ready?
  1. Terror – TSA “Operation Hemorrhage”.  Al Queda’s program to defeating America by bleed us to death with lots of small attacks in order to drain us of resources.
  2. Net Neutrality – FCC or Congress.  The FCC has plans to regulate Internet Service Providers for content.  Congress is out of the loop.
  3. Deficit – Debt,  Alan Simpson, co-leader of the Debt Commission, shown in clip predicting a blood bath if the country’s debt limit is not raised in April.
  4. Lack of Jobs à Food Pantries,  A picture was shown of a line of people waiting to get into a food pantry in Washington, D.C 3,000 people long.  Next to that was a picture from the Great Depression of people in soup lines.
  5. Inflation
  6. Dollar “Weakest currency in the world.” So says J. P. Morgan
  7. Cities are broke
  8. China – Friend or foe.  They just arrested a woman on her wedding day for tweeting.  She is to do one year in a labor camp.

Questions to Ask (Don’t talk politics, talk principals and values)
  1. Have you seen the price of food and gas?  Glenn showed a letter from an electric company announcing a 30% rate hike after the first of the year.
  2. Are social security checks going to cover the increased costs? 
    1. The government has modified the formula for calculating inflation to remove food and energy costs. 
    2. Historically, the way to suck up the excess dollars in the system that causes inflation has been to raise interest rates. 
    3. How high will rates have to be to remove the quantity of excess dollars now being printed?
  3. Cities cannot pay teacher’s pensions.  Will the taxpayer be forced to pick up the tab?
  4. A proposal: 
    1. If you are over 65, you get social security;
    2. If you are over 60, you work until you are 68;
    3. If you are over 55, you work ‘till you are 70;
    4. If you are under 50, you get no social security.

China is now being spoken of as being the new model for the type of government to have.  Another term these days for communism is National Socialism or state capitalism.  That is word games.

December 15th the show will be from Wilmington, OH.  Come on down!

At Baltimore and Philadelphia, they held public bible readings.  This is National Bible Week, established in 1941.

Judge Napolitano was a guest.  He and Glenn discussed the TSA pat downs.

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