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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 30, 2010

The Perfect Storm for America is here.  Glenn showed a clip from “The Wizard of Oz” movie where Dorothy’s relatives were out behind the farmhouse getting into the root cellar, leaving her at the front of the house to deal with the approaching storm on her own.  That is the place we find ourselves today.

  • Unemployment – Unions are counting down until the 99’ers fall off the unemployment insurance rolls.
  • Lack of Trust – Wikileaks is a sample.  You can’t trust the government.  Wikileaks has announced that bank documents will be released in the future.
  • Lack of Appreciation – Americans have received their blessing without effort.  They do not value them because they have not had to earn them.
  • Lack of Education/Apathy – One poll shows 26% of Americans do not know that we broke away from England.
  • Eroding Values – 25% of those under 30 years old self describe themselves as atheists, agnostics or not involved in religion.  The Smithsonian Museum is showing an exhibit where Jesus is depicted covered in ants.
  • Family Breakdown – Time Magazine asks “Why Marriage?”  Forty percent of poll respondents say marriage is obsolete.
  • Debt
  • Overstretched military – He sugggests “adopting” a person in the military or a military family.

The official poverty figure for one person is $21,600.  A private in the Army with 6 years of experience makes $19,465.  The poverty figure for a family of four is $44,100.  Glenn then rattled off figures of how many of the officially poor owned cars, air conditioners, washers and driers and TV sets.  That, he opined, is not poor.  He showed several depression era photos and said that that is poor.

Al Queda is pushing ahead with their Operation Hemorrhage.  This strategy is aimed not to kill large numbers of people, but to bleed us economically.

Senate News

  • The Food Bill passed in the Senate.  This will create another $1.2 billion bureaucracy with enormous powers to control all aspects of food production and delivery.
  • The Senate is now considering the Dream Act.  This act will open a pathway for citizenship for some who go to college, serve in the military, or do other things.  No one knows how much this will cost.

Glenn discussed his upcoming December 2nd, Thursday evening presentation of his book “Broke” that will be shown in theaters nation-wide.  Tickets and locations can be found here -

A convention was held in Los Angeles this weekend, the Party of Socialism and Liberation Conference.  Glenn showed a few clips where speakers were calling for:
  • The destruction of capitalism
  • Build a cadre of activists to take advantage of events.

Being a Pawn vs. a Defender (of values) – that is the upcoming choice.  The Socialists above were seeking pawns that can be manipulated.  Who will win will be determined by how many of each there are.

Glenn asked rhetorically “What is a higher ideal than “All men are created equal.” And what is a higher guarantee than “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  He strongly recommends changing yourself to minimize the problems noted above at the top of the program.  He suggest reading

One of the depression era photos he showed was of a poor family with two children.  He then went on to relate some of the Hebrew words that define the story of Passover.  Many of them relate to talking and eating.  He suggested that families have dinner together and gave statistics of how well children did in school and life when they ate dinner as a family five nights per week.

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