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Friday, November 12, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 12, 2010

The audience today was composed of West Point cadets.

Glenn discussed the role of the military in our society and pointed out that their efforts to protect us allowed us to do what we wanted.  He then asked if we were spending our time and effort on worthwhile things.  These soldiers, sometimes with their lives, were purchasing that time.

He compared some salaries….
  • US Army - $22,676.
  • Average US citizen - $50,462.
  • Average Federal Employee - $74,403.
  • Basic Congressman - $174,000.

Glen advocated that congressmen make no more than military service members.  Also, they get their medical care via the VA hospitals.  In addition, government employees should not earn more than the average US citizen.

He showed a clip of the peacetime activities of the military, e.g., built lighthouses, helped complete the Washington Monument, the Marines collect Toys for Tots, they deliver emergency supplies to stranded cruise ship passengers, etc.

He asked the cadets question about their backgrounds and what motivated them to apply to West Point.

He recommended visiting West Point for a unique experience.  Since Sept 11, 2001 it has become more difficult to get on the grounds there, so check well in advance if you plan to go.

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