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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 16, 2010

Food prices are rising.

Clothing prices are due to increase because of increased cotton prices, as much as 30% by spring.

Europe is still having problems.
·        Spain unemployment – 20.5%
·        Portugal unemployment – 11%
·        Ireland unemployment – 14%

Ireland has been offered help by the European Union.  However, they have so far refused.  They apparently feel that if they accept the aid, they will lose their sovereignty.

Glenn had a guest, Rabbi Daniel Lapin.  They discussed the Tower of Babel story from the Old Testament.  Per the Rabbi, this is not strictly a story about building a physical tower.  It is a metaphor about an aspect of the human condition.  As such, this condition reoccurs over and over in history.  We can learn from this to discern the future.

The king at the time, Nimrod, first called for the building of bricks.  Rocks were also used for building structures, but a difficulty in using rocks is that they are each unique and it took great skill to fit one together with others.  Bricks, however, are identical in size and shape and are interchangeable in use.  In the metaphoric view, the bricks being referred to in the biblical text refer to the king taking rocks (people as unique individuals) and tried to make them the same and interchangeable (bricks).  Material things, materialism, was used a mortar to control people to do the king’s bidding.  The bricks were being used to build a tower.  This displeased God, so he converted the people back into rocks, i.e., made them individuals again.  At that point, the huge construction task could not be held together and the project stalled and finally collapsed.

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