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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 8, 2010

The theme for today is a preview of this week. 
  • He is putting the light on coming events. 
  • He especially highlighted his next three programs.

Glenn’s program is the most popular in his time slot of all time.

He gets high ratings because he is right.  He reviewed a number of topics that he has covered where his critics declared him to be too extreme, or crazy, or etc.  Only later did it turn out that he was right.

One current theme is that the Quantitative Easing process will lead to massive inflation.  
  • He showed video clips of Tim Geitner and Ben Bernanke testifying under oath before congress that the Federal Reserve would never buy U.S. government debt (bonds).  [QE2 is the Fed buying government debt.]
  • From Reuters today, there are reports from China that with QE2 could lead to a probability of global economic collapse.
  • Gold closed at over $1400/oz.
  • Inflation experts say that food inflation will be the big story of 2011.
  • Glenn showed several food items with these expert’s projected inflation prices:
    • Loaf of bread - $24
    • Hershey bar - $15
    • Coffee, 12 oz can - $74

He made the analogy of birth pangs and related them to coming events.  Events to look for include:
  • Violence
    • Already started in Europe
  • The radicals reveal themselves
    • A quote from “The Coming Insurrection” was shown indicating that the activities proposed in this manual should remain unpublicized for if it were revealed for what it really is, the movement would be forced to accelerate it’s plans or it would be crushed.
    • Larry O’Donnell at MSNBC declares himself a socialist
    • A communist sponsored video was shown where various people introduced themselves as communists.

The next few programs will highlight George Soros.
  • He showed a list of media companies owned by Soros.
  • The three programs will have footnotes for the information covered so you can validate his claims.  Those footnotes will be listed on his web site.

Now in Geneva, the UN Commission on Human Rights is investigating the United States for human rights violations. 
  •  Non-governmental organizations are also providing testimony.
  • Several of these groups submitting testimony are funded by George Soros.
  • Also presenting is the AFL/CIO and SEIU.

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