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Friday, November 19, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 18, 2010

An audience of moms today.

Glenn starts by showing a video clip of Senator Rockefeller advocating the FCC shut down Fox News and MSNBC.

He showed another video clip of Senator Rockefeller’s father, David Rockefeller.  In this clip, he is giving a speech and declaring that he is a globalist.

He showed an audio clip of portions of George Soros speeches about how he fundamentally transforms countries.  The clip is also available at  Go listen for yourself.

Glenn discussed Van Jones.  He feels Van Jones is an important, if almost hidden, person acting behind the scenes to advance the progressive agenda.  He noted that Van Jones and Richard Trumpka, the head of the AFL/CIO union, met recently with a senior Soros representative.  Glenn reminded viewers of a Soros quote, “…I’m used to fighting losing battles, but I don’t like to lose without fighting.”

Glenn is concerned that if the radicals don’t think President Obama is not who he says he is, he may be in danger.

John Podesta at the Center for American Progress urges President Obama to advance the progressive agenda via Executive Orders, as it may prove impossible to do so with Congress.

Soros works indirectly by issuing pronouncements.  Followers then act upon those pronouncements.  His latest was issued yesterday.  In part, “…if the President can’t do what we need, it is time to start looking somewhere else.”

Soros visits the White House several times this year.  During one of these visits, he brought Christina Chen.  Now, Ms Chen is the Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama.

Activists are needed to give the president a reason to intervene.

Glenn referred back to the Tower of Babel story and King Nimrod’s strategy to make people all the same, “bricks”.  The mortar to hold all the people together was materialism.  Glenn is concerned that today our principals and traditions are being lost.  A recent poll shows only 4 in 10 Americans think marriage is relevant.  Things, possessions, are the only things holding our culture together.  And what happens if we lose those things?  Many people are living from paycheck to paycheck; more than forty million people are on food stamps, etc.

Food prices are rising:
  • Cotton price is the highest in one hundred forty years. 
  • Four thousand products use corn as one of its ingredients.
  • Eric Bolling was on as a guest.  He is the host of “Follow the Money”.
  • They showed a graph of corn prices and another of cotton.  Both show a steep rise.
  • One third of the corn crop is used to make ethanol.
  • Forty percent of corn goes to feed livestock.
  • Developing countries are increasing their consumption of everything, especially oil.

Lisa Bedford was a guest.  She is “The Survival Mom”.  She suggests that to start on a food storage program, start with a goal of having food for one week.  That will get you thinking about what you should buy and address issues like shelf life, etc.

Glenn related about his experience in accumulating food to last a year.  He said that once that program was complete, he felt that a great weight was lifted off his shoulders, and that as a dad he had really prepared his family if something bad happened.

Several audience members owned businesses.  They related how they are being affected by cost increases of materials their companies use and how they cannot always pass on their cost increases because their customers are also hurting.

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