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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 17, 2010

Question du jure:  Will you trade your freedom for security?

The press is missing the big stories of the day for the royal engagement in Britain.  The big stories in America are currency devaluation, massive unemployment and a stalled economy.

The new airport screening procedures are getting people upset.
  • The capability of these machines is such that the images they create can show sweat on a person’s back.
  • Images are not supposed to be saved, but in some instances are.  Images from a courthouse in Orlando, FL are available on the Internet.
  • Michael Chertoff, former head of the Department of Homeland Security is now a consultant for the company that makes one of these scanners, Rapiscan.
  • Raipscan is owned by OSI Systems, Inc.  George Soros owned 11,000 shares of this company up until two days ago.
  • Significantly, President Obama has not given any public statements about the new procedures and the Rapiscan machines.
  • Other places use different procedures.  In Europe, they use dogs.  In Israel they use profiling.  And it works.

  • In the late 1990s, the union removed the rule that prohibited membership in the Communist Party.
  • Richard Trumpka, the head of the AFL/CIO, is working with the White House.
  • Glenn showed a clip with the Labor Commissioner of the Communist Party USA, saying he is working closely with the head of the AFL/CIO.

The National Socialist Party had a convention this weekend in New York.  A clip had a spokesperson talk about “…if you can’t change their minds, open their heads.”  Glenn then discussed the lack of interest by the media to the implied violence of this radical organization and their portrayal of the TEA Parties.

Why Scanners?

Glenn discussed various reasons scanners might be used at airports.
  1. They are the best way to protect travelers.
  2. They are OK, but my friends make money providing them.
  3. Top down, bottom up revolution.  (Refer to earlier programs on revolution in Czechoslovakia)
  4. Become heroes, create villains.  (When public becomes outraged, top officials can be seen rushing to the rescue to ban the scanners and point fingers at some group as the “bad guys” for using them.)

Glenn feels that the rationale that is used is a combination of 2 through 4.  He feels that the better approach is that used by the Israeli airline El Al.

The TSA is one more step closer to being unionized.  At the inception of the TSA, there was a big argument about whether the TSA should be unionized.  At the time, it was decided that it should not be.  Lately, DHS Secretary Napolitano stated that she saw no problem why the 50,000 employees should not be subject to collective bargaining.

Glenn showed a clip of a communist spokesperson saying they were “inspired” by the unrest in Europe.  The spokesperson also noted that in some cities in Europe that you cannot get around unless it is in the interest of the union.

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