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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 10, 2010

George Soros – Continued

  • Considers himself as a kind of God. 
  • He wants his organization to be the conscience of the world.
  • He has destabilized four countries.
  • In his words it’s a game.
  • In one clip, he stated that it was a lot of fun to destabilize those countries.
  • He is shown in one clip admitting he made a billion dollars destabilizing the British pound.
  • Is in favor of globalization.
  • He saw difficulties in achieving globalization, which caused him to focus on the United States as the chief impediment of that goal.
  • He believes “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”
  • He currently advocates an orderly decline in the value of the dollar.

An orderly decline of the dollar is another term for inflation.  Glenn reviewed several food items and what their potential prices would be once inflation kicked in.  He said he checked with several experts and they all agreed that these potential prices were reasonable estimates…
  • One ear of corn - $11.00
  • A loaf of bread - $23.05
  • A 32 oz box of sugar - $62.21
  • A quart of soy milk - $24.31
  • A Can of Folgers coffee, 11 ½ oz - $77.71
  • 64 oz orange juice - $45.71
  • Hershey’s chocolate bar - $15.50

Glenn again urges everyone to do his or her own research.  There are many books on Soros available, three of which Soros himself has written.

How does Soros destabilize countries?  He has used the same pattern in each of the four countries he affected.  They are…

   Step        Action
  1. Form a Shadow Government. 
    1. Use humanitarian aid as “cover”. 
    2. In his view, these are subversive activities.
    3. The main organization he uses for this purpose is the Open Society Institute.
    4. Through the OSI, he donates about $500 million per year.
    5. OSI funded one third of shadow conventions during the 2000 election cycle.
    6. Arianna Huffington was involved then.  Glenn showed a clip of her on the speaker’s platform introducing the next speaker.
    7. Arianna Hunffington currently operates the Huffington Post.
    8. The Huffington Post recently received a large donation from Soros to hire reporters
    9. Soros spent over $100 million to achieve campaign finance reform.
  2. Control the Airwaves
    1. Soros has created his own media companies or donated to others.
    2. National Public Radio - $1.8 million
    3. Media matters - $1.0 million
    4. TEA Party - $1.0 million
    5. Think Progress
    6. Media matters
  3. Destabilize the State
    1. Weaken government
    2. Build anti-government feelings among the people.
    3. OSI funds the following organizations
                                                               i.      Tides Foundation
                                                             ii.      Apollo Alliance (Crafted the Stimulus Bill)
                                                            iii.      Center for American Progress
                                                           iv.      Institute for Policy Studies (Currently advocates President Obama use more Executive Orders to achieve progress rather than relying on congressional action.)
  1. Provoke an Election Crisis.
    1. OSI funds the following organizations.
                                                               i.      Acorn
                                                             ii.      Secretary of States Fund
                                                            iii.      One America Vote (Used illegal aliens to get out the vote in the November election.)
  1. Take Power – Stage mass demonstrations
    1. Glenn feels they are about to come.  Indications are…
                                                               i.      One Nation Rally
                                                             ii.      Tides Center
                                                            iii.      Raucous Group
                                                           iv.      Faith in Public Life
                                                             v.      Sojourners
                                                           vi.      Media matters
                                                          vii.      Glenn had written a list of Soros funded organizations on a large roll of paper.  He unrolled it to a length of about thirty feet and said that that list was less than half of the organizations.
                                                        viii.      (Ed. More information on George Soros can be had at Discover the Networks - )

Glenn discussed the fall of the government of Czechoslovakia in 1946 that caused the Czechs to be absorbed into the Soviet Union. 
  • The information about how this occurred came from Jan Kovak’s “Communist Strategy Paper”. 
  • This paper was not supposed to be made public.
  • A copy of this paper was found in an old copy of the Congressional Record.
  • At that time, communists had taken control of the central government by a parliamentary maneuver.
  • Agitators were rioting in the streets.  Protests were common.
  • Unknown at the time was that the agitators on the streets were working with the agitators in the government.
  • The vast majority of the people felt alone and wanted the violence to stop.
  • The people were in the middle and asked the leaders to do something, not knowing they were in league with the rioters.
  • Ultimately, the Soviet Union took control.

Glenn showed a video clip of Van Jones speaking at some event. 
  • As part of his closing remarks, Van Jones urged people to apply pressure from the top down, the bottom up and the inside out.
  • When Van Jones says bottom up, he means get out into the streets.

Glenn also showed a Soros created video clip that purports to show Soros as a good guy.

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