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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, October 29, 2010

There was a studio audience today.

The discussion was about long-term campaigns.

He had on three current candidates
  1. Tom Tancredo (CO) candidate for Governor
  2. Ryan Frazier (CO) congressional candidate
  3. Ruth McClumb (AZ) congressional candidate

Ruth is a 28 year old physicist.  She was fed up with where the country was going.  It is rough in her district and she wanted to help.

Tom saw the most liberal mayor of Denver, Hickenlooper, going on to win as governor and felt he had to do something.  He feels that our country’s biggest problem was the President advocating fundamentally transforming the country.  If he is elected, he will join with other state governors to start a 10th amendment revolution to stop federal mandates and giveaways (such as bailing out California).

Ryan had been in the Navy and worked for Raytheon, a defense contractor.  He felt he could make a difference.  He feels the culture in Washington D.C must change.

Glenn commented that we have a trust and confidence problem. 
  • When asked, no audience member felt that the election would be without fraud. 
  • He is concerned that the Republicans will win and will be branded a “Do Nothing” Congress, just as what happened in 1946.  The Republicans were out of power for 30 years after that. 
  • Also, the Fed has the authority to buy the country’s debt starting Nov 3rd.  This financial technique was used during the Weimar Republic in Germany after WWI and led to hyperinflation. 
  • In January, the Bush tax cuts expire. 
  • A lot of our debt comes due in March.  China has already told us “Do not dishonor our people’s investment.”

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