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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Program, November 23, 2010

Today’s theme – A shrink session on the economy

Glenn reviewed a number of disturbing events from around the world
  • North Korean artillery shelling Sough Korean island
  • He showed an ad sponsored by the AFL/CIO supporting the workers at TSA
  • Japan announced they are in an economic lull.
  • Iran’s parliament moves to impeach President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Action stopped by the Ayatollah.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan wars still ongoing – now 9 years into them
  • Ireland – Riots about the IMF bailout.  Portugal next, probably followed by Spain
  • 860 troubled banks
  • U. S. Debt ceiling limit raise looms
  • TSA screening
  • Patriot Act – Who wrote the Patriot Act? – Joe Biden.  When? - 1995.
  • Government run health care
  • Dollar to be the world’s weakest currency – J. P. Morgan
  • The Federal Reserve projects higher unemployment and lower economic growth

Five Stages of Grief
  1. Denial – World’s troubles won’t affect America.
  2. Angry – First it was the TEA Party.  Now the left is angry with Obama.
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

Somebody is designing the future.  You can be part of that process or be whipsawed because of it.  Glenn talked about natural gas and the announcement of a few days ago where the Chinese announced that many of their new cars would run on natural gas.

Guest – Keith Ablow, Psychiatrist

They had a discussion about denial with the audience.
  • The bigger the threat, the greater the need to deny.
  • Sometimes you avoid information that is uncomfortable

The 8/28 rally got Glenn out of his depression stage and onto acceptance.

Wilmington, OH, The town where 7,500 workers were laid off out of a population of 12,000 gives him hope.

Guest – Army Capt. Scotty Smiley and his wife Tiffany.

Plymouth, MA
·        The site of the first Thanksgiving
·        Holds a parade every year
·        The theme of the parade this year is personal and private charity
·        On camera interviews with parade sponsors about the pilgrims and how those characteristics apply today.

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