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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 8, 2011

Time Tunnel – ObamaCare

  • Glenn showed old video clips of him making a prediction that ObamaCare would put employer based private insurance out of business.
    • He was called a liar by the President (video shown).
    • Then Glenn showed various video clips of different liberals saying that, of course, it would do just that, just not right away.
    • Now a new study indicates that when ObamaCare fully kicks in in 2014, 30% of all companies will drop their medical benefit coverage for their employees.
      • That figure rises to 50% for those companies that are very knowledgeable about ObamaCare.

Progressives and Their Influence in the Middle East

  • In this country, progressives stopped using the progressive label in 1920 after they spooked the American people.
  • That’s when the term liberal became popular.
  • Progressives were in power between 1913 and 1920.
  • In 1920, Harding, not a progressive, was elected President.
    • It was one of the biggest landslides in American history, 60% to 34%.
  • Recently, the progressive term is returning to popularity.
    • Institutions have been created with that as part of the name…
      • Center for American Progress
      • Americans for Prosperity
      • Americans for All Kinds of Cool Awsomeness
  • The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is taking a leaf out of the American progressive playbook.
    • The administration in Washington thinks the Muslim Brotherhood is good.
    • Previously outlawed, they are now recognized in Egypt as the “Freedom and Justice Party”.
    • Their logo resembles the EPA logo.
  • Discussing the latest from the Arab Spring…
    • Glenn showed a video of a Lebanese official claiming 9/11 was a farcical show produced by the Jews.
    • He showed another video of a Muslim cleric discussing compassion…
      • Murders should be killed.
      • Married adulterers should be stoned.
      • Thieves should have their hands cut off.
      • For crimes requiring lashing, the person doing the lashing shouldn’t be too small or too big.  He should be just right.
  • Glenn wonders if there is anyone left in the world that recognizes the difference between good and evil.
  • He then discussed people who do not recognize what is going on and says they are not awake.
    • He thinks that maybe we should just ignore them and do what we know needs to be done.

Glenn’s Future Plans

Herman Cain

  • Glenn normally does not like politicians.
  • He heard Herman Cain speak at an event he was attending and was very impressed.
  • He introduced Mr. Cain and asked his views on the following topics…
    • Good and Evil in the Middle East
      • Mr. Cain says it is as clear as day for him.
      • Mr. Cain feels that President Obama threw Israel under the bus with his speech about the 1967 borders.
·        He feels it was very discourteous for the President to treat Prime Minister Netanyahu the way he did, speaking just two days before Netanyahu got to Washington.
    • The President says the Muslim Brotherhood is not a problem
      • Mr. Cain says they are a problem
      • They can change their name, but their stripes remain the same.
    • In an interview, you said you would not appoint a Muslim to a Cabinet position in your administration.
      • Mr. Cain said that answer was in response to a question that asked if he would be comfortable with a Muslim in that position.
·        Mr. Cain said that he would feel comfortable appointing a Muslim if he could be convinced that the Muslim put the Constitution of the US first.  He would be OK with that person.
·        Mr. Cain would not require a loyalty test of a Catholic or a Mormon, because there is a dangerous part of the Muslim faith that is not part of other religions.
·        What was in his mind when he heard that question was a speech he previously heard from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.  The Prime Minister said there were two things Americans should know…
        • Terrorism is going to last a long time.
        • They want to kill all of you (Americans).
    • Glenn and Mr. Cain discussed Sharia Law creeping into the country.
      • Mr. Cain mentioned a vote taken in Oklahoma in 2008. 
        • In that vote, 70% of voters said no Sharia law in Oklahoma.
        • A Federal Judge overturned that law.
    • Glenn asked what people should do when things like this happen.  Mr. Cain replied…
      • Write letters to the editor.
      • Get involved.  Get active.  This was what inspired him to run for President.
    • They discussed allies to the US.
      • Mr. Cain does not think President Obama sees Great Britain as an ally.
      • Mr. Cain does not think President Obama sees Israel as an ally – he threw them under the bus.
        • He does not think the US would help Israel if they were attacked.
        • Mr. Cain says he is on record as saying that he considers an attack on Israel the same as an attack on the US.
          • He feels this way because Israel has been the most consistent ally and friend in that part of the world.
          • We have shared values.
        • Mr. Cain volunteered that he will go to Israel with Glenn for his rally on 8/24.
          • He feels that Israel is an appropriate place for a Restoring Courage rally because Israel has been one of the most courageous nations on the planet.
        • Mr. Cain believes that Israel is a keystone.
          • If Israel could be destroyed, they would redirect all their hate on to the US.
        • Glenn noted that Mr. Cain was the Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, and, as such, has expertise with respect to what is happening in the financial markets. 
          • Mr. Cain feels that Europe is getting weaker.
            • The question is how fast it would fall.
          • Mr. Cain feels that the country is intentionally being made weaker.
            • Glenn noted that Texas has created 38% of all jobs in the last several years.
            • Texas is the state this President keeps throwing under the bus.
          • Mr. Cain feels that President Obama has no clue what creates jobs.  He suggests…
            • Right to work states.
            • Lower taxis.
            • Lower regulations.
            • No government mandates.
            • Texas has one of the most business friendly environments in the country.
            • The Texas legislature meets once every two years and then they go home.
            • Mr. Cain lives in Georgia where the legislature meets for a limited amount of time and then they go home.
          • Mr. Cain said that his message resonates with people because it is common sense.
          • His economic approach includes…
            • Lower corporate taxes to 25% maximum.
            • Suspend taxes on repatriated profits.
            • Capital gains tax rate should be zero.
            • Austin Goolsbee, a Presidential economic advisor said on a Sunday talk show program that the private sector is going to lead the way out of this recession.
              • The administration doesn’t believe in the private sector.
              • The trillion dollars spent made government bigger, but it didn’t grow the economy.

General Motors

  • Glenn noted that the average cost of gasoline is $3.75 per gallon.
    • That is $1 more than one year ago.
    • The GM CEO, Dan Akerson, is pushing for higher gas prices.

“You know what I’d rather have them do – this will make my Republican friends puke – as gas is going to go down here now.  We ought to just slap a 50 cent or a dollar tax on a gallon of gas.”

§         Mr. Akerson used to manage the Carlyle Group, a global private equity fund that has $106 billion in assets.  Some players in the Carlyle Group are…
·        George Soros
·        Madeleine Albright’s Daughter
·        Colin Powell
·        Prince Al-Waleed
    • The government is thinking about pushing for a 6% improvement in efficiency levels for cars.
      • That will add about $3,500 to the cost of each car.
    • When GM repaid part of the money that was loaned by the government, Jared Bernstein, Vice President Biden’s economic advisor was confused…

“It’s really had to know, he equivocated, because the funds are mixed together and it is like trying to put an omelet back together again.”

Speaking of Complicated

  • Glenn showed a video of Ben Bernanke responding to questions.
    • One questioner noted that new regulations required higher capital requirements and 300 new rules.
      • He asks if anyone studied the cumulative effect of all these things.

Decisions – Mistakes or Purposeful

  • Glenn and Mr. Cain discussed the many bad decisions that have been made by the administration since they took office.
    • Mr. Cain said that he hesitated for the first 12 months of this administration to say that they could make this many bad decisions.
      • Glenn said that people just don’t want to believe that there is an intent to do these things.
    • One topic discussed was the price of gasoline.  Mr. Cain says that studies show that $4 per gallon gas price is the tipping point.
      • Above that, families have to take that money out of another account.
        • A price higher than $4 per gallon puts a downward pressure on the economy.
      • Some of this is cumulative.  OPEC actions are added to whatever we do here.
    • Mr. Cain agrees that the Federal Reserve should be audited.
      • But he will not take the leadership position on that.
      • He is not a fan of Ben Bernanke.
      • Mr. Cain believes the Fed and the Treasury have become politicized.
      • Mr. Cain was the head of the Kansas City District of the Federal Reserve during the mid-1990s.
        • They would not have done what the current Fed is doing now.
    • As to the broader economy, Mr. Cain feels that if we do not change control of the White House and the Congress, we may not make it.
    • When Glenn asks how does a voter know who to trust, whom to vote for, Mr. Cain said that you wouldn’t know. 
      • You will have to look at something different.
      • It comes down to whom do you trust.
      • Mr. Cain does not believe President Obama has America’s best interests at heart.
    • During another interview several days ago, Mr. Cain said that, if he were President, he would not accept a bill more than 3 pages long.
      • Mr. Cain said that that was an exaggeration.
      • What he meant was that bills should be short and understandable.
    • Mr. Cain said that he was motivated to get involved when his child was born.

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