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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 7, 2011

In studio audience.

WeinerGate and the American Newsroom

  • Glenn discussed some aspects of the “Weiner Story” and asked the audience if they knew selected facts about this situation.
  • Glenn then played a game with the audience he called “Newsroom Editor”.
    • In this game, he put up a topic from the Weiner Story.  Below that, he put up a topic relating to the current economic news.
    • The choice for the audience was to pick between a Weiner fact and an economic fact to determine which one will get printed.
    • The economic facts presented were…
      • “The housing market of 2011 being worse than the great depression”
      • “The revelation that Geithner doled out billions secretly to his favorite banks”
        • These loans were for a special interest rate of 0.01%.
      • “China pumping big money into Latin America for oil, food, minerals”
        • It was later mentioned that China was also buying a number of European-based food companies.
    • There was some discussion as to why the Weiner topics were highly publicized and why the more significant economic topics were not.  Both Glenn and the audience had various theories as to why that might occur.
      • Glenn suggested that it was a form of “Cakes and Circuses” which was used by the Romans to placate the crowds.

Other Economic Topics

  • Glenn used other chalkboards with various economic headlines.
    • There was some discussion with the audience as to the significance of those headlines.
    • Glenn noted that James Carville, a prominent Democratic strategist, predicted social unrest…

“People, you know, if it continues, we’re going to start to see civil unrest in this country.  I hate to say that, but I think it’s imminently possible.”

      • Glenn asks, if you are the President, what do you do?
      • If the President is doing his job, he will tell the people to be prepared.  That means…
        • Prepare your family with essentials.
          • Food/Water
          • Shelter
          • Debt Reduction
        • Know the Constitution and the Founders.
        • Spirit – know God.

Second Amendment

  • Glenn noted that the Second Amendment does much more than guarantee your right to a gun.
    • It basically says that you, the people, are in charge.
      • Of your personal safety.
      • Of the country.
    • He asks why are we waiting around for some government official to give us permission to get prepared?

Does History Repeat Itself?

  • Glenn had some college students from the audience go to the chalkboard and had them list similarities between the Great Depression and today.
  • After the students were done, there was some discussion as to what they had listed.
  • Glenn turned over one of the chalkboards and discussed ideological movements during the 1930s and the parallels today…

1930s            National               Soviet                                                   Free
         Socialists            Communists                  Fascists            Republics        

Where          Germany              Russia                          Italy                  UK/US

Today            Middle            Revolutionaries               China

·        Glenn made the point that history shows the way and, if we pay attention, we can apply those lessons to today.

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