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Monday, June 6, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 6, 2011

Congressman Weiner’s (D-NT) Confession

  • Glenn discussed the latest revelation about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s escapades. 
    • Glenn hopes this confession will be enough to remove the congressman from office.
    • Otherwise, he will be emboldened.
    • Last year, the congressman was holding hearings and declaring Glenn unethical.

Israeli Border Incident

  • Glenn discussed the Israeli border incident and how he predicted the events (attempted crossing by civilians, shooting by Israeli troops to stop them, exploitation of photos of the dead and wounded to make Israel look bad) and then showed video clips from another network showing those events happening along the Israel border.
  • He then showed the headline of an article from Ynet News, “Anti-Israel rioters paid $1,000”.
  • Glenn points out that while Israel was accused of killing 25 people at the border, the Syrian government has killed 70 anti-government demonstrators.

Obama’s Friend Khaliti

  • Rasheed Khaliti is a friend of President Obama.
    • Rasheed is a professor at Columbia.
  • He is pro-Palestinian and last year raised funds for a Gaza Freedom Flotilla ship.
    • He named the ship “The Audacity of Hope”.
    • It was named after one of President Obama’s autobiographies.
    • The President got the title from a sermon given by the Reverend Wright.
  • Khaliti has again raised funds for a ship to sail in this year’s flotilla.
  • Both Khaliti and President Obama know Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, Weather Underground terrorists from the 1960s.
    • Both Ayres and Dorn are participating in the flotilla.
  • Before he was President, Obama gave a going away speech at Khaliti’s going away party.
    • Glenn does not have a video from that going away party.
    • The Los Angeles Times does have a video from that party.
      • They refuse to release it because “it is not relevant”.
  • Glenn had an intern for two years who had a class from Professor Khaliti.
    • In the first lecture, Professor Khaliti said…

“Fallacious notion that the Mid East is a region deprived of democracy and freedom.  Every place on earth is in support of the Palestinians except the US and Israel.  The US and Israel can do anything they want because of their status as a superpower.”

·        Glenn said that a lot of our universities are pushing bigotry.
o       This is an example of anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bigotry.
o       And this administration embraces this kind of thinking.

San Francisco Circumcision Ban

·        Last week, what Glenn said on the ban was that it did not have anything to do with health.
·        It is all about anti-Semitism.
·        It is evil.
·                    Mathew Hess wrote the San Francisco bill.
·                    Hays also wrote a comic book “Foreskin Man”.
·        It is being handed out in California.
·        Glenn then paged through the comic book and read out the story.
·        The story was about Foreskin Man crashing a Briss Celebration and kidnaps the boy.
·        He then hands the boy over to another group who then proceeds to burn a wooden menorah.
·        Mr. Hess says about “Foreskin Man” being anti-Semitic…

“A lot of people have said that, but we’re not trying to be anti-Semitic.  We’re trying to be pro-human rights.”

·        The movement to ban circumcisions is gaining momentum.
o       It is adding support in Santa Monica.
·        The end goal is…

“The end goal for us is making cutting boys foreskin a federal crime.”

·        The full comic can be seen at


·        Glenn says there are three things they are trying to separate us from…
o       God
o       Capitalism
o       Each other
·        Israel is surrounded by hatred and violence.
o       Now, the President wants to have Israel go back to the 1967 borders, leaving Israel incapable of defending itself.

Guest:  Denny Danon, Deputy Speaker of the Israeli Knesset

  • The comic book is sick.
  • It is anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.
    • But this is only a beginning.
  • The Syrian President is using the border incident to distract his own people.
    • Today, Syrian policemen killed 120 people.
  • I live in the middle of Israel; four miles form Judea and Sumerian.
    • To go back to the 1967 lines would put my family and many Jews in jeopardy.
  • We share common values with America.
  • We are a democracy.
  • We are confused. 
    • We saw American troops kill Bin Laden, which is great, but your American President wants us to sit down with Hamas, which is just like Al Queda.
  • The American people should speak up.
  • We see a threat coming from Iran.
    • But Iran is not just a threat to Israel, but to America as well.
  • We cannot afford to make a mistake.
    • The American people can make a mistake and recover from it.
    • If we make a mistake, it will be irreversible and we will have nowhere to go.

Pro-Israel Parade in New York

  • There was a pro-Israel parade in New York yesterday.
  • Glenn showed video of people marching and carrying signs.
  • He also showed pictures of dump trucks parked at intersections to stop traffic. 
  • He said that police were all over providing security.
  • Counter-demonstrators were also there.
  • Glenn discussed his long, but not close association with Senator Joseph Liberman (I – CT).
  • Glenn and the senator do not agree on many things, but they do both agree on the importance of Israel.
  • Long ago, Senator Liberman helped Glenn get into Yale.

Guest:  Senator Joe Liberman (I – CT)
  • Glenn’s 8/24 rally is important.
  • Glenn’s 8/28 rally last year convinced him that this was going to be a worthwhile project.
  • A problem in American politics is that you have to agree with others 100% or else.
  • He will be with Glenn in Israel on 8/24, depending on the Senate schedule.
  • To the Senator, this is about shared values.
    • Israel is the first line of defense.
  • When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before the joint session of Congress, every person in the room was with him and with Israel.
  • If you agree on this issue, now is the time to come together.

Current Events

  • Twenty four percent of our teens are unemployed.
  • China dropped 97% of its US Treasury holdings.
  • Housing prices are down, sales are down.
  • Gas, food and unemployment are up.
  • Fifty thousand people demonstrated in Greece protesting government austerity plans.
    • Solidarity rallies started in Spain
  • Glenn predicts that the US will receive an influx of investment money out of Europe as it seeks a safer refuge.
    • This will only be a short-term effect, though.
    • But, he feels we will be the next domino.
  • At the Chrysler plan in Toledo, the President made a stupid joke.
    • He also talked about bumps in the economic road.
      • Those bumps are due to the President’s policies.
        • He stopped the US from drilling in the Gulf, but allowed Brazil to drill.
        • Highest gas prices ever.
        • He pushed for cap and trade.
        • With regard to the instability in the Middle East, the President is encouraging these events.
          • He compared the guy in Tunisia who started these things to Rosa Parks.
        • The skyrocketing cost of food.
          • They are throwing away food in Europe.

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