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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 22, 2011

In studio audience.

Competing View of “Change”

  • Back in January, critics derided Glenn for predicting the formation of an Islamic Caliphate.
    • He held up a book, published in the US, about the Caliphate and how it could be put together.
    • He showed a portion of a video form the UK, “Our Vision for Change” supporting a Caliphate.
  • Glenn made the point that “change” may be important to America, but there is a competing vision for change and for how things are run – a worldwide Caliphate.
  • He showed a portion of a video of Louis Farrakhan saying that your time to rule is done.


  • Glenn discussed yesterday’s program devoted to energy and how the government is locking it up to keep it from use.

Children Unprepared

  • He then turned his attention to the 25 – 60 year old generations and how they turned their children over to the schools and to TV to raise them.
    • Now, the kids are going out into the world unprepared.
  • Today, we endorse an educational system that does not teach critical thinking, but passing a test.
    • This system produces only 12% of high school seniors with a grasp of their own nation’s history.
    • That system is repeated at the college level and those graduates have hundreds of thousands of dollars in college loans to repay.
  • He showed a graph of the increasing costs of education – up as much as 400% since 1941 – 1945.

Question and Answer

Glenn and the audience of college-age young adults participated in a question and answer session.  They discusses…

  • The value of a college education.
  • What do you do after college.
  • What opportunities are available.
  • Do you know what you want before you go to college.
  • You need guidance for some learning, but $50,000?
  • Interns and internships.
  • Integrity.

Anthony Irsik, Overachiever

Glenn introduced Anthony Irsik, age 11, from Alaska.

·        Anthony aimed to unite churches in his Alaska community.

·        He hosted a “Singspiration” event (

The Original Argument

  • Josh Charles heard Glenn’s request for an updated version of the Federalist Papers.
    • He went out and did it.
    • Josh finally got the material to Glenn.
    • Glenn published it as “The Original Argument”.
  • Glenn announced on the show that the book debuted as Number One on the New York Times Book Review list.

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