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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 15, 2011

Current Events

  • Glenn showed videos of the demonstrations in Greece and commented about…
    • Standard and Poors now rates Greek bonds 8 notches below junk status.
    • They now rate it as the lowest rated country in the world.
    • Even George Soros has said…

“Time is working against Euro zone solution.”

    • Moodys has placed France’s top three banks on review for possible downgrade citing exposure to Greece’s debt crisis.
    • The DOW is down 179 points today.
    • In an appearance, President Obama indicated that automation is the real culprit in job losses.

Programs Remaining


Transformative Times

  • There are people who want to transform America and the globe into something it is not.
  • They want to take the problems we have as a country and push them up to the globe.
    • It will not work.
  • We need to link arms with our neighbors and through our houses of worship, take care of each other.
  • Globalism is increasing in popularity in certain circles.
    • They have mastered the art of hiding in plain sight and then just dismissing it as a joke.
    • As an example, the UN’s “Earth Summit Agenda 21”.
      • They refer to it as “sustainable development”.
    • Agenda 21 is defined by the UN as…

“Comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations or the United Nations system government and major groups in every area in which humans impact on the environment.”

·        It was adopted by 178 nations (out of a total of 191).

·        Section I Social and Economic Dimensions

o       This part of the document talks about redistribution of wealth, changing consumption patterns, protecting health, changing populations and sustainable development.

·        Chapter 7

“Developed countries and funding agencies should provide specific assistance to developing countries in adopting an enabling approach to the provision of shelter for all…”

·        In short, government housing for all.

·        When you read through it, sustainable development is central control over all aspects of human life on earth.

Who’s Involved?

  • Gro (inaudible)
    • First VP of Socialist International.
    • Close friend of the Clintons.
    • She coined the term “sustainable development”.
  • Maurice Strong
    • A Globalist.
    • On the Board of the Chicago Climate Exchange.
    • Advocates licenses to be allowed to have children.
    • Advocates collapsing the industrial civilizations of the world.

What Does This Mean To You?

  • There is a chance your local government is actively implementing this scheme.
  • Local Governments for Sustainability, I.C.L.E.I.
    • Launched in 1990 with a handful of local governments.
    • Now over 1,200 local governments are involved.
    • Anything dealing with zoning, open space, environmentally related items like smart meters can fall into this category of “sustainable development”.


  • George Soros
    • Funds I.C.L.E.I.
  • Green for All
    • Van Jones’ group.   He said…

“Our green future will be invented at the local level…around the country we are witnessing cities and mayors taking the lead and developing locally-tailored action plans for fighting pollution and poverty at the same time.”

·        Apollo Alliance (Part of the Tides Foundation)

o       Phil Angelides, the Chairman, spoke at an ICLEI event and said…

“Our dependence on oil is causing economic instability, warming the earth’s temperature, and threatening our national security…cities are at the forefront of the movement to forge a new economic strategy that is focused on developing clean sources of energy and millions of family-supporting jobs.”

o       Glenn notes that if these family-supporting jobs really worked, we would have seen it in Spain. 

§         It did not.

§         This is not about the globe.

·        Center for American Progress

“Solving global warming means investing in new infrastructure, building strong communities and creating good jobs.  Local government are leading the nation in shifting to a low carbon economy today, in the face of federal inaction.”

·        Annie Leonard

o       She is the “Story of Stuff” lady.

Far Behind

·        When you dig into this stuff, it is the same players.

·        They are working to a structure put into place years ago.

·        We are playing catch up.

·        God is not uninvolved in Man’s freedom.

·        The only reason we found out about this is because people are paying attention to their local community.

·        Look for the buzzwords “sustainable development” and “social justice”.

·        Those who want more governmental controls are never going to come out and say it.

Education – Scoring Proficient and Above

  • 20% of 4th graders.
  • 17% of 8th graders.
  • 12% of 12th graders.

  • No country can continue to survive with numbers this low.
  • Glenn discussed several of the questions asked on the test.
  • Know your history.

New Approach

  • Glenn is changing his direction to start working on solutions.
    • The Fox network just wants to discuss the problems.
  • Tomorrow’s program is all about history.
  • History is important because the basics remain to be faced over and over.  They may look different because of technology, but the underlying issues have been around since humanity began.
    • Glenn feels he is good at predicting events because he knows history

The Original Argument

  • Our Founding Fathers were the Steve Jobs and the Bill Gates of their time.
  • They studied history and knew that even well crafted governments would some day face violence as groups passionate about a cause got together.
  • We saw that with…
    • Madison, WI
      • When the unions got together to oppose the Governor’s austerity program.
    • SEIU
      • Organized against the banks.
  • The Federalist Paper Number 10
    • Glenn discussed the basics of this paper, which says that people are different in terms of ability and interests, but are equal in terms of opportunity.
      • Equal justice, not social justice.
  • As great as it is, the Constitution cannot run on autopilot.
    • We must get involved.

August 2nd

  • This is the day the debt ceiling is reached.
  • How to solve the spending problem?
    • The Post Office has a suggestion for how to get rid of their $8.5 billion deficit.
      • Don’t drop Saturday deliveries.  That would affect 80,000 jobs and save only $3 billion.
    • He suggests using the letter carriers to…

“…conducting the census or national polling, delivering medications or helping law enforcement in any number of ways.

They can work with Homeland Security to detect things that are in the air.”

·        Glenn humorously suggests they can also pick up the trash, fight fires, wear guns and help solve crimes.

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