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Friday, June 3, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 2, 2011

In studio audience

Current Events

  • Glenn showed a new pro-Palestinian music video.
    • It is being pre-released via churches.
    • It was produced by One World.
      • Glenn doesn’t know their history or if they know what destroying Israel means.
      • He thought it was important to show all sides.
      • They claim they made it because…

“Human rights abuse and [living] in crushing poverty in refugee camps and under Israeli occupation.”

        • The ultimate goal of the propaganda effort is to have everyone “know” that Jews are “occupiers” and that Palestinians are being “oppressed”.
  • He showed a web page from Britain 2 Gaza. 
    • It publicizes the Freedom Flotilla.
    • It is being made to look like it is a new beginning for Palestine when it is really about the end of Israel.
    • It is being packaged so that everyone can embrace that theme – if you are not paying close attention.

A Call for Assistance

  • Glenn is putting out a call to artists and Hollywood people to stand up and contribute.
  • It is about being a shield for Jerusalem and Israel and truth.
  • Speaking to Israel, he notes that the official administration does not necessarily speak for the American people.
  • Glenn has a yard sign that can be downloaded and printed.
  • He suggests annoying friends and irritate strangers on this topic.
  • Glenn showed a saying from the Talmud…

“He who saves a single life saves the entire world.”

·        That saying was engraved on a ring given to Shindler (of Shindler’s List) by the Jews working for him.
o       Glenn discussed his reactions to seeing the movies Shindler’s List and Life is Beautiful.
(He was pretty broken up about these topics.)

Mien Kampf

·        He is planning a trip to Auschwitz, even though he doesn’t really want to go.
·        When Hitler became Chancellor, his book, Mien Kampf outsold the bible.  It sold more than 100,000 copies in two months.
·        It is very clear from what was in that book that the German people knew what was happening.
·        It basically said, Kill the Jews.
·        Glenn noted that he is of German descent.
·        In the 1930s, people turned a blind eye to the hatred (of Jews).

The Righteous Among the Nations

·        He showed a stack of volumes of The Righteous Among the Nations.
·        The Righteous Among the Nations were those people who helped Jews to escape being killed by the Nazis.
·        Some books contained the names of people from one country.
·        Other books combined countries together.

·        He showed a copy of a notice that was printed at that time in three languages. 
o       It basically said, If you help a Jew, you would be shot.
·        Glenn said that there is an effort to diminish the Holocaust. 
o       People like Iran’s Ahmadinejad will chip away at that memory.
o       When those that are alive today that have gone through it are gone, there will be no one to look them in the eye and say “I was there!”


Glenn had several Holocaust survivors in the audience today.  He had them tell their stories.
·        Kristin Keren
·        She and her family lived in a Polish sewer for 14 months.
·        When asked, she says she remembers everything.
·        A picture of her as an adult was shown standing near the sewer cover where the family came out of the sewer.
·        By coincidence, they met a sewer worker.
o       He saved them by bringing them food every day.
·        After a few months, she got very depressed.
o       The sewer worker brought her to a place where she could see some light and convinced her to have patience until she could live above ground like everyone else.
·        She noted that Poland was very anti-Semitic and it was difficult to get help.
o       None of the family friends helped her family.
·        She authored the book “The Girl in the Green Sweater”.

·        Marian, Kristin’s husband
·        He and his mother were saved by Shindler (of Shindler’s List).
·        They knew him before the troubles began.
·        They were sent to a labor camp and Shindler got them out by bribing the guards.

o       Glenn also suggests reading “The Girl in the Green Sweater” ( )
o       Mordecai is a Holocaust survivor from France.
o       A priest arranged for him and his family to escape to Switzerland.
o       The only common thread he found among all those that saved the Jews was the inspiration they had that Jews were human and should be treated as such.

o       Felipe Propper, Son of Eduardo Popper de Callejon, on of the Righteous Among the Nations.
o       In 1940, Eduardo risked his job to provide visas to thousands of Jews to allow them to leave France.
o       Felipe learned from his father…
§         The importance of having values.
§         The importance of taking life from a long-term point of view, not a quarterly point of view.
§         The importance of holding to one’s beliefs.
§         In 1940, his father was 45 and he was 10.

o       Two Sisters, Sally and Merriam
o       They survived in an attic.
o       The husband that saved her family knew them and had a connection with them.
o       His wife did not know them and was not very agreeable.
o       They gave the family hiding them all their jewelry.  The family was poor and could not otherwise support them.

o       Reha Abraham Sokolow
o       A housewife saved them.
§         She was appalled by what was being done to the Jews in Berlin.
§         She approached Reha’s mother on the street and volunteered to help.

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