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Monday, June 13, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 13, 2011

Last Show

  • June 30th is the last show for Glenn on Fox.  That means that there are just 14 shows left.
  • Glenn discussed the tough times ahead and asks, if true, what do we do?

    1. Prepare for tough times.
    2. Prepare to help others.
    3. Prepare to explain and teach the truth.

Two Pictures

  • Glenn discussed two pictures.

1.      A House in Alabama

a.       This house was struck by a tornado.

b.      A FEMA inspector was by, saw the damage and ruled that it was safe to stay there.

c.       The result was that the family could not qualify for federal aid.

d.      Then, Glenn showed the pictures of the family standing where their house use to be with only the foundation blocks remaining.

e.       Glenn noted that if the federal government was a private company, they would all be in jail.

f.        George Washington said to never give the government this much power, but we have.

g.       We need to speak the truth.

                                                                                       i.      There are people in this country, both in government and out, that want to transform us into something we have never been.

2.      A Picture of the Fabian Socialist Stained Glass Window

a.       This window shows revolutionaries heating up the globe and molding it to better fit their heart’s desires.

                                                                                       i.      This is what is happening in our world today.  They are molding it closer to their heart’s desire.

Current Problems (Among Others)

·        Debt Ceiling – We could…

·        Raise it – But we are broke and can’t afford it.

·        Don’t Raise It – The economy dives into a tailspin.

·        QE2 (Money Printing/Inflation) ending.

·        QE2 is ending this summer.

·        It is printing money and throwing it at the economy.

·        Historically, this never works.

·        There will be calls for QE3.

·        The people are not ready and there could be civil unrest.

·        Or, we could print more money, thereby making everything you buy more expensive and that will ultimately lead to civil unrest.

The Timing’s The Thing

·        The White House seeks Israeli Agreement…

“We have a month to see if we can work something out with the Israelis and the Palestinians as accepting these principals as a basis for negotiations.

o       Glenn humorously points out that this problem has existed for decades, hundreds of years even.  Thirty days ought to be plenty of time to solve that problem.

o       If Israel goes along with the 1967 borders, it will lead to the destruction of Israel and the Western way of life.

o       However, if they don’t go along, the US will have to cut back on support for Israel.

Right as Rain

  • Glenn notes that he has been right about these events over the last 27 months of his program.
    • He asks if you think this is right, what would you do to prepare?
    • Others are preparing.
      • A new report has talked about farmers in Africa are being driven off their land, nearly 150 million acres, about the size of France, has been gobbled up since the financial crash in 2009.
      • He showed a CNN article from June 12th, “African ‘Land Grab’ Sparks Controversy”

“Vast new industrial farming projects backed by European hedge funds seeking profits and foreign countries looking for cheap food.”

o       Land can be bought in war torn countries for 80 cents per acre.

o       The hedge funds are seeing their investments pay off at 20% to 40% per year.

o       Glenn says he is a capitalist and doesn’t have a problem with people making investments.  However, he does mind if someone uses their influence to destroy someone who tells you to prepare and then goes out to buy farmland, so he is prepared.

o       George Soros is investing in Sierra Leone.  He has plans for…

o       Cocoa

o       Rice

o       Banana

o       Rice Mills

o       Obviously, Soros and the people like him are betting on higher food prices.

o       American universities are also buying farmland.

o       Remember – Last year experts told us we would need a perfect growing season to avoid food shortages and higher prices. 

o       Since then we have had floods, fires, ecoli outbreaks, etc.

Be Prepared – Who Me?

·        Glenn notes that no one in the government is telling you to get prepared.

·        You don’t need to prepare, but the FBI does.  “F. B. I. Agents get leeway to push privacy bounds”

Under new rules, they will be able to “go through household trash or use surveillance teams to scrutinize the lives of people who have attracted their attention.”  (New York Times, June 12th)

Glenn wonders where the media and the warrant-less wiretap complainers are now?

International Treaty at Home

·        He also notes that the UN is pushing an international small arms treaty to support fighting terrorism.  It may also be that it may lead to stricter gun licensing and the possibility of a gun registry.

We Don’t Need No Stinking Coal!

·        Cass Sunsteen and President Obama’s plans for the coal industry are succeeding.

·              At least five coal-fired power plants are being closed rather than being upgraded to meet new regulatory requirements.

·              President Obama says he is banking on clean energy.

·  Glenn hopes that will all work out.

       War Number 4

·  The war in Yemen continues, but we don’t hear very much about it.

       Van  Jones

·  Van Jones, an avowed communist, has launched “The American Dream” Movement.

·        The American Dream as you know it has not ended.

·        The “American Dream” Movement as Van Jones and this White House understands it is about your money, your pension, your job and your house.

·        Glenn played a portion of a video of Van Jones speaking at an event on June 1st.

“The threat to the President and the Democrat Party that built up as a nation over a hundred years of progress toward the beauty of our founding dream.”

·        Glenn notes the country was founded over 200 years ago.  They are fighting for a different American Dream.  – And you need to know the difference.

·        Be prepared.

The Root Cause

·        The Egyptian cleric said that Muslims financial problems all stem from the fact that they gave up the Jihad.  His solution…

o       Go on raids

o       Bring back prisoners like women and children.

o       Where?  From America.

o       And then?  They would be brought back and sold like groceries.

o       He later said that he was taken out of context.

New Summer Camp

·        The Hamas summer camp is reporting a record turnout.  The headline of an article reads…

“Hamas Summer Camps Train next Generation Terrorists”

o       Last year, they had 100,000 campers.

      Urban Violence

·        Glenn discussed a mob fight at a McDonalds in San Jose, CA.

o       At least 2 people were stabbed.

o       He noted that businesses called the police, but they did not show up for hours.

o       San Jose is having a budget crisis and there has been a police cutback.

·        He listed various “War Zones” that happened over the Memorial Day weekend.

o       Miami

o       New York

o       Chicago

o       Charlotte

o       Nashville

o       Boston

·        Also, “Mob Robbing” is becoming popular. 

o       In this, a bunch of youths show up at a store, take what they want and then leave.

·        Chicago – Violence there is so bad, tourists are being told not to go to the Magnificent Mile, the city’s primary shopping district.

o       He showed an article…

“Police here are girding for another weekend of “flash mob” attacks after arresting 29 people in connection with a recent rash of robberies and assaults in and around the city’s shopping and dining district.  Twelve crimes involving large groups of young men were reported last weekend.  In addition to others earlier this spring…The attacks have received wide attention in Chicago because they have occurred around the city’s affluent north side, including near the “Magnificent Mile”, a Michigan Avenue strip popular with tourists.”

·        On Memorial Day in Chicago, there were at least 6 dead and at least 21 wounded.

o       In Afghanistan, this would be a terrible day, but this was in Chicago.

·        A Chicago newspaper article read, “Chicago Lawmakers:  Call in the National Guard”

“Two lawmakers who believe violence has become so rampant in Chicago that the Illinois National Guard must be called in to help.  They made a public plea to the governor, Pat Quinn, Sunday to deploy troops.”

·        Glenn brings this up because it is part of the preparation.

o       We assumed that our children would be like us, but they don’t have the foundation we had.

o       Get involved.  Teach your children and grandkids.

o       Tomorrow he starts a new program on the Constitution.

§         More information at

     What’s In A Name?

·              The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has changed its name.  It is now the Freedom and Justice Party.

·        Glenn thinks it’s weird because it shares the same sentiment as the Teachers Union in California.

·        The California Faculty Association has a Peace and Justice Committee.

o       They have a strange interest in the plight of the Palestinians.

·        Glenn wonders why the California teachers union, an arm of SEIU, is spending so much time on anti-Israel resolutions and getting cop killers out of prison.

Religious Tolerance

  • The headline from an article in an Egyptian newspaper reads “Eritrean Christians facing ‘unimaginable suffering’ in Egypt.  They are facing “imprisonment, torture, beatings and sexual assault.”
    • Glenn wonders where the media is on all of this story.
    • He then showed a number of violent incidents against Christians in Egypt that scrolled up the screen.
    • America is not a democracy, it is a republic.  America should stand by Christians and Jews in the Middle East.

You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

  • Glenn feels that things are going to get worse this Fall unless we can turn this around.

Recommended Book

Power to the People

The Founders knew that, at some point in the future, the country would get away from the Constitution.  But they felt the people at the time would do the right thing.


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