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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 20, 2011

Not Under God

  • Glenn discussed and showed an NBC video of the pledge of allegiance wherein someone had edited out the words “under God indivisible”.
    • The video was shown just before a golf program.  A voiceover apology was provided.

He notes that there are nine shows remaining.

The Pledge of Allegiance

Glenn dissects the pledge and discusses the components to see if it still applies.

  • One Nation – Are we?
    • He notes that we are pitted against each other. 
      • The haves against the have nots;
      • We’re all socialists now! Or we’re teabaggers that drove us into the ditch. 
      • There are those that believe in the Constitution and there are those who want to make progress beyond an outdated document.
  • Under God – The number of people who report no religious identity has increased 500% since 1948.
    • Believers amount to 92%.
  • Liberty – Do we know what liberty is anymore?
    • We allowed the government to take over GM.
    • Healthcare legislation requires you to buy a healthcare insurance product.
    • Children are getting physically abused during pat downs at the airports and no one says anything.
    • Glenn doesn’t feel that we understand liberty.


  • Texas has created 48% of all U.S. jobs (237,000 of 496,000) from June 2009 – April 2011.
  • The EPA mandates the Federal Clean Air Transport Rule for Texas.  The ruling will cost the state billions.  Texas officials wrote a complaint, which, in part, says…

“This is a significant regulatory action costing the state of Texas billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lost megawatts of electric power generation.”

Glenn asks why this action is being imposed on Texas when almost half of the jobs being created are added there?


  • Glenn feels we are becoming a mob-ocracy.
    • The power goes to those with the most money.
      • The unions.  They go to people’s houses and they demonstrate in the streets.

·        Indivisible – The glue that holds this thing together is knowing history and knowing God.

    • If we abandon history and God, we are not indivisible.
      • We fall apart.
    • Glenn showed a picture of the singer Shakira. 
      • She was to go to Israel for a conference.
        • Now, special interests groups are pressuring her to cancel the trip to “protest apartied” and support Palestinian “liberation”.
    • Glenn is also targeted.
      • The group Americans for Peace Now has a similar program directed against Glenn’s rally in August.
        • This group is funded by George Soros and the Tides Foundation.
      • The Washington Post ran an article entitled “Joe Liberman joining Glenn Beck in Israel”.  In part, it read…

“If he (Liberman) shares a stage with this creature, he will surrender the decency that has defined his public life.

When I spoke to Liberman, he sounded less definite,  ‘Am I going to go?  I don’t know’, he said.  ‘I’ve got a lot of other things going on.’  I hope he finds something else to do on August 24th.  As he approaches his senate retirement, it would spare him a shameful end to a dignified career.”

Glenn called the Senator to apologize to him for putting him in this position.  He was left with the impression the Senator is more committed after the article then before.

The attacks are coming because they need to intimidate people.  Nudge becomes shove.  Shove becomes shoot.

Under the Thumb

  • Throughout history, Man has always been under the thumb of someone.
    • The Founders knew the history of Man and how he was oppressed.
      • That’s why the Constitution is a document of negative liberties.

Palestinian Plight

  • Glenn says he recognizes the plight of the Palestinians.
    • He showed a map of the Middle East, highlighting Israel and Jordan.
      • He asks that since the original land from which Israel was formed, Transjordan, why not partition the other piece, Jordan, which is about six times the size of Israel.


  • The first phase was to jam things through Congress – make them irrelevant.
  • The second phase was to make sure you have all the framework in place.
  • Now is the time to set things on fire – bottom up and top down.
  • Those on the far left know this is their opportunity.

Deepak Chopra

·        Deepak Chopra wrote the most hate filled piece against Sarah Palin Glenn had ever seen.  A copy is up at

Van Jones

·        Glenn showed a video of Van Jones speaking at a Netroots convention.

o     Some of the rant was against Fox News.

o     Glenn notes that he has never called Van Jones un-American or anything other than what Van Jones has called himself.

o     He suggests that if Jones has a problem with what he is hearing, he should examine his own positions.

Look Around

·        Glenn asks his viewers to look at our society here and elsewhere around the world.

o     He thinks it is breaking down.

o     Part of it is when governments go bad – when they lie to their own people.

·      Then, they need to be reset.

·        Spain- Hundreds of thousands demonstrate.

·        Greece – More protests and violence because of austerity measures.

o     Everyone said it couldn’t happen and now it is again.

o     They said it wouldn’t need another bailout.  Greece just received one for eighty five billion euros to avoid bankruptcy.

o     Ultimately, it will go bankrupt.

·        UK – Some leaders are advocating leaving the Euro zone. 

o     Some experts are asking if Europe would survive.

o     It won’t.

·        US – Teen flash-mobs are on the rise.  95% of the 125 shops in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile report being victimized by organized groups in the last year.


  • Glenn notes that freedom has not taken root in Iraq or Afghanistan.
    • Why?
    • Because it is not part of their culture.
  • He feels that our freedom here is uniquely American.
  • He discussed how the Left has demonized almost everyone who is successful.
  • He also talked about how, in a civilized society, we don’t have the right to take from others, even to pull ourselves up.

Crop Diversity

  • Glenn discussed the Global Crop Diversity Vault, located off the northern coast of Norway.
    • It’s purpose is to store seeds of every variety of plant “just in case” of some catastrophe.
  • He notes that here in the US we have lost over 14,900 varieties of apples.  One hundred years ago, there were more than `5,000 apple varieties.  Now there are 11 (ea).
  • Bees.  Bees are dying out.  No one knows why.  Four species of bees have been basically wiped out in the last 20 years.

Homework This Summer

  • He has provided lists of books to read and organizations to check out on his web site,  He asks that you…

·        Read history.

·        Read about someone you admire.

·        Stop trying so hard (to convince those who can’t be convinced).


  • Only 24% of consumers have 6 months of reserves available for emergencies.

·              These days, most people can’t do that.

Form Groups

  • Glenn suggests forming groups so as to share skills.

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