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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 23, 2011


  • President Obama is releasing 60 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
    • Glenn thought that the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was for, well, strategic reasons.
      • Like a war.
        • On second thought, that would never happen.
    • Glenn notes that if we end up with a problem, no one is going to do a Marshall Plan for us.
      • We are going to have to figure it out on our own.
  • Saudi Arabia is building up its nuclear energy capability.
    • They say it is because they are running a little low on oil.

Ben Bernanke

  • Ben Bernanke was shown in a video saying that they don’t know why the economy isn’t doing well
    • Glenn suggests that if Mr. Bernanke doesn’t know what’s wrong with the economy, he stop trying to fix it.

Hizb Ut-Tahrir

  • Hizb Ut-Tahrir is a Muslim group that hosts an annual conference.
  • Their current publication says…

“In the Muslim world we work at all levels of society to bring the Muslims back to living an Islamic way of life under the shade of the Khilafah (Caliphate).”

·        Glenn showed a video they put out which put out a call to 44 countries.

o       In the video they referenced colonialism.

o       During that segment, they showed pictures of the leaders of Great Britain, the US and of Israel.

·        Glenn asked if that wasn’t what the President and all his friends were against.

·        A high ranking Pakistani Army general was detained for ties to this group.

Anti-Israeli Calls

·        Anti-Israel calls are not coming from just the Middle East.

o       It’s happening all around the world, even in America.

§         Congresswoman Lynn Woolsy was at a Code Pink event. 

·        She participated in an anti-Israeli chant while on stage and told a complimentary short story about the Code Pink member that heckled Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu when he addressed the joint session of Congress.

June 15th Conference

Video segments were shown for the following:

  • Louis Farrakhan – He said that America’s power will be broken in war.
  • Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney – She appeared on Libyan TV and discussed bringing Libyan style direct democracy to the US.
  • Brian Becker – International A.N.S.W.E.R. – showed prior video of him saying, “…violence is sometimes necessary…”
    • Glenn notes that since they view us, the US, as the oppressor, they will be using violence against us.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla News

The following news organizations will be sailing along with the Freedom Flotilla.

  • New York Times
  • CNN
  • CBS

Iranian Nukes

The Iranian President said today that he has no problem producing nukes.

Rick Santorum

Glenn introduced Rick Santorum, a GOP Presidential Candidate.  Glenn would name a topic and Senator Santorum would respond.

  • Israel
    • Essential for Jewish people and key to the US strategic interests in the Middle East.
    • We should not force Israel into any negotiation until the Palestinians agree Israel has a right to exist.
  • President Obama’s Foreign Policy
    • Our current President is something of an internationalist, working with the international community to their ends, not to the national security ends of this country or those of our allies.
  • Courage
    • The Senator talked about a Union soldier, Dr. Lawrence Chamberlain, and what he accomplished at the Battle of Gettysburg.  Dr Chamberlain led his troops in defeating a Confederate attack on the second day of the battle, even to the point of carrying out a bayonet charge when they ran out of ammunition.
    • Dr. Chamberlain spoke at an event 25 years later and discussed how people that came after those that fought there would remember what they had done that day.
    • The Senator also spoke of President Reagan’s farewell address, noting that his (Reagan’s) concern was about Americans not appreciating what America is – not understanding who we are, not being proud of what America is.
  • Education
    • The worse subject in our schools is not math and science.  It is history.
      • He talked to a college professor in Iowa.
      • The professor teaches History 101 and gives all new students a citizenship test.  The results…
        • 40% Right Answers
        • 15% Pass Rate
    • Both he and Glenn feel that a country cannot survive with its citizens knowing and understanding so little about it.
  • Change
    • There is an organized effort to change what America is.
      • If you go back and read Obama’s campaign speeches…
        • Everybody focused on the hope and change.
        • But, the first three quarters of the speeches were a condemnation of what America is.  America, not George Bush.


  • Glenn held up a current copy of Time Magazine.
    • The cover story was “Does the US Constitution Still Matter?”  (Nah, they conclude.)
    • Glenn said the prior issue also had a dismissive article on the Constitution and the author wrote we should be more like Iceland – which is writing a new constitution on Facebook.
    • Part of the article said that we shouldn’t let the Constitution become an obstacle for the future.
  • Santorum said that that sentiment sounds like the Supreme Court.
    • That the Constitution is an impediment to bringing in international law, or what we know in our hearts to be true, etc.
  • His view of the Constitution is that it is like an owner’s manual for the country.


Santorum said he was on Glenn’s radio program six years ago when Glenn asked him 30 questions, which he had to answer only Yes, or No.  When done, he said there was a long pause and then Glenn said he could kiss the Senator in the mouth.

  • Budget Talks – Are they for real?
    • If headed by VP Biden, no.
  • Should we raise the debt ceiling?
    • Only if we get substantial spending cuts.
  • Afghanistan – The President’s Speech
    • The President had the opportunity to explain why we are there, the plan for victory, etc. 
      • Instead, all he talked about was the politics of bringing people home.
    • I don’t know of a President who has started his reelection campaign this early in his first term.
  • Libya – What are we doing there?
    • I don’t know.
    • He has an obligation to go before the people to explain and he hasn’t done that.
    • If I were President, I would have to honor commitments he made to NATO and others.  I would have to live with what he has agreed to.
  • America has caused some of it’s own problems?
    • Our foreign policy should be directed towards advancing the principals America was founded on – freedom.
  • Healthcare?
    • Repeal Obamacare.
  • Greece?
    • That’s an EU problem, not ours.
  • Will Europe implode if Greece implodes?
    • The Europeans will take care of their problems.
  • The Left – Organizing with radicals, Islamists, etc.
    • They do work together.
  • Oil
    • Drill everywhere.
  • Coal
    • Absolutely.  We have, at the present rate of consumption…
      • 263 years of oil
      • 200 years of natural gas.
      • 300 years of coal
  • Man Made Global Warming
    • There is none.
  • The Fed
    • Should be focused on inflation.
  • Bailouts
    • Against them.
  • GM
    • Get our money back.
  • Can government create jobs?
    • No.
    • A recent report says that for every government job created, we lose 2 in the private sector.

Holy War

  • Glenn said that Rolling Stones has an amazing article on Michelle Bachman and her Holy War.
    • They call her crazy.
    • Lots of smears.
    • It’s on everybody who believes in God.
  • Santorum said that the one freedom from which the others come is the freedom of religion.

Time’s Constitution Article

  • Glenn said that that article listed a number of things that the Founders could not have known about (including Lady Gaga).
  • Santorum said Yes, but they knew about truth and the nature of man.
    • The Constitution was created for a virtuous people.
    • Faith provides a worldview that creates virtuous people who can, with self-restraint, allow for limited government.
      • If you don’t have self-restraint, it will have to be imposed externally.
    • We have faith in freedom.
  • Glenn – Any truth the American people can’t handle?
    • I don’t think so.
  • Glenn – Are we at a tipping point?
    • This is the most important election since 1860.
    • This election will determine if government’s job is to protect the rights given to us by God, or will government (interrupted by commercial).

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