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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 29, 2011

In studio audience

Tomorrow is the last show.

Lied To

  • You are being lied to.
  • From, this is what Washington is worried about.

§         A nuclear armed Iran? – No

§         Egypt under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood? – No

§         Oil spike due to an unstable Middle East? No

·        Do we have a plan to deal with an interruption in oil?  (No)

·        The President released 30 million barrels of oil from our strategic reserve.

o       To help at the gas pumps.

o       But, that is not just American gas pumps. 

§         That’s for the rest of the world!

o       We put up 30 million barrels. 

§         The rest of the world puts up 30 million barrels.

Islamic Caliphate

  • There are millions of people in the Middle East that don’t like the Western way of life.

§         There are people in this country that don’t like the Western way of life.

·        Millions of people in the Middle East want to establish a Caliphate.

§         Millions in Iran don’t want a Caliphate.

§         But, those in power do.

§         The elites here don’t get it.

·        When they say they will drive the Little Satan into the sea and then they will kill the Great Satan, they mean it!

·        Glenn reran the video from the group trying to establish a Caliphate.

§         The segment opposing tyranny showed pictures of Arab and other dictators.

·        The U.S supported many of these dictators.

§         The segment opposing colonialism showed pictures of US Presidents and UK and Israeli political leaders.

§         The video promotes an upcoming Caliphate Conference.

·        The sponsoring group is holding these conferences in 44 countries around the globe.

§         They believe they are at the beginning of an age of the next Caliphate.

§         This is an easy sell when people see America looks dazed and when Israel is under attack by the whole world.

§         “They” didn’t believe Glenn when he said that you pull out Egypt and that will set the Middle East on fire. 

·        Is that happening? – Yes or No.  Yes it is.

§         “They” didn’t believe Glenn when he said to buy gold at $700/ounce.  It’s now at $1,500/ounce.

§         Are you going to believe the clowns in Washington that were wrong then?

·        When will your neighbors stop listening to those who are steering them wrong ever single time?

§         There are people who want to kill you and shut down the West.

§         The Arab Spring is not about freedom and democracy.  It is about a Caliphate.

What Worries Washington?

  1. Jobs / “Stimulus” Package
  2. Debt / Spending Programs
  3. Oil / Green
  4. Getting Reelected
  5. Middle East / Israel

What They Really Want is

  1. Jobs / “Stimulus” Package – They care about the stimulus going to their friends.
  2. Debt / Spending Programs – They care about spending programs that help them get reelected.
  3. Oil / Green – They have spending programs that will go to their friends.
  4. Getting Reelected
  5. Middle East / Israel – If they care about Israel, it is about getting them reelected.  Period.

Whole World Staggering

  • There are revolutionaries all around the world who see the giants of the world staggering.
    • They see an opportunity for the first time in all of mankind’s history to change the world, the entire world overnight.
  • Glenn referred to his chalkboard with the socialist/communists/radicals/Islamists “Game Plan”.
    • He put that up on January 30th.
    • The reason he put it up was because everyone was laughing at him for saying that.
    • He wrote it up there so that if people saw he was right about this, maybe they would ask themselves, “What else was he right on?”


The permanent maps and the socialist/communists/radicals/Islamists Game Plan were all three printed on large pieces of paper taped on top of the underlying panels.

    • Glenn took down the three, uncovering the historical timeline that was drawn across them all.
    • He had the timeline panels done because history is so important.
      • He said he knows what is coming, because he knows history.
        • If you know history, you can reasonably predict the future.

Stay in Touch

He asks his viewers to stay in touch.  To find out how, go to


o       Glenn discusses his first program on Fox during which he discussed the media being so focused on things to the exclusion of anything else. 

o       They don’t see the larger puzzle of which each item of news is but a piece.

o       What the puzzle tells Glenn is that…

o       A power is forming that is greater than the Axis Powers of WW II.  It is…

§         In Asia

§         In the Middle East

§         In Europe

§         In America

o       Glenn showed old photos and films from the 1930s and discussed…

o       Japan and Germany fighting together (film).

o       Italy and Germany fighting together (film).

o       Large Nazi rallies held in Madison Square Garden in New York City (photo).

o       The ambassador from Persia meeting with Hitler before their name change to Iran (photo).

o       Nazi style salutes from today’s Middle East (video).

o       Glenn said we have erased many of these things from our history.

o       It’s important to know them because, if you do, you can’t say they will never happen here.

§         It happened before.

§         It is happening again.  They are chipping away in our …

·        Schools

·        Churches

·        Through overly-American-sounding groups

·        Politicians

·        They are on Facebook and Twitter

o       He held up a booklet entitled, “The Koranic Concept of Social Justice”.

§         It was printed originally in 1947.

§         It discusses the hazards and risks of capitalism.

§         President Obama and his family and friends believe in anti-colonialism.

·        We are the oppressors.

·        That’s why they don’t care about the borders.

o       Change is coming throughout the world and it will come in an instant.

Protect Us?

o       The latest attempt is restricting gun ownership here in America.

o       Progressives have learned the naming thing.

o       Glenn showed a Mayor Bloomberg video advocating gun restrictions by alluding to a terrorist plot of urging terrorists to buy guns at a gun show.

o       The Second Amendment…

o       Is there to protect us from the government.

o       Glenn discussed the Founders trying to get out from under an oppressive government.

o       Hitler, Stalin and Mao all confiscated guns.

o       Glenn will be doing a special from Auschwitz.

§         In preparation, he has been doing some research.

§         He wanted to know why people in Poland didn’t resist the Germans.

·        They couldn’t because they had no guns.

o       Police can’t stop crimes. 

§         All they can do is figure out what happened.

Was Glenn Crazy?

o       Before “they” said he was crazy about the Caliphate, “they” said he was crazy because he was telling people to be prepared.

o       He showed a video of Robert Kiyosaki, Author “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”  ( )

§         In the video Mr. Kiyosaki is shown saying…

“There are two possible extremes of financial concerns.  We can go into a depression, or we can go into hyperinflation.”

Glenn asks if either of those outcomes is discussed by those in Washington.

-         Also, from Mr. Kiyosaki –

“Economic collapse is not a matter of if, but when.”

-         He is preparing and has –

“Food, water, guns, gold and silver and cash.”

-         A gun is needed because –

“The police cannot prevent a crime.  Only you can do that.  They can only investigate it after you’re dead.”

-         Supermarkets have only a 3 day supply of food –

“It is better to have a ‘Better safe than sorry mentality.’  Come to my house.  I’m armed and dangerous, but I will welcome you.”

o       Glenn advises you to think outside of the box.

o       It is better to know than not know.

o       Hear the warning.

o       Heed the advice.

o       Do you own homework.

In Summary

1.      Israel is key.

2.      Be prepared and aware.

3.      Trust but verify.

Lessons from Media land

o       Most of those in media are “dead” inside.

o       They lost their way as they came up through the ranks.

o       Glenn came up through talk radio where you have to be who you are.

o       You can’t be anything but, being on the air three hours per day.

o       Media executives don’t accept the common sense solutions.

o       They don’t respect the average citizen anymore.

o       Media sees the world in a different way because they are part of a giant corporation.

o       CNN chose their viewpoint to be that of an internationalist, not an American point of view.

o       Fox is American.  They are not neutral on that.

o       On the elevator this morning, Glenn watched the TV in the elevator as it reported Apple’s earnings fom the first quarter from China. 

o       Those earnings were four times all of last year’s.

o       He thought “America, kiss Apple goodbye.”

o       China is where it is at.

o       Nobody wants the American market anymore.

o       You are a secondary market.

What’s Important

o       The elites in Washington and the media have decided that the globe is more important.

o       They have already made the change.

o       Glenn is a capitalist and knows that profits and markets, etc are important.

o       But principles are important as well.

o       We used to agree on those basic principles.

o       No more.

o       Media are only beholden to shareholders, global corporations and, in some cases, ideologues.

How Did This Happen?

o       Government and media merged by design.

o       A perfect example – NBC in the last few years.

§         NBC is owned by GE.

o       He showed a picture of GE’s CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, and President Obama together.

§         Immelt is on the President’s Economic Advisory Council.

o       Progressives during the Wilson administration in the 1920s started the Council on Foreign Relations.

o       Media people and politicians get together to talk about policy.

o       When did the Correspondent’s Dinner start?

§         The Wilson administration.

·        The objective was to make the media part of the team.

o       Glenn is not part of this environment.

o       He is charting his own course.

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