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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 28, 2011

In studio audience.

Current Events

  • Stories that came across Glenn’s desk.
    • Riots in Greece (Video)  Also, government workers walk off the job.
      • Glenn predicted this two years ago that this was coming.
    • Planned work stoppage in England next Thursday.
      • Three quarters of a million to participate.
    • Unruly crowd at UC Irvine shouting down Israeli Ambassador so that he could not give a speech.
    • Conservative speakers being attacked on stage.
    • Presidential Spiritual Advisor Jim Wallace has several groups that have targeted Fox, Glenn’s program and talk radio.
      • They attack through commercials.
      • Dozens of groups participate.
      • Reviewing their web sites, it’s apparent they are a political arm of the DNC and the uber-Left.
      • Many are funded by George Soros.
        • Soros is an atheist, so why would he fund faith groups?
        • Media Matters had a party to celebrate Glenn’s program going off the air.
        • Soros spent millions to silence Glenn.
  • Tattooing Climate Change Deniers – From a recent article.

“Surely it is time for climate-change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies.  Not necessarily on their foreheads.  I’m a reasonable man, just something along their arm or across their chest so their grandchildren could say, “Really, you were one of the ones who tried to stop the world doing something and why exactly was that granddad?”


·        It was the same with healthcare.

·        If you were against Obamacare, you were a…

o       Hatemonger

o       Racist

o       You wanted to starve children.

·        The administration is hiring “Mystery Shoppers” to see if healthcare providers are taking higher paying private insurance people while turning away those in government health programs that pay lower reimbursement rates.

o       Of course they are!  Glenn predicted that.

o       This is the mark of the death of the free press.

§         The President said doctors were amputating feet or legs or taking out tonsils just for profit.

·        But the press did not…

o       Expose those doctors.  Or…

o       Expose the president as a liar.

o       The press did neither, making the government the watchdog.


§         Glenn showed a video of a State Senator being heckled by a mob as he tried to enter the capital building.

§         The unions are pushing local businesses to support the union’s efforts, or they will…

“Failure to do so will leave us no choice but [to] do a public boycott of your business.  And, sorry, neutral means ‘no’ to those who work for the largest employer in the area and are union members.”

·        Glenn showed a photo of union members boycotting a “Milk Boy Coffee shop” because they didn’t hire all union workers to upgrade the coffee shop.

·        What do all these things have in common?

o       Mobs.

o       And they are doing it to the whole planet.

§         We are being taught to hate each other.

§         At some point, your views are going to be challenged.

§         Are you part of the mob, or are you the one surrounded.

§         Tonight we start the search for courage.

Program End

·        The final episode is this Thursday.

·        For more information, go to


·        Courage requires education and honor.

·        Courage is only real when you are alone.

·        Courage doesn’t happen in a giant crowd.

People with Courage

·        Glenn discussed Marcus Latrell, Author “Lone Survivor”  ( )

o       Marcus was a member of a SEAL Team.

o       All of his team were lost, killed in a Taliban ambush in the mountains of Afghanistan.

o       Almost everybody in the military has courage.

·        Glenn discussed Michael Caser

o       Glenn went to a Yankees baseball game.

o       He saw a one armed man catch a foul ball using his hat.  (Showed video)

o       Glenn arranged to meet with that man and it was Michael Caser.

o       Glenn and Michael later went on a 5-mile walk.

o       Michael talked about his injuries.

§         Michael lost his arm to an IED in Afghanistan.

§         Among other things, they discussed courage.


·        Your time to need courage is coming.

o       The key is how you handle it.

Personal Story

·        Glenn shared a personal story about gong out to a local park to watch an old movie being shown outside in the park.

o       People brought blankets to spread on the lawn.

o       Comments started quickly after Glenn and his family arrived.

o       People started whispering, pointing and taking pictures.

o       Some in the crown shouted, “We hate Republicans!” etc.

o       The people sitting behind them “accidentally” spilled a drink on his wife.

o       At the end, people started to applaud as he left.

o       He was shocked at the disregard people had for his family.

·        Your time is coming.  Don’t become one of them.

o       There were some “haters” in the crowd.

o       Glenn is praying for them.

o       He suggests they will not like the world they are building.

§         If they get what they wish for, they better not deviate from the majority’s opinion.  Or else.

§         They should be pitied.

§         Don’t strike back.

·        Glenn thanked his viewing audience for not having blind hatred.

In Studio Audience Interaction

·        They continued discussing Glenn’s encounter in the park.  Also, audience members shared their own stories.

o       One man from San Francisco discussed how, after Iraq was invaded, he was roughed up for passing out homemade fliers encouraging them to write letters to Saddam Hussein to ask him to give up quickly, thus saving lives.

o       He also talked about a different experience in Texas where, at a baseball game, the local team lost to the San Francisco team and, at the end of the game, the fans stood and applauded.  He said that Texans know how to be good winners and good losers as well.

o       Glenn commented that he didn’t want to leave the park that night because he did not want to reward the haters.

o       An audience member pointed out that you can’t reason with a mob.

o       Glenn discussed an incident that happened at the 8/28 Rally last year.

§         A small group of faux-conservatives showed up and started to cause a ruckus.

·        The real conservatives there surrounded that group and said that they did not believe what the group was saying and would they like to pray together.

o       Glenn then showed a video from Chris Matthews’ program on MSNBC.

§         The segment had Michelle Bachmann talking about returning to the fundamentals of the Constitution.  Chris Matthews reacted to that comment by restating it as if Ms. Bachmann wanted to return to slavery.

§         Glenn asked the in studio audience how many were conservatives.

·        Everyone raised his or her hand.

§         He then asked how many wanted to return to slavery.

·        No one raised his or her hand.

§         They then discussed what it would take to actually return to slavery and quickly determined that it was impossible.


  • The Courage of your Conviction.

    1. Educate yourself – know what you believe.
    2. Question everything.
    3. Repeat 1 above.

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