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Monday, June 27, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 27, 2011

In studio audience

Social Unrest

  • Glenn showed video of flash mobs stealing from stores.
    • Chicago – Walgreen’s – 50 teens.
    • Pennsylvania – Sears – 40 teens.
    • Glenn discussed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals strategy of overwhelming the system and suggested that Saul would be proud of the youngsters using social media to accomplish their planning and coordination.
    • Philadelphia – Downtown attacks on pedestrians – 30-40 teens.
    • Washington, D.C. - Altercation at a Caribbean Music Concert
      • Glenn also discussed the teen unemployment rate, currently at 25%.
      • He quoted Francis Fox-Piven…

“So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs?”

        • If nothing is done, it will only get worse and we will look like Europe.
          • In the 1880s, the elites in this country decided we needed to be more like Europe.
            • Glenn showed a split screen showed demonstrations in four cities across Europe.
            • Europeans ran up massive debt and red tape making it impossible to do business there.
              • Italy’s youth unemployment rate is 28.5%.
              • Spain’s youth unemployment rate is 44%, 21% overall.

What Democracy Looks Like Today

  • Glenn showed what democracy looks like today in Egypt with a video of people throwing objects at police cars as they drove down the street.
  • Glenn notes that we are a republic, not a democracy.
    • He suggests knowing the difference between democracy and freedom, because freedom can only come when you have responsibility.
      • But that is not where we, Europe, the Middle East and South America are headed.
        • Is anyone talking about responsibility?
        • Here, the only responsibility we are talking about is the responsibility of someone richer than you.

Muslims on Democracy

  • Glenn showed a video clip of an Egyptian cleric saying…

“I want to say the democracy is a bad idea.  We should not feel ashamed to say it.  It is a bad, backwards and retarded idea.  Among the freedoms inherent in the democratic system are freedom for women, freedom of ownership, freedom of homosexuality, personal freedom, freedom of conscience and expression, freedom to disbelieve in the Creator of Heaven and Earth.”

Borders – Or the Lack Thereof

·        Glenn then showed a quote from the Muslim Brotherhood’s former spokesman saying…

“Why shouldn’t we have a country called ‘The United States of Islam’…I propose that the Arab peoples who demonstrated for the sake of revolution…take to the streets with the slogan ‘The Arab people wants to remove the borders between its countries.’ ”

o       Glenn noted that that is the same thing the socialists are saying about our border with Mexico.

o       Also, the same thing George Soros’ Open Society is saying.

§         George Soros has said over the weekend that Europe is on the verge of collapse.

·        In January, Glenn said that when Soros says there isn’t anything left, a fundamental transformation is right around the corner.

·        Soros’ ideas are more centralized control, more taxes and more control over the banks.

The Beginning of the End

·        Glenn said that the program’s final episode is this Thursday.

·        He was grateful for his time at Fox and the time the audience chose to spend with him.

Public Debt Crisis

·        Glenn noted that he read an article on, “Presenting The (Only) Four Outcomes to the Global Public Debt Crisis”.

·        Debt Trap – You try and spend your way out.

·        Hyperinflation – You try and print your way out.

·        Austerity in Conjunction with Actual Economic Growth

·        Default – The Left is encouraging people to do this with their mortgages.

·        The option they are trying in Europe is Austerity, but without the low taxes and cutting the red tape.  That’s what our President is doing.

·        The President is looking to Spain, a failed system with 20% unemployment as a model for the U.S.


·        The President said he wasn’t an idealogue, but a pragmatist

·        If so, you would think he would be calling Texas because they are creating half the jobs.

·        Glenn showed a video clip of MSNBC anchors reacting to Texas Governor Rick Perry saying that we have to get back to the entrepreneur. 

·        The anchors said they felt like an alien.

·        They noted that Texas has state debt.

·        Glenn said that a Forbes report on the debt of all states showed Texas is in the fourth best shape.

o       That level of Texas debt is one-sixth on a per capita basis of that of New York State.

o       Texas has no state income tax.

o       S&P (Standard and Poors) gave Texas an AA+ bond rating and said their economy was better than the country as a whole.

o       It has the second largest state economy, surpassing New York.

o       Texas created 237,000 jobs while California was losing 1.2 million.

o       Glenn suggested that you remember these numbers when the President talks about jobs.

§         And the fact that the economic policies in Texas are opposite the President’s policies.

Guest:  Texas Governor Rick Perry

  • Glenn asked the Governor some questions
    • And the Governor replied.
  • Can the government create jobs?
    • Government can create an environment to allow for job creation, but the government can’t create jobs.
  • What is your state legislature like?
    • They meet every other year for 140 days.
      • One significant item for business is that loser pays is a recent change in our legal system. 
        • That is what makes it even more business friendly.
  • Time Magazine says you are just looting all the other states when it comes to jobs.
    • This is what our Founding Fathers had in mind with the Tenth Amendment when they had the states compete.
    • If other states come up with great ideas, we are going to snitch them and bring them back here.
    • Glenn is considering moving to Texas.
  • You tried to put limits on the TSA (pat downs) and they responded by saying they wouldn’t allow planes to fly into Texas.
    • The TSA did respond to the threat of that legislation by changing their procedures.
  • Glenn noted that TSA workers are being unionized.
    • I have a problem with Federal employees being unionized (AFL-CIO is organizing the TSA workers).
  • Where do you stand on supporting Israel?
    • Rather strongly.  They are America’s friend and a great trading partner.

Guest: Ron Paul (R-TX)

o       Glenn said that earlier in the program, he discussed getting out of the debt crisis by cutting back on spending and regulation and taxes.  Where do you stand on that?

o       I would add one thing – No one wants the needed correction to occur.  We need to allow that to happen so that the economy can reset.

o       Glenn asked if anyone in Washington is serious about the debt (and not raising the debt ceiling)?

o       They will raise the debt limit. 

§         That will just encourage more spending.

o       The Fed is a facilitator for the current monetary and fiscal policy problems.

o       Is there any way to keep capitalism from becoming ugly?

o       If they (corporations) don’t get any benefits from the government, there is nothing wrong with that.  If they get benefits and inhibit ordinary people, I would call that cronyism, or trending towards fascism.

o       Where do you stand on Israel?

o       We should be friends with all countries.

Worse Flood

o       The Souris River crested at Minot, North Dakota at 1561 feet above sea level, a record.

o       But, no one has been calling for FEMA. 

o       Neighbors took in neighbors. 

o       The community is solving the problem locally.

What, Not Who

o       Glenn recommends reading the article “What” Not “Who” at  A portion of that article reads…

“Already, many candidates and major media are moving into full swing for next year’s elections.  We must first understand what must be done before we can identify who can best help do it.  Christians, pastors, and all church leaders must totally reject the lie that ‘separation of church and state’ means people of faith must remain silent, uninformed and uninvolved.  Those who recognize truth and stand for it can turn the tide.  Our nation’s founders knew that the limits of the constitution were placed on the government, not the people or religion.  The right to stand up and support first principles is both a privilege and a responsibility.  True freedom grants citizens the right to choose and we have a responsibility to choose right.”

o       Glenn says the Left is using the lie that big government is what Christianity is all about and what our faith is about.

o       Big government is not what America is about.

Audience Question

o       What courage would you say Americans should develop?

o       Self-reliance in everything

o       Also, don’t give up.


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