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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Glenn Beck Program June 30, 2011

This is the last Glenn Beck program on Fox News.

This is the last Beck-Cliff-Note on this blog.


·        Glenn started the program from outside the building and pointed out the various locations they occupied.

·        Back inside, quick video snippets from past programs were shown covering a variety of topics.

·        Back live, he was in the prop room where they stored item used on the program, e.g., boxes of chalk, magnet cards, etc.

·        He noted that we had all changed a lot over the last two and a half years.

Topics Learned

·        Back on the set, he went over to a chalkboard where a number of topics were listed that had been explored by the program and he had a comment or two on some…

            Progressives                             Fabian Windows

            Dietrich Bonhoeffer                 Social Justice

            Ben Franklin                            The Road to Serfdom

            Andrew Jackson                       NRA (FDR’s)

            Alexander Hamilton                 The Coming Insurrection

            Black Founders                         Caliphate

            Depression of 1920                   Overton Window

Economic MAD                        Etc.

·        He talked about learning so much and hoped that everyone else did as well.

·        He talked about how he liked doing live TV because of the connection with the audience.

·        He showed two items as samples of what viewers have sent in.

o       “Report from the Committee on Fascism”.  This report was done during the 1930s to help Congress understand what European fascism was all about.

o       “Hitler’s Mein Kampf and the Coming War”.  Printed in 1939, it was written to wake the American people up to the coming war.

·        He feels his viewers are the answer to the upcoming problems.

·        He’s made lots of enemies.

His Firsts

Another chalkboard had a list of things he considered “Firsts”…

-         The Chalkboards

-         The Red Phone

-         Crying

-         Food

-         Proving that conservatives can read.

-         Really long monologues.

o       When he started, the industry rule of thumb was no talking for more than 45 seconds.

o       He got his monolog up to six minutes on the other network.

o       Now he does 21-minute monologues versus six minutes with Jon Stewart.

§         He showed a photo of Stewart receiving an award with all his writers behind him, also on stage (as many as 40).

§         Glenn then brought out his writing staff – Dan and Pat.

Dollar Bills

-         He had a few dollar bills in his hand and paged through them, commenting on the people whose portrait was printed on the front…

-         $100 bill – Franklin – Abolitionist

-         $50 bill – President Grant – One of the most corrupt Presidents in history.

-         $20 bill – President Andrew Jackson – Why is this guy even on our money?

He was a horrible man.

-         $10 bill – President Hamilton - Wanted the big banks.  He wrote most of the

Federalist Papers.

-         $5 bill – President Lincoln – Lincoln credited the Founders for freeing the


-         $1 bill – President Washington – The indispensable man.  Glenn’s hero.

Glenn Described By His Enemies

-         He noted that he is the first anti-Semitic Jew lover. 

-         Also, he was simultaneously the most dangerous host in America because of his influence and, at the same time, the least influential because of his declining ratings.

Program Records

-         This program broke every single record in the 5:00 PM slot, the highest rated show in the 5:00 PM time slot and consistently in the top five.

Bent Format

-         He discussed bending this format (TV) out of shape.  He started things that had no place on TV, e.g., the 9/12 Project, etc.

o       Through all of it, Fox stood by him.

o       He no longer feels his program belongs on TV. 

§        It belongs in the viewer’s home.

§        He thanked Fox, it’s management and the viewers for their trust.

o       He mentioned Bill O’Reilly specifically and commented that he was an unbelievable gentleman.

o       He then discussed how he interacted with the production crew and sought their opinions and used their ideas for shows and for show components.


-         Glenn discussed some of the clues where he hinted on the program he was leaving going back as far as a year and a half ago.  This was accompanied by a few clips from him saying those things.

His Advice

-         Never, ever give up.

-         Believe in yourself.

Part of the Solution

-         He said he is tired of admiring the problem.

-         He will now work the solutions.

-         He will attempt to save the country one person, one family, and one town at a time.

-         Go to for his Mercury One announcement.

At Last

Since they don’t do credits, he had the names of the production crew listed on a chalkboard.

Then, as he left the set, it was shown empty, returned back to Fox as they found it.

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