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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 1, 2011


  • What is happening in Egypt matters.
  • Protesters want Mubarak out.  He says he will step down in September and not run again for office. 
  • Glenn showed a clip of Mubarak saying he will stay on to insure, among other things, “social justice”.
  • Glenn feels the upset by ordinary Egyptians was because of the rise in the price of food.  There are other players in the mix who have very different agendas from those of the people.

Be Prepared

  • If you take anything away from this show it’s be prepared. 
  • The people of Egypt were not prepared. 
  • Be prepared or you can be played.


  • Oil is over $92.00 per barrel. 
  • As governments continue to fall, the price of oil will continue to go up. 
  • Glenn showed a chart showing the historical prices of oil and housing. 
  • Oil consistently trended up.  Housing came down, plateaued for a while, then dramatically dropped.
  • What happens if he Suez Canal is closed? 
    • Tankers will then have to sail around Africa. 
    • What does that do to the price of oil?


  • So far a Caliphate has not been mentioned.
  • Caliphate – A theocracy.  A collection of Muslim countries ruled by a religious dictatorship. 
  • The last caliphate dissolved in 1923, the Ottoman Empire.
  • The Iranian Foreign Minister said the Egyptian people would help create an Islamic Middle East.  That’s a caliphate.

Unrest could spread throughout the Middle East and into Europe – the coming insurrection.

  • Glenn showed how a possible Middle East caliphate could play out.
·        He showed a map of the region and how many countries are already Muslim with many others at the tipping point. 
·        Almost all of North Africa was included. 
·        The trend continues into Asia and downward into Indonesia and upward into Europe.

Muslim Brotherhood

·        He showed the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“God is our objective, the Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, struggle is our way and death for the sake of God is the highest of our aspirations.”

·        A top official of the Brotherhood said today about Israel…

“The people should be prepared for war against Israel…”

·        A Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader said…

“There is no dialog between them and us in other than one language, the language of the sword and force.”

·        Glenn held up a copy of the Muslim Brotherhood plan for North America.  The goals include establishing Islam “…as a civilization alternative.”  Copies are available at
·        Glenn then showed pictures of Muslim Brotherhood notables, which included Osama bin Laden.
·        The game being played right now can be found in…
o       The Muslim Brotherhood
o       Reclaiming Revolution, a part of Storm
·        A goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to push people and to master the art of coalition.
·        Storm – Called for coalitian building as part of the fight.
·        In all of these groups, part of the direction is misdirection.  That is they seek to mask what they truly want under other labels.
·        Glenn showed an English version of the Muslim Brotherhood web site. 
o       In the upper right corner was a picture of a little girl and the word “freedom”. 
o       The Arabic version of the web site doesn’t contain a picture of the girl nor the word “freedom”.  What is shown are the crossed swords logo with the Arabic word for “prepare”.
·        Glenn then listed a number of organizations, established here, in America, to help implement their plan.
o       Muslim Students Association
o       North American Islamic Trust
o       Islamic Society of North America
o       American Muslim Council
o       Muslim American Society
·        He then showed a world map of where Muslim Brotherhood is operating – dozens of countries all over the world. 
·        He showed clips of Mohammed El Baridai saying that they are for “social justice”. 
o       Glenn then reminded people that “social justice” could be used to mask another agenda.
·        Muslim Brotherhood organizations were listed – more than a dozen.
·        He showed a clip of El Baradai claiming the Muslim Brotherhood is not extremist.

Day of Rage
The rally in Cairo on Friday was given the name “Day of Rage”. 
·        Glenn recognized that name from the 1960s and the Weather Underground.
·        The flotilla that tried to run the Israeli sea blockade of Gaze was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, Bernadine Dorn, formerly of the Weather Underground, and Code Pink. 
o       Code Pink bragged that Hamas guaranteed their safety in Gaza.
·        The Muslim Brotherhood web site called for “cleansing” America. 
o       The Weather Underground talked about cleansing in the 1960s. 
o       This included killing 25 million Americans to achieve their goals.

Wade Rathke of Acorn fame, Drummond Pike of the Tides Foundation are on the board of the Organizers Forum.  This forum planned to have their fall meeting in Egypt.  Global revolution is what they are looking for.

Leftists and Islamists
·        Both Leftists and Muslim extremists want to tear down the Western way of life.  Both have the same goals – revolution and control.
·        Code Pink held a rally in Palm Springs, CA on January 30th. 
o       Glenn showed a clip of the crowd there calling for revolution.
o       Glenn then asked why no one was covering this.
·        Glenn feels that there is an alliance between Leftists and Islamists.
·        The next clip was of Rosy O’Donnell claiming that radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam.
·        Glenn then showed a pamphlet written in both Arabic and English that is being distributed in Cairo entitled “How to Protest intelligently.”

If all those countries fall, Glenn doesn’t know if Israel can be saved.

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