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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 16, 2011



Part 1 The radical Islamists/communists/ socialists will
·        Work together against Israel.
·        Work together against capitalism.
·        Work together to overturn stability.

Part 2 is next. It is The Protests Become Contagious
·        They cascade
·        They sweep the Middle East
·        They begin to destabilize Europe and the rest of the world.

Glenn showed videos of demonstrations in several different countries.


Glenn feels that it is too soon to determine if Egypt’s revolution is a “success”.  He wants to see additional evidence of…
  • Do we see positive or negative change in how Egypt…
    • Deals with the U.S.
    • Deals with Israel
    • Expresses Islamic extremist rhetoric
  • Do we see human rights violations?
  • Is the government increasing or decreasing the rights of
    • Women
    • Religious minorities
He noted a few other happenings
  • 200 men in the square sexually assaulted an American woman reporter during the height of the demonstration.
  • He showed a video of an Egyptian spokesperson saying they need a referendum on the Camp David Peace Accords with Israel.  Polls have shown only 3% of Egyptians favor the accords.  Is there any doubt how that referendum would turn out?
  • The judge heading up the commission to write the new Egyptian constitution is an outspoken Muslim Brotherhood politician.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood is starting its own political party.
  • He showed a video clip of President Jimmy Carter saying there is nothing to worry about with the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • He showed more videos of protests in Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain – the third day of protests there.
  • Iranian politicians are calling for opposition leaders to be killed.
  • He showed a graphic from MSNBC which highlighted a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries having demonstrations that looked similar to Glenn’s graphic of more than a week ago for which he was ridiculed.
  • After noting the involvement of unions, he showed a video of a protest in Mexico of teachers protesting tax breaks for private schools.
  • Unions are taking to the streets in Madison, WI.  The state government will be voting to change the collective bargaining arrangements and the union’s rallying cry is “Fight Like an Egyptian”.
  • He showed a video of students marching in Madison.  An on-scene reporter asked them if they knew why they were marching.  They didn’t know.

Union Campaign Contributions

  • Nationally, the unions spent $400 million helping President Obama get elected.
  • They are now warning him that if things do not change, there might not be as much money available to support his reelection.
  • Glenn asks union members if they are revolutionaries, because the union bosses are and your money is being used.  He asks if this is the ride you want to be on.

Leftist Professor

  • A Leftist professor at NYU resigned after inappropriate comments about the woman sexually assaulted in Egypt noted above. 
  • Glenn asks how many more radicals will there be in our universities before we say enough is enough.


  • For the first time ever, Iran is sending two warships through the Suez Canal to dock in Syria for a year. 
  • Israel responded by saying this was…
    • “A provocation that proves Iran’s nerve and self-esteem is growing from day to day.”
  • Iran is hosting an Islamic Unity Conference from February 19th through the 21st.
    • 500 Sunni and Shia scholars
    • Plus 250 others from 57 countries.
    • The purpose is to work together to influence an upcoming Islamic Caliphate.

  • 12ers are Shia Muslims who believe that the 12th Imam, who fell down a well in the tenth century, will return when the world is drowning in blood and there is chaos all over. 
  • They feel that they can hasten his return by bringing on that chaos.
  • When Ayatollah Khomeini took power in Iran in 1979, he felt that the 12ers were too radical and dangerous and kicked them out of the government.
  • Iran's President Ahmedinejad and the current ruler, Hoseyni Khāmene’I are both 12ers.
  • Hoseyni Khāmene’I recently announced that he has been in contact with the 12th Imam and that he is now the Imam’s spokesperson.
  • President Ahmendinejad released the following statement on Feb 14th, which read in part…
“The final move has begun…we are in the middle of a global revolution managed by the dear (12th Imam).  A great awakening is unfolding, one can witness the hand of the Imam in managing it.”


  • Two Google executives have been involved in the Egyptian revolution and Google is proud of it.
  • Glenn isn’t comfortable with what Google has been involved with.  They include…
    • They are working closely with the NSA.
    • They are working closely with law enforcement.
    • They now have a deal with the National Geospacial Intelligence Agency.
    • They have a $6.5 million contract with the GSA.
    • They are lobbying for net neutrality.
    • Eric Schmidt, former CEO, is on the White House Council for Science and Technology.
    • They have privileged access to NASA airfields.
    • They are working closely with hard-core Leftists.
    • They made a $1 million donation to in 2006.
    • They contributed to "trickle up”, an organization also supported by George Soros’ Open Society Institute and The Tides Foundation.
    • Glenn feels that Google has not been careful with privacy data.  For instance, their Street View trucks routinely capture private wireless networking information without anyone’s knowledge.
    • Glenn showed several quotes from Schmidt about how Google knows pretty much who you are, where you are and what you are thinking, etc.
    • Glenn recommends doing your own homework on Google.


Glenn requests you look up “rumors of War” on his web site before tomorrow’s program.

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