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Monday, February 14, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 14, 2011

Back in 2009, the National Endowment for the Arts was putting out Obama propaganda.  When this was publicized, Yosi Sergeant resigned.  It’s happening again, but in a different fashion.

Obama’s slogan “Change” is now being used all over the world.  “Democracy” is similarly being used.  In both cases, it’s not clear what is meant.  Strictly speaking, democracy means that the one with the biggest mob wins.  It should be noted that democracy was not selected by our Founders for us.  They chose a Republic form of government instead.

Glenn previously discussed the web site.  Khilafah is the Arabic word for Caliphate. They hosted an article condemning America for sticking its nose into the affairs of Egypt and said it should worry that its nose or tongue would be cut off.

Glenn previously discussed the overall approach being used..

      The radical Islamists/communists/ socialists will
·        Work together against Israel.
·        Work together against capitalism.
·        Work together to overturn stability.

Part 2 is next. It is The Protests Become Contagious
·        They cascade
·        They sweep the Middle East
·        They begin to destabilize Europe and the rest of the world.

Part 2 is about to start.

Egypt Uprising Spontaneous?
  • He then showed videos of demonstrations from various countries, including Iran. 
  • But, where is the President on Iran? 
  • The media template is that the Egypt demonstrations were spontaneous uprisings. 
  • But were they?
  • He discussed an article published in the London “The Telegraph” from two weeks ago. 
  • This article, “Egypt Protests: America’s secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising.” 
  • It concerned a leaked 2008 cable about an alliance of Egyptian groups planning to overthrow the government in 2011. 
  • That kind of kills the “spontaneous” rationale.

State Department Involvement

Our State Department has previously touted how they have brought various youth groups together with private companies to “…build a youth empowerment organization to push back against violence and oppression around the world.” 
  • Glenn discussed one attendee at the conference and showed a video of him describing his background.  He spent 13 years working for Hizb-ut Tahiq, which advocated:
·        Violence against U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
·        Plotted to bomb military and civilian airports in Germany.
·        Carried out attacks against U.S. and Israeli embassies.
·        He was jailed and, according to him, had a change of heart and is now working against that extremist group. 
·        That prompted Glenn to note that Van Jones also had a change of heart wherein he gave up the short-term goal of the radical pose for the long-term goal of radical change.
·        The State Department is involved in the first phase activities as described above. 
·        He showed a quote of a State Dept. official discussing their involvement in helping to organize youth movements inside Egypt and even provide training in the U.S. for key members.
·        One of the companies incorporated into this effort is Google. 
·        At least one State Dept official is now a Google executive.  This makes two Google executives that are involved with the Egyptian uprising. 
·        Could this be why Google is getting kicked out of countries around the world?

What is Success?

He compared the reaction of the Left to the building of democracy in Iraq and how they denigrated the effort, even when the U.S. was assisting to their welcoming reaction to what is happening in Egypt where there is no background for democracy there and people by a wide margin think it is okay to kill those who try to leave Islam.  He suggests that we need some additional measures to determine if this revolution is a “success”.  That would include if conditions are better with women, minorities, religions, relationships with the U.S. and Israel, etc.

Italian Riots

Glenn then showed a split screen of demonstrations from four different countries including Italy.  There are demonstrations in more than 200 cities in Italy about the behavior of the President Berlisconi.  In addition, there is a huge influx of illegal immigrants from Algeria into Italy, so much so the government cannot keep up with the flow.

Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out
He brought this back to the “Top Down/Bottom Up/Inside Out” strategy described previously by Van Jones.  Roil the people at the bottom, have people placed at the top with a predefined solution and have those involved have an attitude conversion, the inside out part.

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