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Friday, February 4, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 3, 2011

Theme for the day:  The cooperation of Radical Islam, Anti-West and Marxism

Glenn showed a video clip of a skeptic on a morning TV show pooh-poohing Glenn’s theory that Van Jones, Code Pink are working with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Glenn’s Theories

So that no one could get Glenn’s theories wrong, he spelled them out in great detail as follows:
Groups from the hard core socialist and communist left and extreme Islam will work together because of the
  • Common enemy of Israel.
  • Common enemy of capitalism and Western way of life.
  • Need to overturn relative stability because in the status quo they are ostracized from power and the mainstream in most parts of the world.

“Social Justice” is used many times as code for radical transformation.

Do Your Own Homework

  • Glenn frequently asks people to do their own homework. 
  • Today he felt he had proof that people were. 
  • He displayed a chart from google for their Search Volume Index for the term “caliphate”. 
  • Caliphate was discussed during yesterday’s program, which airs during the 2:00 o’clock hour on the West Coast.  The chart was flat except during the 2:00 o’clock hour when it showed a large spike in usage. 
  • During that hour it was the largest search term used on Google.


The Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Iran, and the Prime Minister of Turkey mentioned the Muslim Caliphate, an Islamic theocracy.  It is their written and stated goal.

Those who want a Caliphate, or a New World Order or Communism, all need the same thing: unrest and global chaos.  This is being planned.  If you need these conditions, the Middle East is the global place to start.

In 1999, Glenn warned about Osama bin Laden being a threat to America but was blown off as being crazy.

Glenn suggests people look up “Islamic Socialism” and Tariq Ramadan.  Mr. Ramadan is:
  • A professor of Islamic studies.
  • His grandfather founded Muslim Brotherhood.
  • He was banned from the U.S. in 2004.
  • Last year his visa was restored by the Obama administration.

The Enemy of My Enemy

The Left is using “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” to work together with militant Islamists and using chaos as a tool to make progress.

Glenn showed a quote from a Wall Street Journal article discussing a “Shadow” government created by anti-government forces in Egypt.  He held up a book “Shadow Party” ( ) that lays out this approach.  He also reminded viewers of Arianna Huffington’s shadow convention.

Global Chaos

Glenn recommended “The Coming Insurrection” ( ).  He said that he is mocked for discussing the book.

When repression and food shortages get people riled up, they never want to let a good crisis to go to waste.

He showed the Francis Fox-Piven’s article in The Nation, “Mobilizing the Jobless”.  In this article she advocates turning their anger on their bosses and politicians.

Code Pink

  • Help organize the Freedom Flotilla (to break Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza)
  • On the Muslim Brotherhood’s web site, their ad claims that Hamas has “…pledged our safety.”
  • The Muslim Brotherhood has promised to end the peace treaty with Israel.  It has told its followers to prepare for war with all Jews.
  • Code Pink’s ad talks about “cleansing” our country.  Both Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have pledged to kill all Jews.
  • Andrew Breitbart had someone take video at the Code Pink rally last weekend asking a number of attendees what should be done to Justice Clarence Thomas after he is impeached.  Most said to hang him.  But others wanted to put him back in the fields or cut off his toes one by one and feed them to him.  Some wanted to hang his wife as well.

Glenn notes that if you are a democrat, these are the people your party has gotten in bed with.


Brazil has elected a woman communist terrorist as President.  They have adopted a “pursuit of happiness” right.  When you look at the details, this translates into a guaranteed income, a job, housing, medical care, etc.  They have taken the old communist concepts repackaged them and believe you won’t notice.

Eliminate Millions of Americans

Glenn showed an old video clip of the FBI agent that infiltrated the Weather Underground back in the 1960s.  He reported that they were prepared to eliminate 25 million Americans in their reeducation camps.  Bill Ayres has never renounced what they intended to do.

Glenn recommends taking people who say they want to kill you and they have a history of violence, at their word.  History teaches that they usually mean it.

Dictators and the Left

Glenn discussed the history of the Left and their admiration of past dictators, e.g., Stalin, Mao (remember Anita Dunn, the White House’s Communications Director), Castro, and Che.  Where was their concern for the hundreds of millions killed, and millions more jailed and raped.  Now they are all in favor of democracy in Egypt and so disgusted at Mubarak.

Glenn showed a video featuring various U.S. demonstrations in support of the anti-Mubarak protesters.  A number of leftist groups were featured with a common theme of anti-capitalism and calls for revolution now.

Fox Reporters

At close he thanked two Fox reporters who were beaten by Egyptian mobs so badly they had to be hospitalized.  He praised them for their courage.

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