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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glenn Beck Program, February 9, 2011

Familiar Echo

Glenn started tonight’s program with excerpts from a current Wall Street Journal opinion page article that echoed several points he has been making.
  • Could Al Queda hijack Egypt’s revolution?
  • Terrorists in Pakistan and Teheran want to see chaos in Cairo.
  • Those who start revolutions are rarely in charge when the smoke clears.

New World Order or Bust

  • He then showed videos of various world leaders and others condemning capitalism. 
  • He showed additional videos of various world leaders and others proposing a new world order to replace it, 
  • These two points are what is being said all over the world.
  • Glenn had the logos of a number of Leftist organizations that supported the One Nation rally and other radical organizations. 
  • He pointed out that each of these groups wants a new world order, but none is really defining what that means. 
  • Also, the versions desired by the socialists/communists are different from the radical Islamists wanting a caliphate is different from George Soros, etc. 
  • He played an audio clip from the Rush Limbaugh program of Donald Rumsfeld discussing the radical Islamists wanting a caliphate.
  • Glenn asks with all these world leaders and groups calling for the end of capitalism, where are the world leaders defending it?  The only group he sees today doing that is the Tea Party.
  • When George Soros’ people met with Glenn’s representative, they told the representative that they should get on board with the New World Order or be left behind.


  • Then Glenn showed video clips of Richard Trumpka, the head of the AFL-CIO Union calling for the “rich” to be taxed to repay for some of the millions of jobs lost.
  • Another video shows Trumpka congratulating the new union in Egypt and claiming solidarity with his union, the United Nations and other organizations on the side of social justice.

Free Market and Progress

  • Glenn commented on how the world has changed in the last twenty years. 
  • He used his iPAD to show a video taken twenty years ago of a guy getting a microphone put on him prior to a TV appearance and the technicians saying that when the microphone is turned on, the people in New York will be able to hear him.  This seemed to surprise and impress that guy. 
  • Then Glenn showed a picture of what that guy looked like today and it was Steve Jobs. 
  • Glenn then asked how the advancements that led up to the iPAD and other scientific advances were made in just twenty years. 
  • The answer is capitalism and the free market.

Past Pattern

  • Glenn then noted that after a period of rapid advancements were made during the 1920s, there were problems during the 1930s and a number of people wanted to drop the free market and do as the fascists were doing in Europe. 
  • He showed a New York Times article from 1933 lauding Mussolini as having “…been of great service to Italy at home.” 
  • Mussolini thought that a huge government with/on industry was the solution.  So did the communists.
  • He showed a small statuette inscribed with “36”, the year it was made.  This was of a worker next to a symbolic gear. 
  • It was similar to the art from Russia from that period, but the statuette was from Germany – The National Socialists – the Fascists.
  • During the 1930s the Fascists and communists cooperated until it was apparent that the Fascists were the most popular.  At that time, the communists looked elsewhere for support against the Fascists, even from capitalists.
  • Glenn feels a similar pattern is developing with the disparate groups working with the radical Islamists until they are able to develop their caliphate.  Then they will seek support so as to not be run down by Islam.

Political Correctness in Schools

  • Two middle schools in Texas will be requiring mandatory Arabic instruction, both language and culture. 
  • This was developed by a federal grant and the parents of those students were not notified prior to the announcement.
  • Now in Texas, “Remember the Alamo” has to be taught in a politically correct fashion so as to not offend those students who may have lingering loyalties to Mexico. 
  • He discussed some other topics that had to be spun to be politically correct.  He asks why we are spinning our own history to please people who are not even our own citizens?
  • He read a letter from one of the Americans in the Alamo, Travis, to the rest of Americans in the world asking for help.  Most Texans know this letter, but most other Americans do not and that is the problem.

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